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By on September 28, 2006, with 44 Comments

Here’s a new illusion Todd Kukoleck mailed us. This is what he wrote, and he is definatelly right! Shame on us for not posting it earlier… Ohh, by the way we started the forum, will be properly announced soon! (This is only for those of you who read these texts actually and know to appreciate it for now as exclusive :) Be sure to start some topics, so we can have some starting topics when we open to wider public. Here’s the forum link: Mighty Optical Illusions Forum.

Todd: “I searched the site and I didn’t see this anywhere. This is probably his (Salvador Dali’s) coolest illusion. I can’t believe you haven’t posted this one. There are actually a couple of illusions in this painting. And what is even more impressive is I went to the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, FL and saw the actual painting and was amazed by the size (13′ x 9′).

I’m going to see if you can find the illusions in the painting yourself. I actually never noticed the main illusion til an art teacher of mine pointed it out to me.
Email me back and I’ll send you the pic with the illusion outlined. I’m also surprised there aren’t that many of his works on your site. He was always one who loved to toy around with optical illusions.”

  • Hunh

    i dont see anytheng

  • psychdude

    there’s tons of stuff to see – but is there any way you can post a bigger one? it’s too hard to see all the details (look at the women)

  • smarter than me

    Is it the bulls head underneat the circular array of colorful dots? (near bottom left corner).
    Other than that everything seems obvious.

  • Desiree

    Dali is my favorite artist and this is one of my favorite of his works.

    It’s autobiographical. There’s the self-portrait of him in the hat (face depicted by the Venus), and every other element represents some part of his life (the bull, the flies attacking the child, the colors, the illusions themselves). Genius!

  • Frappo

    There’s a dalmation running along the bottom. That seems obvious too.

  • Alisha

    i think i found it…. you can kinda see a hidden face in the woman with the green skirt…. her body becomes the face and the skirt becomes like a tie on a shirt… i think there could be a hidden person with in the picture… idk…

    • Anonymous

      Gold star. i know this pic and that was the main thing that Dali incorporated.

  • ArtJDM

    There are a lot of them. I’m guessing he’s talking about the guy with the green tie.

  • Pandas

    woh. that thing is so cool. its kinda hard to see any illusions though. i see some though

  • Pandas

    ok, im having a problem with the forum. can anybody help? i can get to the forum main page with announcements and general talk and stuff, but if i click anything else i just stay on the same page. i have a pc, so if that’s the problem, can it be made pc friendly please?

  • Griff

    If you want to see it bigger, click on the picture and then hold the mouse over the bottom right side. then an i con should appear. click it and it should get bigger.

  • vurdlak

    this is what the original submitter sent:

    Explanation: The_Hallucinogenic_Toreador

  • killer bees

    interesting, makes you think about the man behind the painting

    btw the explanation vurdlak posted really helps check it out.

  • sharad

    –i cant see woman in the pool, there is a paper boat like thing in the middle of pool with a shadow (may be this the woman)
    –also this bull is drinking water from pool
    –in left hand corner below the pool there is a eisel like thing with a drawing of same statue of women on canvas. again there is a hidden face in body of women
    — rest all as above like the boy seeing all this standing in right lower corner with a ring in his hand, flies flying towards boy

  • Bill

    After reading the vurdlak explanation, I can see the true illusion. Although I was never a huge fan of Dali’s work, I can definitely appreciate his talent. This is an incredibly done self portrait of himself! You can appreciate all the small intricacies but don’t turn them into the focus of the painting, look for the huge self portrait that takes up the whole canvas!

  • tubes420

    Bill read the explanation again it is not a self portrait.

  • Amy

    I can see the tie and shirt, but I’m having trouble seeing the face. Could someone point out a key feature (nose, eyes, etc.) to help me?

  • Kristina

    Tubes420: Where does it say it is not a self portrait? The title is “all Dali in one painting” so how is that not a self portrait?

    Amy: His right eye (on the left side of his face for us looking at the painting) is the light spot on the left of the green venus’ neck. And his nose is her left breast (on the right side when you look at her). His mouth is a shadow on her belly just below her breasts. He is gazing off towards the right and his head is slightly tilted. Hope that helps!

  • Person.
  • Tiny

    That is so incredible. At first glance, you can tell that there are plenty of optical illusions in th picture but you can’t see any of them. Then you look and look and look and turn your head left, right, try upside-down and still can’t see anything. Then you look at the explanation and you look a bit more than finally see the main illusion. Wow.

  • Anonymous

    all i can see is that one boob is a nose =/

  • Anonymous

    I have this poster and it is really cool. You can’t tell from this picture cause it’s too small, but on the red skirt there is a picture of george washington but if you get close enough you notice it is actually 3 different people that make up the face of washington

  • Ni

    Definetely need some more Dali stuff. ALso Bosh would be good!
    The guy with the stairs coming and going everywhere without an end to any stairs

  • qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm

    Who the hell is salvador dali!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Anonymous

    ummm is it just me or is the rose on the woman wearing the red dress the dolphin in the rose illusion?

  • les van helsing

    most of the things im about to list seem obvious…well first of all the statue of venus turns around however her hands also move, first they are on her bresta then when the pic gets more vivid and bigger, her hands are at the back…in the left corner there seems to be what looks like i painting of jeesus, and vunus turning away from him seens to be like the fall of humanity……
    at the bottom there is a bull, behind him i think is a wooden wheel…in the right corner os a child for some reason his shadow does not match his position…i dont know….this is amazing, dali was truely a genious!

  • Anonymous

    why is there an italian flag in there o.o

  • Anonymous

    well, i only see one thing so far and that is a face on the second woman’s body, somewhat smiling…but that might be my imagination…

  • Anonymous

    I loove dali!!
    He ismy all timz idol..he is a genius you twats!!!
    Look for the portrait of the toreador.
    look at the image from a bigger distance or focus only on the shapes of the statues and build up the toreador portrait!!

  • Anonymous

    I have been looking at this picture for hours but i only see the bulls head, it would be very helpful if i had a outline

  • Wolter

    Beautiful work. For me it helps to look out the corner of your eye to see the hidden figures.
    If you are ever in the vicinity of St. Petersburg you should go to the museum. There are more fantastic works of Dali there, like the Discovery Of America By Columbus.
    Also the Dalí Theater and Museum in Spain is fantastic.

  • the technogirl

    i saw this last year, in fifth grade art.

  • Zoey

    i live in st. petersburg and in fact docented at the museum that holds this beautiful picture. actually i was assigned to this particular one. its huge and holds so many things. i love it. thanks for the post.

  • Anonymous

    it crap i can’t see anything

  • Anonymous
  • Michael

    There’s tons to see… the name of this painting is the “Hallucinogenic Toreador” … there is pleanty to see aside from the obvious… you will see A bullfighter with a white shirt and green tie… a bull, a dalmation(don’t ask me why that one is there), that same bullfighter screaming as the bull wins… his shirt turns red… a boy sitting with his back to a wall… looking at a puddle… those are the principle pictures in it… but there are tons more… if there is ever a painting you need to see in person… this would be it… there is really just that much to see in it…

  • Jennifer Ballek

    If you like this, look up a short film called Destino.

  • !!!

    lol, right on the bottom is the dalmatian illusion

  • sam

    it didnt tell us what were supposd to be looking for.

  • lolx… dalmatian illusion….

  • notarealname

    al i see is a man with no fase

  • I like this Dali work, but honestly I’d have to see it larger in more detail to likely see the range of illusions in this piece.

    btw, wikipedia for t3h w1n
    the link off the wiki page had a nice bit on this piece as well:

  • Immediately found 4 illusions ,looking forward to studying this great art.

  • Shelley Trazkovich

    It is full of illusions so I don’t see how you can ask for the main one.