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By on February 5, 2010, with 188 Comments

Ever seen something so dumb, that it’s actually good? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you obviously missed Evil Dead trilogy, and haven’t seen a single SNL episode. Well, when I opened my mailbox to see some optical illusion trends, I was amazed to see how popular this photo became in such a short notice. It still bugs me, but I decided to share it with you! Could this instead be the most complex magic trick ever? I surely doubt so… Watch how this dude pulls an optical illusion, sort off.

Cool Optical Illusion, Bro!


188 Responses
  1. Ciaran says:

    Is it just a blob on the ground beside him?

  2. Kathy says:

    What’s the big deal? The guy is standing next to a wet spot on the sidewalk on a cloudy day.

  3. i’d say its just an oil spot on the ground? it does however look like a shadow.. good pick

  4. Jim says:

    Come on.. This is a new low. A dude standing next to an oil spot on the road on a cloudy day is an illusion? Do you maybe have a different one you can post before too many people see this one?
    And yes, I enjoyed the evil dead trilogy and the OLD SNL’s.

  5. Ranna says:

    when you just glance at it it looks like he is levitating but when you look closer you will see that he is just standing next to a dark spot on the ground

  6. Michel Carlini says:

    Cool! Very clever, and in Google gadget you can see the illusion better…

  7. ltyson says:

    lol this is my first ever post
    it is ment to look like he is floating but it is pretty obvious to spot, lol

  8. Terry says:

    This photo actually works better when in widget size. Once opened to full size the illusion is lost.

  9. Michael says:

    read tags: “Tags: Comedy, Dude, Fly, funny, Illusion, Levitation”

  10. hexmex says:

    What are people complaining about? This illusion is cool because it’s so simple. You’re all just angry because you didn’t think of it yourself… And now I want to try it :)

  11. i was staring at it until i saw it! i looks like he’s standing on a small bulge in the roead!

  12. corholio says:

    Kathy, youre right

  13. balas king says:

    I opened a random illusion of yours and it turned out to be one of those ‘scare you with a sudden pop-out monster face’ type of low-taste juvenile thing. You know what? I trusted you! Now I have second thought. I am deleting your web site from my bookmark.

  14. egdirbr says:

    It’s a pretty cool double-take sort of illusion when your not expecting an illusion. Not quite on a par with Evil Dead, but maybe as not great as SNL is on a bad week.

  15. Daniel says:

    Actually the trick only works precisely because it isn’t sunny, so no natural shadow is present, which would have prevented the optical illusion from working. I LIKE it. Very creative.

  16. ali says:

    The small version through iGoogle makes it look like he’s floating, but as soon as you see the larger one on this page you can’t even tell it’s supposed to be anything special.

  17. anonymous says:

    its so cool, easy to spot but really really cool

  18. Trixie says:

    It’s so bad, it’s good…exactly like the Evil Dead serious you mentioned.

  19. joe B says:

    it looks better at a distance, but it’s still nothing fantastic.

  20. SLY says:

    Is in Romania :)
    Must be a Dracula son :)

  21. Wow! the famous “spot in the road illusion”.COOL!!

  22. Variety is the spice of life and we take the good with the bad and all those other cliches.

    This one was worth looking at for the laugh-thanks for that!

  23. Me says:

    It looks pretty decent in the smaller picture before you open the link, but once the bigger picture is there it’s clearly just a puddle of some sort.

  24. iriso says:

    This is about as stupid as anything you have ever posted. I saw a dude standing next to a spot, and it didn’t look a thing like he was hovering above it.

    Maybe you should just skip posting some of this borderline crap that gets through from time to time.. You don’t HAVE to post a new one everyday..

    Quality of Quantity.

  25. Anon says:

    You haters need to calm down. It’s a funny joke!

    - Yeah the juvenile “sudden pop up screamer” illusions need to go.
    - iriso i think you were going for “quality OVER quantity”? and this is a refreshing change of pace. lighten up.

    Keep up the good work man, but delete the screamers

  26. chris says:

    Awesome just brilliant. Simple yet effective and I bet you all fell for it immediately, granted you are all right, it is easy to spot its not real after a second. Keep it up.

  27. Beckah says:

    If you guys think it’s a cloudy day, look at the stroller and the shadow underneath it.

  28. Kathy says:

    I’d like to apologize for the negative tone of my previous post. Inspired by other posts, I shrank down the picture to 50%, and they were right, the quality of the illusion is better when the picture is smaller. As it is, the picture is too big to completely fit on my screen. It takes away something of the illusion when you have to scroll down to see the whole picture. Although it is obvious how the illusion is done, it is somewhat clever.

  29. a_snail says:

    For some reason the size of the picture makes a big difference. The small picture in the sidebar is quite convincing, the large picture on the website is very unconvincing.

    I wonder why? My guess is its the extra detail you can see in the surface of what he is standing on that makes the difference.

  30. NEO says:


  31. Blizzard4800 says:

    so simple yet good on an igoogle gadget

  32. Aeris says:

    Are y’all Seriously upset about this? This is pretty funny. It’s so simple, but someone had to think outside of the box for this one. Y’all see a puddle, I see a man floating.
    Geez how do y’all follow this wonderful site and not think out side of the box.
    I agree with Anon, Delete the posts that are just people screaming at you, because you think our of the box. You do wonderful work here, don’t listen to them.

  33. Seenu Subbu says:

    Illusion definitely works when viewed in smaller size, looks like the guy is levitating. Don’t understand why you have to blow up the photo 100% and get disappointed.

  34. Wolfman2200 says:

    I went through all of the 186 pages of illusions, and after a while, you just have to say to yourself… Yeah, I’ve seen that before like a hundred-dozen times or so.

    I mean really, once you see a sidewalk chalk drawing using vanishing points created in the viewfinder of a camera, the Twisted Triangle Illusion, the Offset Checkerboard Illusion, and the Endless Staircase for the billionth time… you’ve pretty much have had your fill.

    You should really prune the duplicate images and photos that show the same trick/illusion. It’s not worth going through nearly 200 pages when close to 50% are duplicates.

    And yeah, I have to agree with iriso, you don’t need to add a new illusion daily. Just update if it’s definatly something you’ve never presented before in any way, shape or form, ever before.

    And you would do good if you were to knuckle down and edit the pages to delete duplicates, and the red X boxes… If you published a book, an editor would make you do it, simply because it’s too redundant.

    Love the site. Hope you find some new stuff soon. Thanks for the good times. Keep it up, because I’m a big fan!


  35. Wodgev says:

    Ehm… people… why doesn’t anyone notice the fact that everything else in the picture DOES have a shadow?!?

    I have no doubt it’s a wet spot, but there’s obviously something wrong with his shadow…

  36. Loza says:

    I didn’t see the illusion at all, but when i finally did it was a laugh.
    You post whatever you want on your site, V, it’s all good. We, as readers, can’t expect every post to be stunning and complain when we think they’re not.

  37. Draegonore says:

    you guys are either really picky or just plain have no imagination. this is a great illusion! the spot looks like a shadow! look, i know it’s incredibly simple, but that’s what makes it so great. the guy took something that was probably already there and made a really funny photo out of it. most people would have seen that spot and said, “oh, look an oil spot in the road”. this guy saw a photo opportunity. he took something mundane and made it original. i call that creativity.

  38. Draegonore says:

    PS: Vurdlak, please ignore these haters and keep posting things like this.

  39. Jess says:

    this is good, made me laugh XD

  40. wowaname says:

    I think you all are just being too serious. It’s a simple, effective illusion. I rate a five out of five.

  41. Jane says:

    Great illusion!!!!

  42. Dac X Lee says:

    I like it. So simply made and a cool and creative idea. I agree the illusion works better when the picture size is smaller.
    You don’t need such amazing painting skills to make something cool. :)

  43. Joel says:

    Simple, yet still cool!

  44. Lili says:

    It does look like he’s floating, from where I’m standing. I like it. Thanks.

  45. herzmeister der welten says:

    photoshopped! :-P

  46. j0e says:

    Yes the guy is standing near a blob or sort of something.
    The idea was to pretend you are floating The trick was, try to get the right time of the daylight so you wont cast any shadow. It can be done in photoshop or get the right lighting.
    Great job guy!

  47. Cid Netto says:

    If i look in the small picture i see a guy kind flying. heheheh
    As soon as the picture get big i can see the wet spot. hauhauaha
    That was really funny.
    I like it ^_^
    Keep the good work.

  48. ANONYMOUS says:

    I don’t know. Of course from the beginning I knew it couldn’t be real, but it took me a long time to see that he wasn’t floating! Very simple, yet so great.

  49. Julie says:

    i liked it! so simple but it works

  50. sexyboy says:

    he is standing on something look closley to his feet

  51. Cid Netto says:

    If i look in the small picture i see a guy kind flying. heheheh
    As soon as the picture get big i can see the wet spot. hauhauaha
    That was really funny.
    I like it ^_^

  52. goots says:

    so shitty, i noticed it in a matter of 2.5 seconds

  53. Daniel Stalnaker Jr. says:

    That is a dumb, stupid puddle next to him

  54. d.c says:

    i think hes suppose to be “hovering”

  55. Luka says:

    im not bashing but seriously tthe windows 7 gagdet is miles better for this 1

  56. Crystal cole says:

    OK sooo its works when its small but… once u magnify it its sooooo obvious. i mean i guessed it before I opened it… its cool though would have NEVER thought of it on my own

  57. Janelle McDermott says:

    yes, in the widget size it looks great, but once you open it to full size it doesn’t have the same effect

  58. DukeTogo says:

    He is just standing next to a smudge that looks like the shadow of his feet. So it looks like he is floating.

  59. jackie says:

    hes stepping on the floor but theres a black spot thats supposed to be a shadow

  60. david says:

    he’s standing on the pavement
    and then has drawn a black blob closer to the camera
    and then taken the picture
    so it looks like he’s levitating

  61. brigzy says:

    he wet himself

  62. AL says:

    That illusion is almost as good the the one we see everytime we “think” we see something fall. You probably won’t beleive this absolutely and utterly amazing truth . . . EinsteinReality.com

  63. Shannon says:

    Why doesn’t he have a shadow?

  64. god says:

    uhh you people are life noobs, he just photoshopped his shadow out and either drew that stain on the concrete or pissed it there. fuck this dumb shit, and all of you for being so dumb you guys probably think chris angel has magic powers. kill yourselves.

  65. cody says:

    http://i.imgur.com/OjRCx.jpg this one is like it if you cant tell the yellow frisbee is on the ground

  66. Dan Jones says:

    No Photoshop, it is an overcast day with exposure cranked up to give a daylight like brightness, but the sun is diffuse enough no shadow is visible. It is wonderful because it does thoroughly fool the eye for a fraction of a second. If you look away and glance back and then away again for about half of one second the man looks like he is hovering. When you have time to digest the details the illusion soon flattens out. I would classify this as a transitory illusion vs. a steady state illusion, which is what we are used too.

  67. Fatima Murtada says:

    i wonder were his real shadow is

  68. junk says:

    hehe.only after 2 minutes i realised that the photo was taken in the center of my hometown (Iasi,Romania).

  69. Slaven says:

    were can i see video?

  70. read dis comment says:

    duh hes standing on the ground…………
    the shadow MAKES it look like hes floating

  71. Andrewson30 says:

    Too bad that you notice that he’s just standing to a spot on a road instead of hovering, it pretty much ruins it.

  72. Patricio says:

    if u see he is standing on the side walk and the dark spot that looks like his shadow is actually painted to look like he is floating

  73. maja says:

    oily spot

  74. artie says:

    its obvious he is standing on the ground and the “shadow” is like some water or something next to him

  75. Dantheman1119 says:

    he drew the circle on the ground, then moved up from it
    (Key: |=person, o= shadow)

    so, the shadow is fake.

  76. quitta says:

    i agree..its an oil spot or something but it looks like he’s floating from the position the picture was taken

  77. BRL says:

    Ohh Shit this photo is from my city , Iasi from Romania !

  78. emil says:

    @sexyboy Quick notice, that’s called the ground.

  79. owl says:

    though it’s taken in my hometown, i have to say it’s a fail.

  80. Cheryl says:

    I think that it wasnt a sunny day and there were no shadows and that was just an oil spott or something

  81. fff says:

    wow at first i just thought he peed on the floor, then looked guilty

  82. Danielle says:

    I figured it out this one pretty quickly but it’s
    still pretty cool.

  83. clsmoove says:

    Chris Angel is a witch

  84. Me says:

    It is so simple but so cool.

  85. Mandy says:

    If you look at his left hip and focus for a few seconds, it’s hard to realize he’s NOT floating. If I look at the picture anywhere else, the illusion doesn’t work for me – he’s just standing near a stain on the ground.

  86. cindy says:

    sooooooooooo simple but sooooooooo KeWl :)

  87. wilboy says:

    This is very nice trick but if you shown shadow then you can’t illuz anyone…

  88. rahul says:

    Really nice trick..
    thumbs up

  89. Valerie says:

    Simple but effective. Loved it.

  90. Dia says:

    What a nice feeling to notice that this photo was taken in my hometown… neaaat!!
    [Piata Unirii, Iasi, Romania]

  91. Paolo Josiel C. Arias says:

    hes standing on a street, theres a burn-ed,like circle beside him

  92. Cheese says:

    My poo just told my butt, “Me want out!”

  93. coolez says:

    >_> super easy his standing on something

  94. amsterdam says:

    hes floating!!! holy crap! criss angel try and pull that one off without ropes.

  95. Alex says:

    It’s photoshopped. NO shadow of a person would ever look like that unless your shaped into a toothpick.

  96. jenny says:

    stop dissing people. its genius. would anyone of you ever think of creating an optical illusion when you see a blob? sheesh. and its not photoshopped. its not even a shadow. man people are so stupid.

  97. Some bloke standing next to a damp patch.

  98. gennia11 says:

    hes standing on the ground but there’s a stain by him (if u cud call it dat.) nice!

  99. gennia11 says:

    wats a bloke? and jenny im a person and i hav total proof dat im certainly NOT stupid! 2 me illusions are art and i luv art!

  100. Alex says:

    its not even sun outside,so the shadow doesn’t have any role there…obviously he’s standing next to it

    • Case Goslen says:

      Hey as far as people who don’t have a clue go Alex’s comment on April 24, 2010 at 7:35 pm Which states “its not even sun outside,so the shadow doesn’t have any role there…obviously he’s standing next to it,” Apperently just because it was 7:35 and was not day time or . . .”its not even sun” where he was he can’t see the shadows under the bench and stroller and even the flower beds but great post.

    • Lucy says:

      yeah this is stupid and really obvious

  101. YourMom says:

    Uhhhh.. thats just a wet spot, and he’s standing just a bit farther away from it…

  102. Hannah says:

    Lol, seriously though, you viewers who criticise this website should really try and make their own; its not so easy. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.

    • Foamy89 says:

      I’m pretty sure that, on the internet, criticism is essential to produce good content. So they can say pretty much whatever the f*ck they want.

  103. Lizz says:

    That is the whole point..it is an OPTICAL ILLUSION…

  104. Janet says:

    You can tell that he’s standing next to a wet spot, but when you stare at it, he really does look like his floating. What an amazing idea he had for an illusion.

  105. Penny Lanne says:

    simply awesome

  106. Sagar says:

    I think the guy has jumped a bit from the place where it appears to be wet spot. He is in air when photo is clicked.

  107. James says:

    Very good stuff. Critiques have the right to have a say. Its part of life that no matter how good something is someone tries to bring it down, it doesn’t mean they don’t like it but are probably rival website. I am not one, but very good optical illusion.

  108. Phil E. Drifter says:

    Not an optical illuion.

  109. InfoWarriorInMongolia says:

    It only works well when the resolution is low, such as in a thumbnail.

  110. Devon says:

    He is merely standing beside a water mark or stain of somekind and our minds cojour it up to be a shadow and so he appears to be floating

    • John Wilkinson says:

      “auentic reply”/I here by give you the Stamp, of Authentic. You ever thought of getting into some Science clubs and get an official judges licence [Couldn't possibly -EVER- do 'worse" than the pacquiao-bradley JUDGES!]BUT,, “good luck”! ( :

  111. Melancholy43920 says:

    This is pretty impressive, and deceptively simple. If he had been standing with his arms out, Jesus-style, it would have made this pic even more epic though.

  112. Christopher Brandao says:

    Its just an illusion people are idiots analyzing it to much no sh#t if you look at it the right way you’ll see its true nature but it was well done. It was just a fun pick and quite creative i see spots like that all the time and never thought to do that. Stop over analyzing

  113. xd says:

    it’s like he’s levitating..focus on the wet part then slowly graze up to his feet

  114. Seksi says:

    Awesome photo, good job..

  115. some guy says:

    that is shit.

  116. Get Smart says:

    Amazing how does he do it?
    It must be madjic the proof is the picture.
    It wouldn’t be on the web if it weren’t true!
    I want to join his religion now whatever it is.
    Can I please join the floating people who must be aliens sent to save us and all I need do is give them all my worldly accumulated goods.
    I’m tired of being a frightened American with red and green alerts all I want is to float in the air.
    G. Smart

  117. wayne says:

    I love it!

  118. HAhaha.. Amazing ! Gonna do it tomorrow with my friends, Hope it Works :D

  119. roy says:

    thats surprisingly good.

    for those who complain about how its not real. Either look up what the word illusion means. Also go make some non computer friends and find a healthly way to make yourself feel good instead of trying to seem superior to a couple random people on the internet.

  120. Unicorn Sparkle Girl says:

    He seems so undernourished. I feel bad for him. Ankles smaller than his wrists. Is he ok? Please tell use where to send food. :(

  121. Abbasi says:

    oh so he is standin next to a wet point.. lol

  122. dotaboy says:

    HE DOES NOT HAVE SHADOWS. bad editing bro. haha

  123. bogdan says:

    This is Union Plaza in the city of Iasi, Romania ! :)

  124. Blade says:

    OMG! How many retards on this board actually “explaining” how this is not an illusion, how it is done, etc. No shit – EVERYONE knows he is just standing next to a wet spot. That is what makes it so funny. It is so stupid it is funny. And it looks pretty good too, especially under lower resolution. But too many people actually trying to explain this – as if anyone had to wonder. Except for the dummy above who said the person is jumping in air next to the spot. Not THAT is a stupid person!

  125. LFC Fan says:

    so that’s where Joe Cole spent some time during his premier league ban!

  126. TWed50 says:

    One second he looks like he is just standing next to a wet spot then the longer you look, then he looks like he floating. So simply and yet effective.

  127. poi says:

    When you look at the upper half of the photo, you’ll see him floating. When look at the other half, you’ll see what it really is.

  128. bajomuj says:

    OF COURSE IT IS A STAIN ON THE FLOOR YOU EINSTEINS! just enjoy this great funny idea

  129. jari says:

    LOL @ the people commenting as if they are solving something.

  130. Brandon says:

    I love the title, bro.

  131. looooooolaaaaaaaaa says:

    this pic is made in roamnia:D:D:Dlooolll

  132. Not amazed says:

    that is the most retarded illusion ever!

  133. Nelson says:

    Its Photoshoped, his body doesn’t cast any shadow at all…thats impossible

  134. Seminar Jakrata Indonesia 2011 says:

    Nice post bro.. siiippp

  135. Mike says:

    Hes standing next to a dark spot, its not hard to see

  136. Wow, this trick is amazing… :)

  137. jeremy says:

    um… this picture would work, if the sun just happened to be directly above his head and shining only straight down.. his shadow shouldn’t just be a round grey spot on the ground.

  138. TJ says:

    photo shop person head outlined and just wetspot

  139. bogdan says:

    This picture is from my city(Iasi, Romania). Nice:D

  140. ZL123 says:

    It’s taken when it’s dark.
    He peed on that spot.
    It’s photoshopped.

  141. Grace says:

    Um, he PEED on it???? Very, very unlikely. The man drew a chalk spot next to himself.

  142. ray says:

    it might seem gay but you see the illusion when you stare at his penis.. no offense

  143. herky stubby says:

    Simple trick. But good.

  144. Potato says:

    It’s obviously a stain and he’s obviously standing next to it.

  145. this is your bestfriend says:

    that is tottaly lame anf fake…………………..boring…………….NEXT

  146. SaM says:


  147. RazvaNICE says:

    It has been a week since I have been watching the first 47 pages till I found this photo! The more interesting fact is that the photo has been shot in my homecity, Iasi, is situated in the North-East of Romania. The area it is called Union Square (Piata Unirii). I was not expecting this website to be related to Romania at all. piata-unirii-iasi.jpg

  148. Phoebe says:

    This looks photo shopped. Its not proportioned correctly, its probably a calk spot or P.S.ed too. But the res of him and the picture differ and it just looks wrong. Ya know?

    Awesome picture though.

    Hillbilly illusioning it. >:D

  149. Phoebe says:

    I have half a mind to say that this was done on accident. Like that was a stain or spot of some kind and he just happened to be standing in the right place. Its just peculiar that he feet look like they are really in the photo but his upper body doesnt…


  150. Phoebe says:

    *add from the beginning of my last post, it would be funny if it was an accident and they didnt notice till they went back through the pictures haha. But this does seem kind of intentional. Haha this is a awesomely sillly picture.

  151. NAT says:

    he coloured the ground beside him obviously

  152. jackson says:

    illusion ????….. only mystery is how anyone would think this is special.

    Well I guess that explains why we have different flavors of ice cream …..

  153. tenzin says:

    if u bend ur neck to the right shoulder.. this trick doesn’t work..

  154. Alex says:

    This is in Iassy (Iasi) , Romania :)) the center of the city, I live in Iasi :))

  155. Lou says:

    Cool! He should have raised his arms to make it seem like he was attempting to fly off and not just levitate. Neat illusion tho.

  156. chris says:

    no shit that’s a stain. you can see the damn shadows underneath the front of his shoes.

  157. Darr247 says:

    There are shadows even on cloudy days… he ‘shopped it out with clone brush.

  158. satin says:

    No f illusion , just a stupid pic!

  159. u dont say says:

    what is totally amazing is all the people that have to repeatedly state the fricking obvious!

    we all know hes not really floating dumbarses! we dont need you to “explain” it!

  160. Willie Anchelmann says:

    When I first saw it, looked like a guy standing beside a wet patch of pavement.

  161. John Wilkinson says:

    It’s good and catches me for about .05 of one second. If you hadn’t come with the BIG WARNING, I’d of perhaps been unprepared. Then, maybe would have fooled my eyes for .75THS one -second- Get your point. Nice Try! 7:06 am/ 12:24 am

  162. LUIS says:


  163. Rubit_In says:

    “Aahhhhhh yeah was holding that in for TOO long…oh fuck tourists..side-step yep they’ll never know heh heh”

  164. edollie100 says:

    This is awful. I kept thinking it had to do with the buildings in the background. How is a guy near an oil stain an illusion??

  165. victoriaschmictoria says:

    Yep, looks like a guy standing next to an oil stain to me, too. What had me wondering whether it was photoshopped was the prespective of the bldgs in the background and the fact that half the sign seems to be missing. The odds of one’s shadow being spot-on like that are slim. Not sure that any time of day would create that…sun would have to be directly above and…smaller?

  166. Lisa says:

    I think it looks like he’s standing beside his own puddle of urine. xD

  167. Danielle S. says:

    I stared at this for a long time wondering what the heck was an illusion. Then I realized that oh, he was supposed to be floating. It’s obvious that he’s just standing on the street next to a stain…

  168. Pete says:

    It looks like 2 stains next to each other, are they twins?

  169. Zwapp says:

    So the illusion isn’t that his penis is a skidmark

  170. DirtyD says:

    Doesn’t even look like he’s levitating. His shadow just looks like he peed on the pavement. This sucks.

  171. Georgia says:

    I didn’t get it at first. It then I spotted it

  172. STRETCH97 says:


  173. lai23 says:

    It is looks awesome!! But it is quite obvious that he is standing on flat solid ground and they drew a black dot next to resemble a shadow. Simple but AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. girrafun says:

    i love these kind of illusions but this one is just stupid and badly done

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