Convex Or Concave? That is The Question!

While ago, one of our anonymous visitors pointed out this illusion made by Roy Lichtenstein, Called “Sculpture & Drawings”. The sculpture House is 113 x 127 x 156 inches and is made of painted fiberglass. It hangs on the wall, and when viewing the sculpture in person, an optical illusion occurs – it appears to be convex but it is concave. There are more pictures in this post to serve as evidence.

28 Replies to “Convex Or Concave? That is The Question!”

  1. This is amazing….this past august I took a trip to Washington DC. I saw this there, and thought I recognized it….now i realize, i had not only seen it before, I had commented on it!

    (this is the same me as the post above)

  2. yea that second one is in washington dc…i went to that garden. i like it a lot…except that they were blowing mulch on the ground when i saw it (lol)

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