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By on June 7, 2013, with 8 Comments

Here’s an illusion discovered and sent in by one of our fans from Croatia. As it appears both central squares are different in color, but are they really? Apparently, if you try with any other colour the results will appear the same. More similar stuff can be found inside our #color adapting category.

Another Color Tiles Illusion


8 Responses
  1. romi says:

    the colors really look like different
    even and maybe more when you try to see it as a stereogram (nice indeed)

  2. Christian Hilton says:

    As well as enjoying the illusion, I also recommend an organic overlap of two images side by side like this – just stay in focus as you observe cross-eyed, blending the two neatly together as one for a 3D-like experience x-)

  3. Kiweagle says:

    Had to check it in PhotoShop to believe it.Color-Tiles-Illusion-Animat.gif

  4. The guy who sleeps in you closet says:

    they’re the same,i did it in paint

  5. Mary says:

    And another thing – the top righthand and lefthand corners seem darker.

  6. Boss says:

    They’re different colouors
    It’s just a troll

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