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By on May 6, 2008, with 64 Comments

Hey everybody, look what I have just found. At first glance, this may look photoshopped, but it is actually a real sculpture! The author is Tsang Cheung Shing from Hong Kong. He created this installation for a pottery exhibition of “YingYeung” – a drink mixture of coffee and tea (very popular local drink in Hong Kong). The pottery, named Yuanyang II, is one of the collections of Hong Kong Museum of Art now displaying at the Central Concourse of Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). Tsang Cheung-shing is a ceramic art tutor and product designer. Yuanyang II is modeled in a distinctive form with two figures indulged in kissing each other. Their heads support two elegant cups for drinking tea and coffee. The form and concept design fully complement the theme “Yuanyang” not only typical Hong Kong beverage of mixing tea and coffee which was already mentioned, but also a symbol of marriage and love. Hope you liked this post! Two more photos can be found inside the article.

Coffe Kiss Illusion by Tsang Cheung Shing
Coffe Kiss Illusion by Tsang Cheung Shing
Coffe Kiss Illusion by Tsang Cheung Shing


64 Responses
  1. Ash says:

    Wow that is awesome… id love to have that as my dinner table center piece.

  2. Tharene says:

    First post? Doesn’t matter, really great! The coffee become faces and they kiss each other. I won’t matter to have an sculpture like that

  3. uvalntine says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    very cool, i totally dig the splash action

  5. bara says:

    amazing! i wonder how he got the splash to look so real.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is super cool! I LOVE IT

  7. Daniel says:

    That drink sounds really disgusting, coffee and tea. that some serious talent, even though I don’t particularly like it…

  8. Kevin says:

    This is more than just awesome… This is absolutely fabulous!!!

    I just love it! T.S.Shing is a genius!


  9. Anonymous says:

    Yes, it is neat and cool, but how is this an illusion?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Cool, yes, but why is it an illusion, and why would someone suspect it would require photoshop to make this sculpture?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I think this is very cool! I LOVE IT!

  12. Anonymous says:



  13. Brennan says:

    it looks like it would be really top heavy as a center piece. really cool though

  14. Sarah says:

    An interesting design, very cool affect with the splash looking so real.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Tharene why are you so negative i mean what is your problem its an awesome optical illusion infact i would even kill a man for it to be on the table.

  16. Lars says:

    Hmm… I wonder if the reason it looks so real, is because it’s a photo. You think it’s PhotoShop, then you realize it’s not and that creates the “wow-effect”. I bet it looks really fake in real life – but still interesting…

  17. Hesham says:

    awesome . prilliant

  18. Anonymous says:

    I think they took photos of real splashes an use them as master

  19. Anonymous says:

    i feel artistically challenged…

    anyway, that is the most amazing sculpture i have ever seen. so realistic!

  20. Anonymous says:

    bara, it actually really fluids coming out, it is all sculpted but the way the artist sculpted it made it look like its really coffee pouring out

  21. jelyn says:

    i’ve seen spilled coffee statues before, but never as cool as this!

  22. Yeri says:

    Very nice! Is it made out of clay, wax, or glass? I’d understand the splashes if it was clay or wax, but to be made out of clay is just unbelievable!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s hideous?
    Really kitsch.

  24. Anonymous says:

    “how is this an illusion?”

    How is it not?

    Its an illusion because it looks like coffee spilling but its not. Also, even if it was coffee spilling it wouldn’t have two faces in it kissing. Even if it wasn’t who cares? Do you have OCD or something? The content of every site doesn’t have to match the title perfectly.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Yes…it is extremely kitsch. It is not something I would put in my living room either. However, it is very well executed. I wouldn’t consider it an illusion, though at first glance it is difficult to figure out whether it is real, photoshopped or sculpted.

  26. Bex says:

    Hi people, i actually think it’s pretty ugly. Im not bashing the artist because that takes some MAJOR talent, but it’s a little tacky. Sorry!


  27. Anonymous says:

    wow that’s cool! k, i just realized that the slightly darker, green one is tea, and the brown one is coffee, symbolizing the mixture of the drinks… i sound like such a geek. sorry, right now i’m recovering from english finals (finals are early 4 me this year)

  28. Anonymous says:

    wow! and i cant even make the cups…

  29. Anonymous says:

    not really an illusion, but awwwwwwwsome sculpture!!

  30. aviv says:

    i don’t think this is “extremely kitsch”, since this actually shows the transience of love, and how it only exists for exactly one moment and then everything goes back to chaos (or maybe it’s just “over, and then shh shhh, it’s nice and quiet”.. but i’m drifting…)

  31. Talise says:

    that so sweet those to cups are kissing

  32. Tamara says:

    wow, that’s so cool, i love it!

  33. Anonymous says:

    how could that tiny thing carry so much coffee??? (nice illusion by the way!!)

  34. douche says:

    Shut up, Aviv.


  36. PrivateI2009 says:

    Marvelously Splendid.
    What else next can He come up with.

  37. Abrc08 says:

    It’s just photoshopped!


  38. This is super cool! I LOVE IT

  39. David Sherwood says:

    I WANT IT!!!! I wonder if he makes replica’s?

  40. Vivek Saxena says:

    I wonder if the reason it looks so real, is because it’s a photo. You think it’s PhotoShop, then you realize it’s not and that creates the “wow-effect”. I bet it looks really fake in real life – but still interesting… It’s really sweet

  41. Nice One……..Wonderfull Art

  42. dragon fire 3000 says:

    oolala. heh heh…

  43. priyanka soni says:

    wow its amazing………….wonderful art…so real

  44. rafael ulloa says:

    best sculpture ever

  45. abc... says:

    the word coffee is misspelled at the top

  46. That is so beautiful and a great amount of thought had to go into creating such a masterpiece. Keep up the good work. The world needs more people like you.

  47. Queena Dupree says:

    Very Beautiful!! It makes me want to turn into coffee!

  48. cll71 says:

    they look like homofaggits.

  49. ZL123 says:

    WOW. The splash IS so real! How does the cup balance?

  50. ZL123 says:

    I like the second one the best!

  51. Sharon says:

    Does anyone know if there is anywhere to purchase a replica of this statue? I would love one of these for my house.

  52. Emily says:

    Very impressive.

  53. daniela says:

    Could it be possible to use this wonderful image for a book cover (a friend of mine is going to publish a poetry book) Is there a way to make it?

  54. Alexa_Gri says:

    Oh… So cool… ^^

  55. um says:

    i love mixing tea/coffee

  56. hannah says:

    awsume!!!!! looks really good :)

  57. vcg says:

    this is cool..cool!

  58. Jeannette says:

    Eww! But creative.

  59. Zeb says:

    I like my coffe the same way I like woman sweet with a little cream.

  60. Afina Elma says:

    this is really amazing and i am the mad lover of Coffee :)

  61. sam says:

    another post of urs from 2leep..mmmmmmm m jelous :D

  62. Sara says:

    Ooooooooooooooooooooh I really want this one! I allways loved it, it´s so beautiful, but when I learned it´s coffe and tea mixed together I want it even more because my husband drinks offe and I drink tea… <3

  63. If I were rich (big if) I would have no problem dishing out a few million for this. This is what I consider to be true art and it speaks to me!!! I love it. Bottom line, I have seen true crap, I mean the big feces thing… UGH go for serious amounts of cash, I don’t see why this one deserves less. It deserves MORE!

  64. Jorge says:

    WERE can I bye it ? if its for sale

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