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By on February 1, 2008, with 207 Comments

Scott Pehoushek found this Cloverfield optical illusion poster. I’m not familiar with this Hollywood Blockbuster, but apparently it’s already a big hit in USA. Has anyone seen it? What is it about? Is it worth watching? As it goes with illusion posters, they usually have some sort of hidden face or multi meaning skull integrated from my experience, and this one shouldn’t be much different. The only problem is that I haven’t noticed the hidden monster in it. Can you help? This is original email sent by Scott: “There is a monster-looking cloud in the upper right side of the picture with its head reaching towards the statue of liberty’s right arm. (the one with the torch)”.

Cloverfeild Optical Illusion


207 Responses
  1. mads says:

    This is one weird illusion… Its the dark cloud on the top. the white cloud makes out the face though :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ohh I see it

  3. Anonymous says:

    no i think it looks like a rabbit… no a duck!!!

  4. Me says:

    I outlined the monster.
    I apologize for my bad outlining skills, but you get the idea.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i see the monster in the cloud i think, the two darkish blobs at the top are its eyes, and then theres a noseish looking blob under it. and its mouth is just under all of that. its a darker spot in the middle of the clouds. the middle of the mouth is behind the statue or liberty’s arm. it doesnt seem like a very good illusion though.

  6. Anonymous says:

    wow. are you serious? there is no illusion in this picture. it is just a poster advertising the movie Cloverfield. there’s no monster in the clouds… your just trying to force your imagination to see something that is not there. duh.

    the movie is about a monster that wrecks new york city. kinda like the newest godzilla movie but its more like a giant walking whale monster.

  7. anonny-nonny says:

    i think the outline anon drew for us looks more like a sock puppet monster! sorry anon, i agree this is fairly lame. but do you all see the punk kid in the clouds coming from the inside of libertys’ right arm?
    wow, you can see anything you want in clouds…

  8. KayCee says:

    I saw the movie last weekend and loved it! It’s a home video found in Central Park after the monster attacked the city. It shows a group of people’s experience when it happened.

  9. x9x9x9x9x9 says:

    no your all wrong its there you just have to take a mirror and look at the image side by side mirror side. here i did it here


  10. Anonymous says:

    Oh! Notice that the statues head is missing? Right above it is an apparition of her head in the cloud. And the the water and smoke resembles her hand holding the torch with smoke coming out.

  11. SRX says:

    I don’t see a monster, but I see a man’s face

  12. leon says:

    well i might not see the monster in the corner but i can sort of see a face in the buildings in the bottom left corner. i dunno maby someone else can see it too.

  13. Anonymous says:

    okj. so i dint see the monster in the top right corner but i did notice what might be a face in the lower right corner in the wrecage of the city. dunno if anyone else has noticed this tho…

  14. Anonymous says:

    i cant pick out the monster in the clouds.(personally i dont think it exists.) but i do see a face in the wrecage of the buildings in the bottom right cornerish area. dunno if anyone else has noticed it or not but i sure do…

  15. Anonymous says:

    if you see that then your trippen balls

  16. Anonymous says:

    there’s another illusion with the poster: if you put it right next to its mirror image with the white cloud in the middle, the cloud forms a much more obvious monster face.

  17. Steve says:

    yeah, i have friends who saw the movie, heard it’s good. see it for free at watch-movies.net

  18. Anonymous says:

    i also see a the liberty statue in the smoke far away in the smoke too

  19. K.J says:

    His outline does sort of look like a sock puppet (sorry, no offense) but you get the idea of where it is….and it’s alot easier to see if you have seen the movie- you kinda know what to look for.

  20. William Yu says:

    i see it!!!!!!!! it looks like a snake…

  21. um what says:

    I can see plenty of monsters in these clouds but none of them look like they were put there on purpose- they just seem like the kind of things you see in ordinary clouds.

    Do we actually know there is meant to be a monster?

  22. bluey91 says:

    if you look at the bottom right of the picture, along the water line, you can see what looks like half a mosters head, if you were to mirror it, it would look a bit like this:


    sorta looks like amoster to me

  23. Anonymous says:

    Not really an illusion but a great picture.I LOVED THE MOVIE. but in the onterest of fairness a lot of people were complaining at the end of it. I think the ending bummed them out.
    Anyways its not a regular movie. its more lie a home video that happened to record a love story during apocalyptic events….anyways I hope this helps…

  24. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s the black “darker” cloud, it either looks like a giant “dragon” mouth going to bite the arm, or it a demon looking thing with wings spread…

    As for as answer to your question,
    “Is it worth watching?”

    No… No it isn’t. I saw it last weekend, and you spend 80% of the time wondering why you paid money to look at some guys shoes, or the wall that the camera is looking at when they “set it down” to do something (all the interesting stuff) off screen.
    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. There can never be a good horror or thriller flick rated PG13. If it’s not rated R, it’s not worth it.

    Plus they tacked on some silly love story.. Blah.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I honestly don’t believe this monster “illusion” is intentional. But it’s a cool picture, nevertheless :-)

  26. monster master says:

    The picture that Me outlined looks like a rabbit.

    The “real” monster actually extends to the left of his outline. Monsters nose points to the torch and his eye socket is that white hole above the torch.

  27. AiCheeWahWah says:

    Worst illusion ever!!

    Cloverfield looks like its gonna be a good movie, its from one of the writers of lost definitely worth a watch.

    But seriously this is no optical illusion!!

  28. Pip says:

    Pareidolia – http://skepdic.com/pareidol.html

    Not an illusion, just your brain seeing patterns. This is a rubbish example of it too, might as well have a picture of the face of Elvis on a piece of toast. My favorite is the face of Lenin on a shower curtain:


  29. Anonymous says:

    I see the monster, it doe look like it is eating the arm of the statue of liberty… And I watched Cloverfield, its a brilliant movie, I suggest it to everyone. Its great.

  30. Coralie says:

    No I don’t see it where “Me” outlined it.. it’s a big-foreheaded face just up the torch , frowning to the statue; it looks like an alien !

  31. Anonymous says:

    Bluey91,I dont think any of those are correct. Look just to the left of the arm and you’ll see ‘devil’ looking things head kinda ‘lunging’ for the torch. I think that both of your pics are good though.

  32. icollectcomics says:

    Me and some mates noticed a sort of gremlin face right of the wrist holding the torch up! The white bits of cloud are the ears!
    We had to zoom in though…

  33. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see the monster, but the movie was AWESOME!

  34. Anonymous says:

    if you look in the clouds for a long time, i see a dragon head there are two eyes two nostrils, and a jaw protruding more towards the left of the picture. Im pretty sure its a dragon

  35. Anonymous says:

    Yes this was a fantastic movie and i saw it twice, i don’t normally c movies twice so this was very good

  36. Iggy says:

    In addition to the “sock” puppet, there is half of a face of a monster, The big long white cloud makes the browline, the dark right triangle an eye, then the lighter clouds stemming off of it outline a nose and a mouth.

    However the mirror image makes an extremely accurate outline of the monster, right down to the face details and the bone structure. However since you have to mirror the imae to see it, I don’t really consider that much of an illusion.

    Most likely the artist took monster-like forms and used them as inspiration for the cloud formations. As an artist, I’ve done that before. By making those clouds resemble the monster, in the back of our minds we see it, but consciously, it looks like nothing. That’s the beauty of it, its the oldest trick in the book to make a viewer really be attracted to an image.

    And Cloverfield WAS good and WAS worth it. If you got sick from watching it, then it was successful in immersing you and you just have a horrible constitution and don’t know how to truely look at moving images. The fact it was like a home video made it much more realistic then one of those all-too-common monster movies where people scream but will then stop to explain to you everything about it before they get killed. For the first time in awhile I saw a movie where the little love connection actually made sense and was important as part of the movie but not over dramatized. As long as you pay attention and have working brain cells, its easy to figure out what’s happening, see what the monster looks like, and there are continual hidden messages telling you everything else. Unless you only like the typical American shows where everything’s Hollywood-ized and does the thinking for you, then it’s definately a go-see.

  37. hosios says:

    Seems like no one saw the real optical illusion. If you look at the right bottom corner, from the smoking building you can see an eagle (Uncle Sam’s pet?). A litlle USA touch maybe?

  38. Kevin Scuzz says:

    Yes I saw this movie, and yes it was awesome. Maybe I thought it was the coolest movie ever made because I just turned thirteen and I could watch the movie with my friend without my parents. It was freakin’ awesome. I could see the snake/dragon/lizard in the corner, but let me tell you, it doesn’t look like the monster in the movie at all. Stop drawing conclusions about crap without seeing the actual proof that this coincidental cloud formation is the actual monster. IT’S NOT. SEE THE MOVIE.

  39. Anonymous says:

    it took me a while but i did see the monster. if you look up in the sky, about couple of centimeters down from the top right corner, you will a face with long neck and open mouth, its the side view of the monster.the outline,eye of the monster is made by the darker clouds and the white cloud make the image it self look 3D. hope that helps.the other 2 examples are fairly good.

  40. jenn says:

    I think anon’s right, it’s a dragon-typed thing.
    I’m in Canada and the movie is big here right now. It probably hasn’t hit Europe yet though. It’s about a sea-monster that attacks NYC. There are all sorts of warnings out that the camera movement is weird and making people motion sick…they’re throwing up in the theatres!

  41. Anonymous says:


  42. Capn says:

    Anybody but me think this is just a regular picture where people are reading too much into it? Yes, clouds look like stuff, and I’m certain CG clouds do too.

  43. Anonymous says:

    On the left part of the clouds there are to eyes and a nose. That’s probably not it, though. It’s just what I see.

    I saw this movie. It is definitely worth seeing. But if you get motion sickness easily, you should see it on a smaller screen.

  44. Anonymous says:

    The movie was not that great…the home footage was very bouncy in a blair witch project way (one of the people I watched the movie with had to look away for the most part to avoid the motion sickness) and the actions of the people were bordering on the ridiculous…neat idea i guess

  45. Anonymous says:

    yeh i found a better one. if you look at the hand of the statue, go down about 1cm and if you go left and right you see a smile, then if you look 1 cm from the top of the hand you see a eye, then 1.5cm to the right you see the second eye. :)

  46. d says:

    the head and a portion of the upper body of lady liberty are missing and smoldering. her framework, looking much as the framework that remained of the twin towers after their collapse, is exposed and bent.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Right above where her head should be is the Burger King bighead dude, wearing sunglasses. He’s looking toward the left of the picture.
    I’m sure that’s the monster because that guy creeps me out!

  48. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see a thing beside some distorted sort of face looking thing and that doesn’t seem like an illusion to me

  49. Anonymous says:

    You misspelt “Cloverfield” and as for the film itself… it’s filmed in the style of blair witch… so camera angles make you dizzy… in my opinion it lacked a plot. As for your illusion… isn’t it interesting that whenever we look at clouds we always see something else.

  50. Anonymous says:

    If you look at the water above the date and to the left of the wake you can see what looks to be a woman screaming or a skull.

  51. Ju4n says:

    it looks like ET xD

  52. jophfy says:

    No it is the monster in the movie and it is an ok movie it is all in the form of a camcorder

  53. Anonymous says:

    To me it looks like a snake head with a wide open gaping mouth. Sort of sock puppetty yes, but if there is a monster its there. The white cloud on the right starting just below the corner and extending downwards towards the torch.

  54. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think this is an illusion. Clouds look like many things if you look at them. They’re just clouds that happen to look a little like a face. I don’t think it was intentional…

    The trailers were all the hype JJ Abrams needed :)

  55. Andy says:

    I spotted it! Pretty scary there. Some hints for those who haven’t gotten it: it is a skull look, both the eyes are the most apparent ones (that’s the things you’ll notice right away if you look closely, because I did). Next is the mouth that look an x-ray with full teeth. Nice illusion to the sender and the poster.

  56. ladyofthelost says:

    i see the monster in the cloud
    and i can also see a person weirdly enough like standing on the ripples on the water whose hands are pointing at the building on the left of the smoke covered area
    anyone else seeing that?

  57. Anonymous says:

    look at the lighter steak coming down diagonally from the top right corner as the neck of a serpent with a forked tongue pointing right at the statue’s elbow…a snake with a dark eye and dark spots on its back…

  58. Anonymous says:

    Yhe statue hasn’t its head. But if you look at the white cloud above the statue it looks like a head with the mouth opened and crying

  59. Anonymous says:

    i see it as the blotch on top is the eye, the bottom one is the mouth, and the rest of the white is the nose. that looks more like the monsters than what that other kid outlined. and to answer your question, 50-50 on whether or not you’ll like it. i didn’t like it, it’s like blair-witch projects cuz it’s all on a guy’s video camera, the monsters are like the ones from the mist, and the screenplay is like godzilla.

  60. Augustin says:

    this is really cool. I can clearly see a golom-like face peering at the right hand.

  61. Anonymous says:

    did you also notice, that right above where the head of the statue is supposed to be, there is a ‘head’ in the clouds? you can also see the the torch above it and to the left a little bit… just as if you were looking at it from the front…

  62. mherbert219 says:

    Here’s a good video on YouTube which outlines the image in the poster:


  63. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see anything in the normal picture, but in the mirror photo I see a little demon baby thing in the exact middle near the bottom where the smoke conects, and at the top I see a man in the clouds with his arms extended out.

  64. wandering_goat says:

    Uhh, wow, that’s not much of an illusion at all.

    As for the movie, I saw it and it was ok. It’s kind of hard for me to look at it in a positive light since I had severe motion sickness from it, at one point thinking I was going to have to leave to vomit, and afterward needing to take breaks and look away from the screen when the action lulled.

    And the thing is, I’ve never gotten motion sickness before from an entertainment product! If you want to see it, I suggest you take some dramamine / gravol before going (oh, and don’t order an obscene amount of butter on your popcorn like my friend and I did).

  65. Anonymous says:

    interesting…was this movie good?

  66. pacodataco95 says:

    i dont see the monster in the top right hand corner but when u look at the smoke coming from the buildings if u mirror it


  67. Octavio says:

    Well, I think I see something like a huge head… the eyes and nose are atop the torch…

    Saved a copy of the image at

    I’m not a good outliner…

  68. Azn says:

    There looks like a skull half hidden under the dark green cloud and there seem to be smaller skulls to the left of the large skull in the background. The movie was terrible the end totally ruined the movie

  69. david says:

    i c it
    another popular thing i saw was if you wirror the poster
    and put the mirrored and original side by side
    then you can see a monster


  70. Nektar says:

    who ever did that is smart!

  71. Anonymous says:

    i hate this one
    it gives you an completly wrong idea about the movie
    the movie itself is ok
    but the monster is way different

  72. Anonymous says:

    YES!! this movie is AMAZINg. you must watch it!!!!! … and yeah i see the illusion. pretty cool. BUT WATCH THE MOVIE!!!! you won’t be dissapointed!

  73. Anonymous says:

    this is not an illusion, people found monsters in these clouds for months… check youtube you’ll find a million videos “showing” the cloverfield monster in the clouds while playing Lux Æterna… if you don’t know the movie, it’s the highest grossing first weekend premiere in US history.

  74. Nodens says:

    Hi all,

    I agree with Me. The moster is easier to see in a smaller picture. I have put a detailed view here:


  75. Kawlen says:

    This is what you’re supposed to see. And it’s not actually meant to be there, its just your brain making you think something is there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0_cCM2y38Q

  76. Anonymous says:

    This is hardly an illusion! Looking at the sky right now I can see a monster too. COME ON!

  77. Her. says:

    well, to me it looks like the snout of a horse or dragon with steam coming out. just my two cents.

  78. Anonymous says:

    It’s a dragon. The heads were the old head of the Statue of Liberty was. That’s cool.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Oh there also might be a weird skull face. So a dragon and a skull face? The tail could be the mouth.

  80. Nuggets says:

    I see the monster and it kinda looks like the one from the movie..

    and yes the movie is worth watching its the first time we arent the miltary we are hopeless civilans not knowing what goins on just trying to stay alive… great the whole movie feels like you are there!!! just the worlds shittest ending!!!

  81. Anonymous says:

    this movie really sux btw not worth seing it, just watch it when a friend rents it

  82. Anonymous says:

    No, the illusion is there. The people talking about the two pictures mirrored are right. The Cloverfield monster looks like this:

    And this link with the mirrored image shows its arms and face and crap:

    Could be wrong, but makes a little sense. It kind of seems a little planned, but whatever. It’s a pretty crappy illusion if there is one.

  83. Anonymous says:

    I dont see anything

  84. celestialchick82 says:

    It kinda looks like either a dragon head or an evil horse’s open mouth.

  85. Anonymous says:

    i’m gonna have to disagree with everyone else
    here’s what i saw
    but the outlining i did kind messed it up :]

  86. Guinevere says:

    I c I c!!!

  87. Anonymous says:

    I think you must be blind if you cant see the “monster cloud”, stands out like a sore thumb. My mate saim cant see it but hes a muppet.

  88. Anonymous says:

    I really don’t think any of these ‘illusions’ were put there intentionally. When you go outside on a nice day with some clouds, you can imagine the world out of them, and it’s not mother natures intention!

    Beautifull picture, but no illusion!

  89. Anonymous says:

    are you kidding, it is a steriogram

  90. Anonymous says:

    it has verious monsters made from clouds and dust in it

  91. Anonymous says:


    what a crap illusion! its not even a illusion its like a thing!!!

  92. wandering_goat says:

    Wow, poster 85 is right! The mirrored picture looks very similar to the monster. Similar enough that I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

    The first picture that he showed though, which supposedly shows the actual monster, looks nothing like it though.

  93. Anonymous says:

    There isn’t an Illusion in this poster. If anyone is seeing anything it’s just your mind making faces in the cloud much like people did with the Super Smash Brothers Brawl pictures awhile back. Then again I guess your mind seeing things in the clouds that arn’t there could be considered an Illusion. The creators didn’t put anything there though. I, along with many many others, have followed the viral websites and screen notes and such for this movie since it was first previewed before Transformers in the states and while many believed there was a monsters in the clouds here at first all of it turned out to be nothing.

    This movie is very good however, but if you go to watch it expect nothing but action as there are no answers to any of the big questions that come up.

  94. Anonymous says:

    If you look at it at an angle (tilt your head to the left) you can see a vague skull in the clouds.

  95. Anonymous says:

    I think this one is an optical delusion THERE’S NOTHING THERE!!!!!

  96. Anonymous says:

    I dunno about a monster but I see an eagle in the bottom right hand corner near the towers…

  97. KiraV says:

    OMG! I can see the dragon on the right of the torch… but also I can see a skull on the left of the torch!! I’ve traced out them: look HERE

  98. Anonymous says:

    try again, look at this then look at the original, its hard to notice, but you can deffently see the details when you know where to look


  99. Anonymous says:

    I can see an evil face, the nose by the torch, and the eye after that, and then the mouth below that. Scary…

  100. Anonymous says:

    Look closely above the beheaded statue of liberty, a few centimeters
    left to the torch, it looks like the head of the Statue of Liberty.

  101. Anonymous says:

    I see a mans face in the statues elbow, and a arm crossing the chest.

  102. Acitra says:

    I loved the movie! It was shot in such a way as to make you think it was all done in a single take with a single handheld camera. An illusion unto itself, really.
    I do see the monster, but it looks a little like a turtle and rather harmless. I don’t believe the creators of the poster intended any such illusion.

  103. Anonymous says:

    this is pretty funny. i work in the film business and know the person who made this poster. THERE ARE NO ILLUSIONS IN IT. ofcourse part of the plan was to make people think that there was. it worked, you people fell for it. you can find 100 monsters or anything you want if you convince yourself they’re there. :)

  104. seanki says:

    İ have watched the film…

  105. haz says:

    if you look above the release date, you can see something has swam through the water and emerged, destroying the buildings because this is monster film of a similar ilk to Godzilla.

  106. RJ_1994 says:

    Dude there is no illusion to this, there is no hidden monster just the headless statue of liberty. Some people become so obsessed in trying to find what isn’t there they miss the main idea, which in this case is that everyone in that movie is screwed.

  107. jeremy says:

    iv seen this movie..its fucking gay.
    its done in the blair witch project-style and the whole plot is that some alien comes to new york and then kills everyone. it doesnt tell any back story or any story after it ends.
    and if you watch it in the theaters–or even for some people on their own tv’s–it makes you sick because of how badly it was filmed so it would look like a video camera is recording it and it shakes 24/7 and doesnt stop, even in some theaters they put up a notice that said you shouldnt watch it if u get motion sickness easily cuz ur gonna puke if u do.
    bottom line: dont watch it.
    (oh and btw, yeah i saw the illusion lol)

  108. Antoine says:

    If you wanna go that far, there are several illusions in this picture aside from the “monster.” The dark cloud above the statue resembles a woman’s face, the cloud just to the left of the statue’s arm resembles a skull, and there is some type of evil face in the middle of the picture…a feline-like face.

  109. Vincent says:

    wow one of my favorite movies but theres also illusions in the movie when the camera switches scense puase it at the right time or slow it down and u can see the old movies that helped make that movie its pretty cool

  110. Anonymous says:

    it is a skull if you look for the triangle nose then you most likely can make out the rest of the skull

  111. Anonymous says:

    I loved this movie. It seemed more real because of the idea of like a home movie. I wished i would have seen it in the theater. I didn’t see blair witch, so i don’t know how close it is too it. be sure to pay attention to the very ending when they are on the ferris wheel and you look out onto the ocean.

  112. bas_overgaauw says:

    I think its not a real Illusion.
    someone said “there’s a monster”, now everyone is looking for a monster. if someone didn’t say “there’s a monster”, nobody knows it’s a illusion

  113. Anonymous says:

    Comment Post No.22 is the only conceivably possible illusion, its the only thing that actually looks anything like the monster in the movie, and even so i’m sure the person/people who are responsible for the artwork even did that deliberately, it is purely and simply coincidence.

  114. Anonymous says:

    I See A Monster On The Statues Body At The Bottom Right Hand Corner It Kinda Looks Like A Dragon Bird Thing Can Anyone Else See It? I Hope This Helped! :D

  115. Anonymous says:

    I see a strange distorted face in the torch arms sleeve. The rolled part of the sleeve at the top looks like a beret (hat) the elbow looks like a big nose and the sagging fabric at the tricep looks like the chin.

  116. Nebbit says:

    hey. good illusion, i see the dragon thing and the skull thing. And for you, its a really good film, about a monster attack on New York, definately worth watching and ive heard, just for everyones benefit, there going to be a sequel to explain everything. I understand already but this should help!

  117. zero says:

    worth for watching…in my opinion.

  118. james says:

    first of all to jeremy November 13, 2008 at 4:46 am,your stupid first of all you probably dont know the first thing about this movie if someone said it was a telly tubbies remake youd beleive them. i dont know about the skull but the head is in the top right corner open it in paint by copying and pasting it and zoom in. you should see it,thoughit is not the creatures real head but a crudely created replica it was one of the rough sketches of the head by jj abrams and the main animator. as for the recamendation i give it a ten out of ten. someone mentioned about godzilla that is where jj abrams got the idea in japan with his and he thought{what if america had a creature such as this}ACORDING TO BOTH VISUAL EFFECTS/THE MAKING OF ON CLOVERFEILD DVD I highly reccomend buy i have only seen regular version so rent the secrets revealed version because i dont know what the differece is……….p.s.whether you rent/buy it watch it till the credits end and hear a secret message then put it into your pc and play the credits scene backwards then enhance you will hear{ITS STILL ALIVE!} :)

  119. cool says:

    hey i dont see it

  120. becky says:

    awesome movie

    bullshit illusion .
    its a cloud ok ?

  121. Me says:

    I see 3faces and a skull …

  122. Alex says:

    that cloud is supposed to be what the monster looks like because in the movie they never show the face of the real monster.

  123. Jake says:

    In order to see the illusion in this poster you must have 2 copies of this picture. One of them you must flip around like as if you were looking at it in the mirror. Then with photoshop or whatever program you prefer, you take the picture and its mirrored version and put them side by side. The smoke coming from the buildings will then make the monster.

  124. David says:

    Alex did you actually see the movie? Because near the end they DO show the face of the monster pretty close actually.
    And noone ever talks about the object caught on the video falling into the water in the very last scene where it shows the main couple at Coney Island ironically having a nice day. They captured the beginning of their end on film which is kinda creepy.

  125. Idiot says:

    That movie, is HORRIBLE!
    Never see it ;D

  126. Person says:

    The building that is faded out a little looks like the Statue of Liberty’s head, only upside down.

  127. Falon says:

    On the sleeve below the torch, it almost looks like the mask the guy wears in V for Vendetta….

  128. Me says:

    Hmm..I don’t see anything. Did watch this movie on Giant screen though and it is sooo good! I didn’t think I’d like it but my bf made me go watch and I ended up loving it. Funny how that works, eh?

  129. Mashy says:

    Cloverfield is a movie filmed entirely using a video camera.
    In it these people are at a party in a penthouse in new york and then this giant spidery kind of alien attacks the city and it sends out these little spawn and if they bite you you die. So there are these 4 people, one with a video camera trying to escape.
    I thought the ending was a bit sudden but it was a really good movie.
    The video camera made it seem almost real

  130. Aidan says:

    I Made This Poster. There Is A Monster To The Right Of The Torch.

  131. frostclaw21 says:

    when u look at it the smoke from the building look like a claw and i do see the monster …

  132. unknown says:

    haha! it’s a snapper turtle!
    look at the top right corner of the poster, just beside the torch, and there’s an angry turtle

  133. random says:

    it looks nothing like the monster in the movie

  134. hannah says:

    just on the arm and the bottom of the torch is a dragon head

  135. Johnny says:

    i think i see an evil face zooming at the statue at the far right near the right edge.
    This psoter also gives me the chills for some reason.

  136. Johnny says:

    Alex it showed the monster’s face at the end.

  137. mali says:

    oh i don’t get it this is dumb and that little monster couldn’t eat the whole head everybody knows that

  138. Nicole says:

    I see it :D

  139. qwertyuiop says:

    i can see it it looks a bit like a snake its part of the lighter clouds

  140. Anon says:

    Haha, listen to Jake. Take the image and flip it so that the smoke is touching itself. There’s definitely a ridiculous little face going D:< on the very bottom right of the poster.

  141. adliss says:

    This pics sucks just as the movie did.

  142. the other dude on the right says:

    i see a cloud that on one side looks like a persons profile and on the other side looks like palkia

  143. Lily says:

    lol the face looks like Ruyk from an anime i watch called Death note!!

  144. dipa says:

    Ace Frehley on top of head monster

  145. Red Streak says:

    also look at the water it proves it came from water :)

  146. Chonnie says:

    I think I can see the monster opening it’s mouth in the top right hand corner (the smokey white bit framed by the black smudge), it also looks like it had beady eyes, kinda like the one in the movie.

  147. y says:

    there is a bright yellow godzilla man between the buildings.

  148. y says:

    also snake’s head in the statue

  149. Duncan says:

    The numbers in the middle look like they’re either leaving a water trail or the start of one.

  150. Joe says:

    I see it, it looks like the monster is in the movie. It’s a left,side profile shot with the monster looking at the torch. You can see it’s left eye and it’s mouth open. Kinda looks like a turtle head as well.

  151. mikkoo says:

    i think it looks like a skull shape monstetr with two beady eyes if you cab really imagine wat it looks like then you can see it its actually very abstract..

  152. ferret says:

    What is it obvious or more like thing that you use in your imagination?

  153. Zhaohao Zhu says:

    on the top right corner if you tilt your head a little bit you will see mastermind(from the movie not long ago)

  154. Dan says:

    I can see what this is refering to but i dont think it is obvious enough to be deliberate. I think it is a weak example of pareidolia

  155. haclo says:

    that movie sucked, do not whatch it i would give it a -9

    • AJ says:

      true. i was feeling the “lost tape” vibe but the storyline was friggin’ annoying.
      btw i can’t see the monster thing. can anybody help?

  156. Why need a name??? says:


  157. Why need a name??? says:

    i don’t see the monster.

    • tom says:

      I see it. Look close. At first I just thought it was just a martian looking head, but if you look from a little bit of a distance you can see the mouth opening toward the statue of liberty.

    • :-D says:

      IT’S GOING TO EAT LIBERTY’S TORCH and yes i know i was typing in caps lock!!!!!!!

    • :-D says:

      4 those who are having trouble,YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!the darker cloud that is touching the tourch is the upper lip of the monster. I hope that helps!

  158. Vik says:

    It is a cloud, Scott was wrong

  159. superman says:

    i see a mexican taking a dump lol

  160. superman says:

    yal smoking waaaaay to many drugs

  161. Madi says:


  162. Andy M says:

    John Lennon just to the left of liberty torch

  163. Whittney says:

    I’ve seen the movie. Loved it. VERY worth watching!

  164. Adam says:

    John Lennon

  165. Simon says:

    If you open th picture in a new tab to get a closer look, you will see a face behind the statue. It’s actually on it, looks like a ghost.

  166. Maddy Forseth says:

    The movie is crap. I don’t think your looking for a monster though. Notice the head on the statue of liberty is missing if you adjust your eyes right the illuminated clouds make lady liberty and her crown

  167. clarke kent says:

    There is no hidden face here. People on this site could take a photo of some clouds and then waste their lives looking for vaguely face-like shadows in it. Idiots.

  168. Jumpy says:

    Just Out Of curiosity. I’ve not watched the movie, but did something leave the statue of liberty in some sort of boat or something? Looks like something is coming either to or from the statue?

  169. Shaun says:

    I see the troll face at the right arm of the statue.

    • Ryushu says:

      I see the trollface too

    • spelling corrector says:

      there is a sopace beween troll and face

    • spelling corrector says:

      did you see that i put an o in space to show how much spelling is important!

    • Star says:

      hey spelling corrector. i read you first comment and didnt even notice the “o” until you said in the next comment. stop being an ass hat. Science has proven that as long as the first and last letter of the word is right the rest can be jumbled and it still make perfect sense.

    • spelling corrector says:

      you are entitled to your own opinion. if you think that then so be it

  170. scott123go! says:

    its an cool movie i liked it i watched it on T.V about 5 times some parts are freakie its awesome

  171. krazygirl says:

    i luv tiz movie i have it nd i dnt see it at al

  172. Abob says:

    Uhhhh… The Statue Of Liberty’s head is missing, and just above it is a skull… death of America???

  173. vicki says:

    I can see it,but i can see 6 faces all together.

  174. Daniel says:

    This looks like cloverfield just saying

  175. anonymous says:

    ok there is another illusion in this. u need a mirror. hold it to the left side of the poster so that the whole edge is reflected. if u look closely u can see the face of the monster. if not look it up on cracked.com

  176. crossroads says:

    the upper right hand corner there is what looks like a dragon shaped head with its mouth slightly open. you need to look at it like you did at the clouds as a child … when the clouds would look like different shapes.

  177. JayJay says:

    look right above the torch and you’ll see the eye,and the mouth is the smoky whiteish part :)

  178. Butterfly says:

    Hey ! I can totally see it ! I also put the you tube link for the clearified image so you all can see the monster.Click on the link below or you can also youtube this phrase : “Cloverfield Monster HIDDEN IMAGE!”



  179. zach says:

    i see that godzilla just bit off the statue of libertys head.

  180. Alex says:

    I can see a troll face on the right arm of the statue if you look where the robe gathers do to her rising arm

  181. jasonZed says:

    If you do a mirror image to the right side of the poster, the smoke at the bottom right looks like the face of the monster. Something like that, anyways. It also kind of looks like something is climbing up the statue’s back, but apparent;y that’s not it.

  182. bpandaman32 says:

    i think i see an eye. if you look at the torch and look directly to the left, you will see an eye

  183. stephanie says:

    c it! took me 5 seconds! @ 1st looks like this cloud string and at the end it gathers up. at top right. then were it gathers up it looks like a head and u will c the eyes and mouth dats gna eat the torch.

  184. lottie says:

    The face in the clouds is satan himself.

  185. Shaneca Rene says:

    The face is by the buildings in the background..or at least that’s what I see :)

  186. Star says:

    I saw the movie and to me the only good part of the whole this was the trailer. I was like where is the monster? where is the awesomeness?

  187. Dizz says:

    wow i see it, you gotta look at it from far away then you will realise it, it looks sorta like a dinosaur head

  188. kid says:

    theres a hand on her back
    its the same light color of the sky
    its where her shoulder blade should be

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