China’s “Invisible Man” to Wow Paris

Consider this post as an attachment/update to previous Liu Bolin series. By now, we all know Liu’s incredible talent to camouflage himself. In the previous sets we’ve seen him in focus, but this is the first photo I found where Liu is photographed from a greater distance. It’s almost impossible to notice him. Check out the gallery beneath for additional sessions Liu participated in. The artist dubbed the “invisible man” is bringing his mind-bending pieces back to Europe. Liu will exhibit his unique photographs, in which he paints himself so as to “disappear” into his surroundings, at the YU Gallery in Paris in October. Liu, 36, has been known to spend up to 10 painstaking hours at each location — adding fine detail to his entire body until he is virtually undetectable. The chameleon experienced resistance from his own government, and in 2005 his Beijing studio was forcibly shut down over his political works.

We all know Liu's incredible talent for camouflage. It is almost impossible to spot him from such a distance.
We all know Liu's incredible talent for camouflage. It is almost impossible to spot him from such a distance.

Some of the Liu Bolin’s camouflages you might have missed:

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  1. I think I see him in front of the red sign sign (In front of character #10 from the left), but all I see is some irregularities, perhaps some pant legs, but no defiinite torso, head, or arms.

  2. In front of 10th symbol in sign.

    Noticed right away in the smaller google thumbnail but was only shure on the larger version.

  3. haha, I had some trouble finding him, but those bricks in the center were oddly a different color then the others. You might want to open it up in full screen too.

  4. This is my favorite website. I check into it every day, but this morning I was totally put off when a banner ad at the top SHOUTED at me. Further, that ad kept flashing so I couldn’t see the illusion at all.

    I’m glad it isn’t there any more. Please… if you have any say, don’t do that again!

  5. in case u didn’t know, the 10th character means “me or I” which makes it interesting because he is hiding there! ( I know this because my moms Chinese and I go to a Chinese school it’s my second language)

  6. I appear to be some sort of new prodigy, i saw him in the first 3 seconds when i only just started looking at these.

  7. wow!how could u paint ur WHOLE body for just a picture!!!???i would never do that!!well i am a artest a young artest.but i would NEVER IN MY LIFE do that!!!!!it still looks kol though… XD

  8. I think they weren’t aiming toward complete invisibility, because if they were, it would be just a picture of that place with the title “The invisible man”.

  9. I actually thought I spotted him standing in the center of the character located at the top of the 4th “tower” (top, right quadrant of the photo)

  10. where he’s standing the chars are whiter than the rest of the banner. I didnt spot this at first. I actually spotted his legs right away. Nice!

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