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By on October 29, 2006, with 24 Comments

Alexander Medina emailed me this awesome photo he took. Alex described this illusion like this: “First and foremost, I love this page! It’s addicting, and sometimes I catch myself checking my Google Gadget for your site, way too often while I’m at work. Anyhow, I have a photo that I took in front of an Art museum in downtown Chicago. This was an exhibit that they had outside, and at first glance, you’re like, ‘woah!’ It was just in the middle of this courtyard, very random. It was cool cause we got to walk right up to it and examine it. Someone had to have spent a LOT of time preparing this exhibit. Anyhow, I hope you post it! I’m sure your website visitors would get a kick out of it! Let me know if you have any questions about it or if you need more information to post it.”

If you like seeing more optical illusion installments and performances, you should check our recent House on a Museum, Magic Tap, Embeds

Chicago Art Museums Car and a Trailer Installment


24 Responses
  1. no likey name says:

    how is this an opical illusion, cool though

  2. gjsmo says:

    I’m first! Yay! But anyways – Cool!!!!!

  3. gjsmo says:

    Oops – not first. But second, anyways.

  4. Fist? says:

    First, says the second person. Remind me again how this is an illusion?

  5. Miss B says:

    Definitely an eye catching piece, love it!
    I wonder how many ppl thought it was real…

  6. noname says:

    its cool but its not an illusion, is it?

  7. napoleon says:

    it looks like a car fell off the building. dont see the illusion though

  8. cALIco says:

    Not much of an illusion, more of a very cool art piece – i’m gonna tell my friends to check this out (we’re artsy:P)

  9. Stryker says:

    The illusion is the camper only LOOKS like it is in the sisewalk. That is the illusion. I like it, cool.

  10. steven says:

    and this is a illusion how

  11. Cere says:

    maybe it’s some of thatt 3D painting stuff around the camper

  12. Bjarne krøll says:

    You can easy see it’s an illusion.. you can see the stones around the camper

  13. Ben says:

    Cool illusion

  14. salmon says:

    YAY! im thirteenth!

  15. Anonymous says:

    You don’t see the illusion, but I’m italian and so I can. There is an object that appears as a car but it isn’t: do you real consider the FIAT Uno (1) a car?

  16. Anonymous says:

    i reckon that they cut off the bottom of the caravan and then positioned it like that and put stones like the ones on the ground around it

  17. Anonymous says:

    OH NOOOOOOOOO he picked up his chalk again

  18. woop woop says:

    awesome definatly! love it

  19. Pembo says:

    the camper is cut off at the back. the sidewalk isn’t damanged in any way.

  20. Anonymous says:

    wow, i want one, but is the caravan actually in the ground?

  21. kh says:

    car is hoked to the that caravan

  22. amelia says:

    omg hope he has insurance

  23. jideofor.H.onuorah says:

    I just got a new found love for installment art. I decided to browse to know more and this was the first picture I saw. It’s nice. I like it and It really shows dat the artist is creatively insane( =))˚°◦hahahaha .

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