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By on November 3, 2010, with 53 Comments

Chema Madoz is a Spanish photographer whose work we featured some years ago. Mr. Madoz creates beautiful black-and-white images that can be looked-at for hours! There are dozens of them available, but few of them contain that illusory atmosphere – those are the ones I present you with today. Remember, none of his photographs were digitally manipulated to create the effect. What I like most about Madoz’s work, is how well he manages to execute the simple ideas. Sometimes we may forget how re-thinking and re-imagining a problem can create such an amazing results. Check out these two photos below… Can you easily spot the illusion they hide?

Chema Madozs Creative Photos
Chema Madozs Creative Photos


53 Responses
  1. Kris says:

    Wow… those are really cool! I love them! :D


  2. A Snail says:

    I’m guessing the first one at a glance is honey or some thick liquid being dripped onto the spoon (but is reality is just the handle)

    The second looks like water defracting the spoon (but is really a bent spoon going through a lid of a can)

    Nicely done though, the first one in the windows gadget really does look like a drop of liquid being poored onto the spoon.

  3. Blaise Pascal says:

    OK, I figured out the first one. I think the second one is just what it looks like (that’s the illusion), but I’m not sure.

  4. first is the spoon handle pretending to be a drop of liquid
    second is a tin can lid pretending to be the water ripple

  5. Jason says:

    The first one is a face…

  6. Bryce says:

    I think the first one is a smile (nose and lips). I don’t see anything other than the refraction in the second one.

  7. fred says:

    The two spoons (assuming thats what they are) look like a face, i.e. nose and mouth. Lovely !

  8. BlindCupid says:

    The first one:
    There is no liquid, it is actually the other end of another spoon

    The second one:
    There is no water, the surface of the water is the lid of a can.

  9. JMAN12 says:

    I don’t know what I’m supposed to see! |(

  10. Denise says:

    The 1st is the handle of the spoon looking like a drop of water (or quicksilver). 2nd one is a can lid trapped on the angled sides of the glass with parts of the spoon attached (or perhaps just propped) to make it look like water refracting the spoon.

    (On the gadget, I thought it was a face with the handle being the nose and the spoon bowl a smile.)

  11. Lee says:

    i thought the first one was supposed to look like an eyeless smiling face. The drop was the nose. I didn’t get the second one…in the post you used the words “illusion they HIDE”, I thought they were double-image photos.

  12. Brian says:

    The second one is a broken spoon and a top of a soup can or something.

  13. ZL123 says:

    Very cool! I agree with A Snail.

  14. SnowBerey says:

    OMG THATS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! i also agree with snail

  15. Terry Foss says:

    The first one is obviously the end of a spoon acting like a drop of medicine or something thick, the second one is the top of a broken spoon on a can lid that is acting as what is sopposed to look like water, the can lid is making the shadow that looks like the spoon bottom..

  16. ohmygosh says:

    wow! I had no idea what the illusion was until i read the comments! That is sooooo smart!

  17. HeXdot says:

    I think everyone got the first one.
    And the can/water-surface illusion is also clear by now.

    But I am wondering if the spoon in the second image is actually a real spoon or something else.
    It looks too dark and the shape is weird.

    But no idea what it could be? Help me out.

    • Dolphin says:

      HeXdot,I’ve seen darkly colored spoons a lot before.And,remember,he said it was in black and white.

  18. Davor says:

    I thought the first one is suppose to be a smiley face with a drop. Now after reading the comments, I see it’s another spoon.

    I didn’t get the second one until after reading the comments. Now I see it’s a lid of a can. Very good illusions since I coudln’t tell what it was.

  19. ali says:

    Thtat’s neat it took me a few moments to realize the first one wasn’t actually a drop of liquid.

  20. Valerie says:

    Love these, I got the first one and ‘Snail’is right from the windows gadget it does fool you completely and look like liquid dripping. The second image I had to look at the comments to find the answer. Really clever, love it.

  21. Mr Illusion says:

    the water in both the pictures is not actually water!!

  22. Griffin says:

    The first one is not liquid at all. its a spoon handle.

    The second one is a can lid inside a glass with a spoon that was attached to it.

  23. Helena Bruce says:

    Nice one. I figured out the first one, but the second one threw me until I read A Snail’s comments. Thanks :-)

  24. some optical illusion adect says:

    yeah Snail

  25. some optical illusion adect says:

    LOL thats sooooo Clever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Bokoro says:

    If you look at Chema Madoz’s picture of a needle puling thead the image will move as your eyes trace the string.

  27. Richard Haviland says:

    Have to agree with A Snail. They are really good illusions…….

  28. Tony says:

    The first is the front end of a spoon & the back end of one.

    The second one is the front end of a spoon & the back end of one.

    Both in different perspectives.

  29. SOMEBODY says:

    That is awesome!!

  30. Somebody says:

    The first picture seems like a nose and mouth.

    The second picture seems like the spoon is broken, but it’s just bent.

  31. John K says:

    In reading the description Vurdlak provided…I think it must be he (gifted one s/he is!) I must take issue with the statement these photographs are not “digitally manipulated”. What does that mean? Certainly one could arrange a background, two spoons or a glass of liquid, refracting light source to darken the liquid’s surface and simple photo angle will give the impression to our eyes of the split spoon…but NOT digitally manipulated? Of course they are. Simply doing the things I listed above are manipulations to satisfy the requirements of any camera lens, digital or not. I think what is intended to be conveyed: No Post Photographic Means were Used to Create the Illusion. That I believe…and it makes the images no less impressive. Wonderful stuff as always.

  32. kurt says:

    if there wasn’t water in the second picture it wouldn’t magnify like it does. i can see the can lid but there has to be water in it.

  33. Ryanna says:

    snail i toatally get it now you are aboolutely right

  34. A BiG CrAzY MaN says:

    Its A Lady smiling in the first one its not that scientific a snail And the second one is another girl if you turn it sideways DUHHHH

    • Pants says:

      i thought it was rather obvious, but some I guess some idiots like.. *coughabigcrazyman* ah.. some idiots CAN hallucinate what should’ve been a good illusion into.. something stupid :]

      A girl if you turn it sideways? bullshiz

  35. YOUR NAME says:

    this works with penis too

  36. Gandy says:

    It’s obvious…

    There is no spoon, the spoon is a lie.

  37. Bev Asmutis says:

    The obvious is not always so apparent.

  38. Jokezone says:

    Nice… Very Nice..

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