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By on August 22, 2010, with 14 Comments

When we’re talking about color adapting and stuff, let me show you this pic thats been cluttering my desktop for a while; it’s relatively known effect, but when I tell you how both sets of chess figurines are exactly the same color, you’ll think I went mad! I haven’t fully tested this in Adobe Photoshop, but here’s something to occupy you non-belivers! Btw, I’m flying back home on Friday, so bear with me these few days (somewhat less regular updates), but as soon as I get home, I promise to continue the trend with breath-taking illusions and daily updates like we had prior to my vacation. This doesn’t mean there won’t be any updates till Friday, it’s just that I can’t promise new illusion each day

  • It’s awesome! Who did it?

  • Nikki

    They are both white, the “black” one is just behind a sheet of paper with fog infront of tha paper and a flashlight casting its shadow. The white ones are on a black backdrop. They have a white smoke with an acute led lens with soft focus attached to the smoke machine.

  • ChrisChris

    He-he. I got something that will show that both sets have the same color. Cup your hands and have a hole in between so that one of the chess pieces will be on spot & only that; no fog, just the piece. Now you do the same to the bottom/top chess piece. -The fog just plays around with your eyes. (Sorry if my solution sucks, I can’t explain it well.)

  • Mandy

    If you want to check if the colours are the same, just paste the picture into Paint. Copy and paste a little square from one chess piece on the bottom onto the same chess piece on top. Easy :)

    • olivia

      its a good idea buti does not work i tryed it (mandy)

    • beth

      it worked..awesome

  • olivia

    that is so weird !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel

    Come on people! I confirmed it on Photoshop. This one is a fake!

  • Michelle

    the ‘black’ pieces are a shadow?

  • Grace

    Your actually all wrong (except chris who was almost right). If you took away the fog on both sets, the top chess pieces would be white, the bottom black. Since the fog over the white pieces is black and the fog over the black pieces is white, they both are the same beigey color. Our minds fill in the gaps and make us see white and black.

  • Charlotte Gatto

    Wow, this is the best one yet!

    I was too curious so I copied the image into Paint and then cut out little pieces and, sure enough, all the chess pieces are exactly the same color. They’re all a misty, smokey grey; exactly identical in the top and bottom image.

  • Salo

    WHOA! I stumble upon this website, saw a few cool images but this is the one that convinced me to come back and see what you post up more often. I had to try it on paint, and it is a total mind fk! They’re all the same color!!!

  • Lulahoop

    Great illusion!

  • MM

    Only when you try the “Paint method” you will know why. It has been carefully managed to have the correct places. I agree with Grace. Very clever trick. If you don’t believe us try it yourselves! (P.S. It has to be the correct place e.g. top of white pawn, top of black pawn, then see its the same)