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By on July 25, 2009, with 192 Comments

I had some friends visit me over the last few days, so most of the time I was showing them around the island, and making sure Korcula stays in good memory to them. Unfortunately you were the ones that were left behind, having no benefit from this. I hope I will make things up by posting this latest “spot the object” optical illusion. This is how I see this image: there is a young Amish sitting on a horse, staring at the barn. He noticed that something is wrong here. What he is seeing should be forbidden to his people (if I’m not mistaken), yet the object is standing there without mistake. Can you tell me what did the boy see? If you think the story behind this should go a little different, feel free to correct me. Enjoy!

Cheating Amish Optical Illusion


192 Responses
  1. danny says:

    Too easy … its a carriage.. the 2 wheels by the barn and the wheels , the broken wood bits are the base . and the window is the window of the cariage . also the pipes are the decoration .. sorry if i ruined it for people P:

  2. danny says:

    Oh no , sorry …. its a car ! same desighn .. forgot the front .. silly me

  3. Liam says:

    i dont get it :S

  4. Randy says:

    I see the old automobile (Model T?). But this boy is probably not Amish or he would be wearing black pants and white shirt — simple clothes, not blue jeans and a multi-colored jacket. And the Amish tend to have very neat barns meticulously taken care of.

    I’m not sure why you thought he was Amish.

  5. Chris says:

    The legacy of Henry Ford.

  6. Louie says:

    It’s a hidden car.

  7. Steve Moore says:

    The boy doesn’t look Amish.
    He looks more like a young Henry Ford.

    Just my opinion though.

    Thanks for the grewat site!


  8. Kenneth says:

    He sees an old-style automobile. Nice illusion!

  9. Emma ... IS COOL says:

    it looks like a carrige? i don’t know about amish ….

  10. Emma ... IS COOL says:

    NVM!!! il looks like an old car!!

  11. near says:

    hah! its a car

  12. StenC says:

    Not sure if it is a model T or model A? But are the boys sneakers allowed?

  13. irving says:

    Uh, the very first… (in my very first time!, jaja)

  14. Zetman says:

    I think i got it. The boy is watching an old car

  15. awesomepotamus says:

    He left the second story light on.

    Hooray, first post

  16. cimoner says:

    I do not think the kid is amish. Not the style of clothing they wear. Just a kid looking at something really old-fashioned.

  17. Hes watching TV! Cheater!

  18. Phil Carta says:

    Your description is perfect. Unfortunately, the artist was quite clumsy in his/her depiction of the illusion. He needs to take a class with Bev Doolittle.

  19. thymele says:

    I don’t think they should have that model A Ford in the barn

  20. Jane Kintzi says:

    Besides the obvious horseless carriage, no Amish boy would wear a vest like that or go off on a horse with his family barn in such disrepair! These are such fun!

  21. Facebook User says:

    The only weird thing I see is the wagon wheel with a tire around it…

  22. Jim says:

    Sorry, but I don’t think the young boy would be wearing that style jacket or shoes if he was Amish.
    Maybe it’s the horse wishing the kid was old enough to drive and get off his back?

  23. Nino Dioses says:

    I think i spotted the “object” jeje, should i say it already? it has to do with a forbidden “way of transportation”

  24. Solsp says:

    I think i can see it.
    There’s a car.
    Is that it?

  25. Jose says:

    Yeah… The object shouldn’t be there jejeje

  26. john says:

    i think he saw a n old timey car wheel—–as we all know aish did do not and never did ride in autos

  27. david says:

    well i think wat the boy is seeing that is forbitten is the wagon
    but im not sure

  28. no.johnny5 says:

    The model T Ford is FORBIDDEN. [O-O]

  29. India7121 says:

    There’s a car in the middle of the barn made up of the frames the background create.

  30. I think I see an old car….. maybe I’m trying to hard.

  31. melissa says:

    That kid is not Amish, look at his clothes.

  32. Detective Kitty says:

    haha I saw it right away…

  33. Mr Dr Professor Dude says:

    I see it! very cool illusion!

  34. smo says:

    HaHa great one! the amish dont use them! ;)

  35. chinchilliott says:

    It could be that the boy is dreaming about owning that “object”, seeing what he has to use now

  36. popesantaxiv says:

    hahaha good one

  37. madison says:

    OMG its an old fashion truck!

  38. Lyle says:

    That’s kind of cool, though fairly easy to spot.

  39. John Schnall says:

    Good one! I don’t think it’s forbidden to his people; the Amish could ride them too; I think it’s just out of his price range!

  40. Darm58 says:

    I like the illusion but you were right to question your story…lol…that does not look like any Amish boy with all those store bought clothes and tennis shoes but the only story I could come up with was “Its just so hard to hide a graduation present these days.”

  41. anonymous says:


    i see a car!


  42. Anon says:

    Looks like i’m the first to post. Cheating indeed. tut tut, or put put?

  43. Phil says:

    There appears to be an old fashioned moter car involving the wheels leaning against the barn, and the dark interior.

  44. Steve says:

    Hey that’s pretty cool. Stories pretty good. but doesn’t quite fit the boys clothing, and why would the Amish have a car tire if it was forbidden to have a car. Perhaps he is just wishing he had a different ride.

  45. Tofu Mogu says:

    the wiring?

    the lamp?

    :O i got it! the car!! a car!! the copper wiring makes a car! :D

  46. Talon del Coche says:

    Nice illusion! Took me some time uncover the truth behind this one, but if I’m not mistaken I would say that illusion is an automobile, a really old one, made up of whats left from the entrance of the barn.

    (off the topic) I never did like facebook.

  47. Jen says:

    Ah! I see the illusion, and although you’re right about the Amish not being fans of the object in question… The boy isn’t Amish. He’s not wearing the traditional, simplistic dress preferred by the Amish; instead he’s sporting jeans and sneakers with a colourful coat or vest (and no hat!)

  48. Napoleon Park says:

    Unless this a lot more subtle and sneaky than I think it is, I’m assuming the “forbidden object” in the barn is the wide screen television with the program about the bird.

  49. Shannon says:

    That is cool! It’s like the ar is there.

  50. Elissa Coates says:

    The barn door is actually a car

  51. Becca says:

    I don’t see anything that shouldn’t be there – unless that’s a TV?

    All I see is the Amish buggy. Or maybe that’s a car and not a buggy?

  52. Robert says:

    Looks like either a Model T or a Model A Ford…
    The Amish shun such modern conveniences, unless you were to remove a rear wheel and use it to power a thrashing machine.

  53. Jane Doe says:

    Ohhh i see it. :)
    At first it thought it was the chickens.

  54. dino says:

    the objects of the barn make up a car…. right?

  55. TimH6483 says:

    First, Amish chickens don’t flirt, the Amish missed out on the whole wheel invention and they ain’t got no “CARS”… LOL.. I figure I ain’t gonna piss off no Amish folk because they ain’t discovered the web neither.. lol

  56. random says:

    a car! what an illusion!

  57. Jack says:


  58. Russell says:

    It’s a car. Model T if i am not mistaken.

  59. Aiman Amani says:

    Oh, man… Can’t find what the boy sees. Ok, here’s my guess, he’s a physic and he’s looking at a man murdering someone (hey, it’s forbidden!) but this story actually happened 200 years ago. How do like my story? :p

  60. Vulture Pulcher says:

    When you hover your mouse on it, it says “car house illusion…”

  61. ??? says:

    Omg I found it!!! At first I couldn’t see anything, because I was just looking for an individual object that was jjust hard to see (stupid thing to do… I know) and at first I thought it might be the lantern or somthing like that. Then I moved back a bit. Here’s a hint – don’t look at what’s there. Look at what’s not there. The emptyness makes a very clear shape, which is perched on top of two objects which totaly give it away.

  62. Care Bear says:

    Interesting car, but since it’s an illusion, is it really forbiddent?

  63. Kevin says:

    Mobile house (house on wheels)?

  64. Asia says:

    An ipod as the hidden object would have been funnier

  65. Crystal says:

    Wow. Amazing detail.
    I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I had no idea what you were talking about. :D
    As soon as I saw the picture, I see a carriage. (The Two wheels being the wheels and the bird in the background being where the window would be. The shapes of the pipes in the shed are the details of the cart etc.)

  66. jameswalker85 says:

    Nice illusion. Naughty Amish… tsk tsk. Great site, keep it up!

  67. Facebook User says:

    Awwwww, phooey!

    At first I thought, ‘cool, I don’t see this immediately, I’ll have to work for it, which I like!
    Then I went to copy it & paste it in Irfanview so I could enlarge it for these poor old eyes…and the answer flashed on the screen! 8-(
    So please, be careful what you name these?
    The ‘filed under’ and ‘tags’ underneath it don’t give it away….neither should any titles that might show up!

    (and curse you for getting me started on FACEBOOK!!! I was NEVer going to go there, and hadn’t- until you asked us to use it for a sign-in. Since then, the bed’s not been made, the dishes aren’t put away, laundry is not folded, I haven’t put on makeup for weeks, my cat is meowing piteously to be fed……
    (even though all of that is the way it always is here,—you get the idea!) ))

    Ok, now I’ve vented, I feel much better.

    Seriously, I’m a HUGE fan, and I know you’re on vacation and still kind enough to do these for us poor slobs who gather here every day, hoping for a crumb from the Master (oops- I’m in the wrong story here)

    Seriously, I’m a HUGE fan, and I know you’re on vacation.
    I’ve read about all the things you are working on in your real life; you DESERVE a month on an island. And you are still kind enough to gather these optricks for those of us who appreciate your work and wit!

  68. dan says:

    nice car

  69. Viviane says:

    He sees a car?

  70. Anusha says:

    A carriage?

  71. Cameron Kuhn says:

    its a car

    first i believe

  72. stan says:

    i can see a car. its not very hard to spot, and bout the story, i dont think amish boys wore sneakers and ski vest things

  73. David White says:

    Its a car in the barn opening. The boys outfit doesn’t look very Amish though.

  74. unknown says:

    the wheels on the barn

  75. Dan Howes says:

    If you fill in the gap between the two wheels the solution is obvious. As for the story line, I’m not too sure that’s the type of jacket an Amish boy would wear. Good site!

  76. Zigy Zigger says:

    looks like an old model t ford

  77. anna says:

    the lantern, yes?

  78. Soddy88 says:

    i don’t know how you guys see that, but i see carriage

  79. dude says:

    this one is great!!!!!!!

  80. simyo says:

    no idea
    whoo first coment

  81. Ann Reid says:

    He’s seeing a car.

  82. Suzie says:

    I see a car! haha thats so cool.

  83. blerga says:

    ah! its an old automobile! i do believe im quite good at spotting the illusions!

  84. dokov says:

    i see it, vruuuuuummmmmmmmmm :)

  85. Mike says:

    It’s a car.

  86. Facebook User says:

    Amish don’t wear clothes like that I think. The object is a 1920s Ford Model T. Cool illusion.

  87. The Roc says:

    Ah, the automobile that leaps out and draws your attenion before just about anything else.

    – The Roc

  88. Ben says:

    Oh, that bird in the house is actually in a TV. They cant have a TV.

  89. Banksy says:

    is it just me or does the window look more like a TV? its probs not it but thought i wud mention it.

  90. Joeri says:

    it’s a truck with a bird steering it :)

  91. Flor says:

    Maybe the boy is wrong, his clothes are not Amish looking…

  92. Timmie Rascal says:

    i dunno about you but i see a wicked car, shame he isn’t allowed to drive one!

  93. Steve Young says:

    I see a horseless carraige.

  94. Deb says:

    Nice illusion, I spotted it right away – however nothing in this pic is Amish – the boy is dressed in jeans, jacket and tennis shoes – definitely not Amish clothing. We have a large Amish community nearby and I have never seen a crumbling building on any of the many farms. They also would not have a silo.

  95. Juan says:

    See a car… Shape is door and if you see the 2 wheels, it’s done. :D

  96. Patrick Coxe says:

    Automobile tire?

  97. Michael James Chacon says:

    I see a car

  98. larze says:

    a wagon. nice pic :D

  99. Cooper says:

    There is an old car.

    Two tires, and a bird in the windows of the door…

  100. Refugee says:

    If the boy is Amish, he’s wearing the wrong clothes I think

  101. took a few seconds but now I can see a old car..

    this was fun thanks

  102. bob says:

    Pretty obvious its a car

  103. Paulie says:

    There is what appears to be a television inside the barn.

  104. i see it. i was looking at all the little details first then it jumped out at me and i can’t believe i missed it. vrooom vroom

  105. qeel3120 says:

    An automobile! =)

  106. fabiana says:

    there is clearly a car hidden into the barn, but the most amazing thing is that it seems to be driven by a pigeon… :))))

  107. wordviews.tk says:

    First I thought the bird was on TV, but then I spotted the wheels… Nice :).

  108. Andy says:

    He appears to be looking at a Model T Ford car, the barn entrance makes up the main body with the two spoked structures, one covered in barbed wire making up the front and rear wheels, very neat!

  109. Domi says:

    A car! this is easy!

  110. Jhack says:

    Using as the alternative text of the image “car house illusion” is not a great idea! :D

  111. dan says:

    dont put ur mouse on the image! it will give it away

  112. Jim A says:

    Bog Vurdlak,
    It wouldn’t be wrong if there is no engine in it and the boy can hitch the horse up to it.
    I am new to your site and have been viewing for the past two weeks. I think it is great and I look forward to seeing all of the illusions you have hidden away.
    I had the rewarding experience of working in your country during Operation Joint Endeavor as a member of the IFOR in 1996. Croatia is a beautiful country, from Dubrovnik to Opatija to Zagreb and back down to Split. The Adriatic Sea with a beautiful blue color all its own, I was fortunate enough to see it all and experience the warmth and friendliness of your countrymen and women everywhere. Keep your great site going and good luck with it.

  113. Facebook User says:

    I think the story would be more along the lines of “a technology-embracing and very mainstream child, visiting Aunt Martha on the family farm, catches a glimpse of the past in the derelict barn and the piles of clutter, and ponders on the fact that the ghost of the past he sees is actually more modern than his current conveyance… a horse”.

    Or is that too deep for a little city kid addicted to his Ipod and Xbox?

  114. antje stuivenberg says:

    I like the optical illusion very much.

  115. Elliot says:

    I see a boy with no arms on a horse.

    Oh yeah, and an old car.

  116. I see it! It’s like a carriage or something right? Great illusion! :D

  117. Cara says:

    I’ve read all the comments and agree it’s a car in the barn illusion. I also see the TV and the bird, but nobody mentioned the refrigerator in the upstairs window. Am I the only one to see it?

  118. Commenter says:

    This kid and the barn are definitely NOT Amish. And FYI, the Amish cannot own or drive cars; but they are allowed to ride in them. Nonetheless, this is a pretty cool illusion.

  119. Facebook User says:

    I could not an old car at all.

  120. I thought that there was a T.V. where the pigeon is sitting at, but looking at other people’s comment it’s clearly an old wagon.

  121. Josh says:

    I think that both his style of dress as well as his families silo conflict with the whole Amish motif

  122. Valerie says:

    The Amish boys are not allowed to have jeans, they wear very orthodox garment. So I think the boy is only a visitor here. I’m not sure about the vehicle, either.

  123. Suzanne says:

    Clearly he is Michael J Fox from Back to the Future with the ‘life preserver’ jacket…

    Wait – is that the DeLorian?

  124. qeel3120 says:

    Cara: Are you saying that the side window of the car is the TV and the small partial white rectangle you can see in the upstairs window is the refrigerator? I think they might just be coincidental, a lot of things can look like a lot of things….. =P

  125. no.johnny5 says:

    OUCH! I was blocked for the model T comment??? [O-O]

  126. Tony Mastro says:

    I don’t think this should be reflected as Amish. You would never see an Amish barn in such bad shape. You are right that Amish do not use cars or motorized equipment but if you take them out of this then it dosn’t make sense so the story has to stay the same.

  127. anon says:

    It would have been better if the answer wasn’t given to us in the title of the image (“car house illusion”).

  128. hardwaredave says:

    It’s a Model T, I also see the TV.

    But the boy is not Amish

  129. Jen Steffen says:

    I agree with hardwaredave. The boy isn’t Amish. The first thing I saw was the T.V. then afer reading the comments, i saw the car. Pretty cool either way. (:

  130. Illusions Lover says:

    look at what he’s wearing. sneakers, jeans, that jacket thing. amish don’t wear that stuff.

  131. Tiara says:

    at first i didnt see it, then i saw the word car in one of the posts and immediatly saw it and felt ultra stupid.

  132. Theresa Moss-Currier says:

    I have a photo to send you, the link at the bottom does not work for me. What address should I send the photo to? Thanks!

  133. elizabeth says:

    The description of the little boy as “Amish” is not accurate. The Amish do not dress in clothes like this.

  134. Spider says:

    Excellent one, Vurdlak! It wasn’t that hard that it only took me a full minute to catch the car, yet it wasn’t too easy that I didn’t instantly see it either.

    Some are annoying that I instantly see the hidden object, while others are frustratingly annoying that I didn’t get it at all. This is one is just right, yet the image seems simple enough, unlike the messily cluttered snowy forest with the fox and the hidden horseback riders the other day.

    As for the foreword… yeah, I still think you need to hire someone =P Nothing personal, dude! Peace!

  135. Melissa says:

    Ahh Neat! its a Wagon!

  136. Facebook User says:

    Rod- I really like your story! Brilliant capsule. Thanks!

  137. Naomi says:

    i saw it strait away

  138. Alex says:

    I think the kid is looking at that oil lamp on the door frame. That’s probably a bit modern for the Amish. So is the barbed wire.

  139. Jay Webster says:

    There is a point that has been overlooked, namely that an “Amish” would never be dressed in these colors or shoe. This is just some child looking at an odd sight.

  140. Ms.Observant says:

    make ur story say the ‘amish’ boy is a visitor. real amish boys donnt look like they just shopped at a city thrift store

  141. Great site, svaka cast! samo naprid!

  142. chelsea says:

    Are you stupid hes not amish he is just a kid and cars arnt forbiddin they jus dont want to use all that tech stuff i know they have phone jus some and some dont evan use electric those are the old amish who dont like tech at all they re all hard work. and amish dont likke rubber or some thing just on bikes caus ethey have iron tracvtor wheels and dont mix up amish with meninight and i know what im talking about i have amish friends and one of my best friends grandparents are meninight so dont say anything that you dont know anything about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. Someone says:

    this is the easiest one i’ve ever seen in this site
    and i don’t understand how it’s forbidden to have a wagon?
    and also that’s not a very Amish kid

  144. Anonymous says:

    Theres a car inside the barn and what appears to be a bird or pigeon driving it.

  145. coolez says:

    i see an super duper old car LOL

  146. UnIcOrN says:

    OmG I LoVe PoOdLeS SoRrY OfF SuBjEcT YeAh NiCe CaR

  147. dick says:

    the chickens babies look like ducklings!

  148. sian says:

    there is a radiator bottom left of house!

  149. Ryan says:

    I see an old car in front of the barn

  150. Mountaindew says:

    The open part of the barn looks like a car!

    • Adelaide says:

      Yep that’s a car…has to be, it’s forbidden to the Amish. I know because my cousin’s Amish so we only see him once a year, and we can’t go in a car or we’ll be shunned even by him,

  151. Ash xx says:

    It’s kind of ironic that the first person who commented is called “dick”, because something that looks exactly like a guy’s penis is behind the barn. Just looks like silo sort of construction. The brown column-like thing with the pink hemispherical top…

    Yeah. Dirty-minded people, hail :) And since the boy’s Amish, I think seeing a dick behind the barn is going to be almost sacriledgous…

  152. Ash xx says:

    It’s ironic that the firt person who commented on this illusion is called “dick”, which is exactly what I see behind the barn. To the left of the barn, there’s a silo-like construction: a brown columnar thing with a pink hemispherical top, which (if I’m not wrong) has a strikingly similar appearance to that of a guy’s golden genital. And since the boy is Amish, I’m pretty sure that spotting a dick is kind of sacriledgous =/

  153. meee says:

    look at the guys clothes….
    doesn’t look very amish to me

  154. chelsea says:

    there is a horse in the top part of the barn, lol… how queer

  155. piphogs says:

    there is a tire on the left wheel in front of the horse!

  156. miku says:

    you can also see that the boy is looking down at something…

    the rooster has chicks following it, which maybe means he owns the eggs as if it laid the eggs and laid on it until the egg hatches.

    but roosters dont lay eggs.

  157. hana says:

    i see an old tv instead of the window

  158. AppaloosaGirl says:

    I see a giant butcher’s knife…

  159. Beekle says:

    Pretty obvious, really, he’s looking at an old veteran car.

    • Lyn says:

      “Yeah it’s totally a car.” No it’s not idiot is a side of a car forbidden, no. Read the descriptions dumbasses

    • The guy who sleeps in you closet says:

      actually,he is right. the window of the barn is the window of a car and you can see the outline of it

  160. Blair says:

    Looked more like a carriage to me. :L

    • Oh, help, society is nuts says:

      He is Amish. A car is forbidden to his people. Who’s the dumbass now?

  161. superlegion says:

    heheh. he’s looking at the back of the house. the reason why he sees a door is because of a…large…gaping….HOLE???

  162. superlegion says:

    …yeah…that’s really an old veteran car in front of a destroyed house

  163. Danny Schade says:

    why would you think that person on the horse is Amish? It’s clearly a young boy wearing blue jeans, sneakers and a vest. Not a single thing about him appears Amish.

  164. nyisha says:

    does any one else see the motor vehicle

  165. Shubham Koirala says:

    I See a car formed By The broken doors and the two wheels, but whats so “forbidden about it”??
    Arent Amish people allowed to see cars??
    And BTW whats an “Amish”??
    Could anybody please tell me??

  166. patricia says:

    there is some barbed wire on the wheel of the car

  167. lchmst says:

    I agree with hana who says he sees and old TV where it appears to be a bird sitting in the window

  168. Mew says:

    The kid isnt amish. amish children dont wear clothing like that or shoes like that. Just saying.

  169. Mohit says:

    there r wheels under the barn

  170. cool froggy says:

    the carrige joins up with the house…

  171. selena says:

    omg it is a coach…. yeah it is clear now

  172. Ouch says:

    Yes old car. There is a horse in the top window.

  173. Timasp says:

    it is a car. the image name is car house illusion.

  174. GenCat says:

    Its the car. There’s also a gas lamp, but I don’t know if thats forbidden or not.

  175. snowflake276728 says:

    has anybody bothered to actually look at the boy? his back? doesnt it look like a candle? oh and the door looks like a tv. just saying.

  176. wtf-r-u-on-abt says:

    i can see a car too

  177. aroiun says:

    side of a car

  178. phoenix says:

    yes it is a car. however given further evidence this boy is NOT amish. simple reason is the amish people do not wear colors like this boys jacket.

  179. vibudh says:

    can’t you see guys, its a car(an old fashioned one)

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