Chair Stereogram Optical Illusion

Allright, here’s what I want you to do: cross your eyes so that you see three images. Concentrate then on the middle image to sharpen it a little bit. The middle image should be a composite of both side images. Your brain should interpret that middle image as a 3d-composite image, which should produce this chair in 3D. I had troubles previously “seeing” those stereograms, but finally learned how to look at them. You can expect more interesting stereograms in the future! Previously I posted “Tube of Illusion” but I didn’t manage to visualize it. Try it and comment!

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    1. You don’t cross your eyes to see your nose. You double your vision so that you see 4 chairs instead of 2.

  1. Yeah, really nice. Very similiar to “Magic Eye”.
    But I would advise people wearing glasses to put them down.
    It worked much better when I tried it

    Have Fun

  2. Dont actually cross your eyes just try to stare into space beyond your monitor until you see the three chairs.

  3. No, I dont think this one is designed to work by staring into space. If you look carefully, you’ll notice that the two pictures simulate what your left and right eye see, only the pictures are opposite each other. in other words what you would see from your right eye is in the pic on the left, and what you would see from your left eye is the pic on the right.
    The only way that makes sense to me and that worked for me is to cross your eyes, cause that way you point your left eye to the right pic, and at the same time point your right eye to the left pic. The hard part though was after getting to see three chairs, I had to try to focus the image, which took a while.

    you’re right though… it gives me a headache :P

  4. i can’t hold the three images while watching the middle one. once i even think about the existence of the middle one, it dissapears

    Ps first post

    1. Once I stopped trying to cross my eyes and started viewing beyond it just like I would a Magic Eye, it actually worked. So I guess it just depends on the person.

  5. Salem – you are not right – it is a left pic on the left and right pic on the right (if you don;t beleive me – try turning your screen upside down and it still works) You can easily recreate this illusion on any digital camera. Just take a shot of specific point and move the camera 5 centimetres to the right and view the same exact point. the slight difference creates the 3d. try taking one of a person’s face and post here. now that looks weird – great site – keep it up

  6. i can c 3 chairs when i stare at the screen, but i agree with Blah_Blah: it just goes away when i try staring at it!!
    it doesnt look 3D 2 me

  7. I found out about this phenomonon serendipitously when I was young [probably 50 years ago]. I would stare at a tile wall [like in a toilet, but I could probably come up with a better example] and let my eyes slowly unfocus until the squares would float closer to one another. When the square I saw with my right eye covered the one I saw with my left [I know, or vice versa], I could then “focus” on the tile wall, and it would look normal. But when I moved my finger [or whatever] towards the wall, it looked for all the world like my finger was sinking into the wall. Very strange, and I couldn’t get anyone else to get it, though I tried for a long time. Then they came out with those 3D pics that you had to look at forever to see, and I saw all of them in about a second. People couldn’t believe I found them so quickly, but I had known the secret for a long time.

  8. Actually, this would have worked better had the photographer moved the chair in the second photo so that the door frame could be seen from the same perspective in both [i.e. through the same part of the chair back]. You can see the 3D effect here, but you can also see 2 door mouldings.

  9. sorry to say you are wrong salem and cosmic-coral.
    loser, justin, me and rob are correct. you do not have to cross your eyes to see the 3D image. you just stare into space,beyond the screen, unfocus until the image appears. no eye-crossing here!

  10. To clarify, your right eye must see the picture next to the words “visualize it” and your left eye must see the picture next to the words “tube of illusion.” If the screen is right side up, you must converge to achieve this effect; if the screen is upside down you must diverge to achieve this effect (assuming, of course that your head is right side up the entire time). I’m just trying to synthesize the observations of Salem and “me” (post 24)

  11. Basically, salem is right, and everyone who says to diverge your eyes is WRONG!!! You obviously have to cross your eyes to see it. It’s so hard to diverge your eyes that it’s almost not even possible. As long as your screen is right side up CROSS YOUR EYES to see it.

    1. Right, almost impossible… that’s why those Magic Eye books are so popular. Because nobody can do it…

  12. Sorry for confusing you Emily! Maybe if I were to state that converge=cross your eyes and diverge=look far away and that “the words “…” ” refers to the the text above the stereogram.

  13. This is a cross-eye not a diverge. (I can’t do diverge, but I saw this one using cross-eye’d)

    It helps to move your head away from screen, and tilt it left or right (to align the image)

    This is really easy to make yourself, with a camera or 3D modeler. It’s called a stereogram

    1. How about instead of stating that your experience is the only possible way to do it, you allow for the possibility that everyone else who got results doing things differently ISNT lying and maybe… JUST MAYBE… different people can achieve the same results different ways??? It’s one thing to give advice on how you were able to do it, but to say other people’s way is wrong when they were able to perform the task is just plain ignorant. I know as a human being you think your way is the only way, but there are other people out there who aren’t you. The quicker you accept it and open your mind to that fact, the better off you will be in life in general.

  14. Omg, that’s awesome.
    I found that it helped when I leaned in closer to the computer screen. Must have something to do with my far-sightedness. :)

  15. Um, I see 4 chairs.
    After like half an hour, I managed to see 3 chairs, but then it disappeared.
    And also, I don’t get the point. I mean, the chair is 3D anyway right?
    So I’m breaking my eyeballs trying to focus on the illusive 3rd chair just so I can see what was already there?

  16. Wow, this is amazing. I figured out two tactics to make the 3d image appear. Other one is to line paper in middle of the two pictures, so that both of your eyes sees only the other picture, then you can actually see the picture been modified by your brain. The other way is to first look very close to the screen, so that your nose toches the center line of the picture. Then slowly move your head back and try to keep the picture as one. Thx, absolutely amazing illusion!

  17. This is hella tight.
    I’m great at regular stereograms, and I had huge issues getting this one to work. But when it did it was fabulous.


  18. omg finally. ive had so much trouble seeing the more difficult stereograms….. the ones with a scrambeled pick with a hidden message when you cross your eyes are easy (i learned them from the books in elementary school) but i have struggled with the more difficult ones until today…..
    time to check out the stereogram section… finally

    1. On real stereograms (this is a stereocopic) you’d better not cross eyes. Instead, blur the image by focusing a point behind the ‘scrambled’ picture and relax. Imagine the horizon line far away, search around genteely, relax again. Let your mid get adapted (some patience is needed, specially for the first time).

  19. during WWII there was a group of cross eyed gi’s that were able to hold 2 pictures side by side and identify the camouflaged buildings and tanks by matching these 2 pictures and creating a 3 dimensional picture in their minds and circling the target items..interesting and true

  20. I remember that youtube a long time ago tried doing 3D videos most of them involved 3D glasses but there was one option to use this illusion to veiw videos 3D but only about 10-20 videos came out using it before they stopped but it was cool :D

  21. I see it by, relaxing my eyes about 6 inches from the screen, untill I see 3 chairs, then slowly pulling away my head maybe 2 feet with out changing my focus point the middle chair pops out in 3d

  22. fantastic!!! i was looking at the centerline and i thought i saw it move. then quick as a wink, there were 3 chairs. are you sure someone isn’t turning a knob or flicking a switch? if not this is a super great illusion. will be looking for others. hope it’s soon. thanks…….

  23. They keep doing it the wrong way round, it’s much easier to stare into space than to cross your eyes, but in this picture, when your stare into space it looks wrong, because you need to cross your eyes for it to work, and it is much harder to focus on the picture while doing so.

  24. I think you may have set your camera too far apart. I see the image, but it’s very hard to keep focused and it hurts to look at. Very kewl, though, and not bad if it’s your first run with the work!!

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