Celebrity Money Bills Optical Illusion

Whooah! Look at this collection of funny money I have just received! Open the post to see dozen of funny money bills, and the illusion they hold. We’ve seen this kind of perspective “Relative Sized” illusions, but this time the author took them to another level. He combined some popular celebrities with relative sizes effect. The illusion with money bills isn’t new as well. But the combination of all these previously seen effects looks awesome. See how many celebrities can you recognize, but please post only two per comment. The genius of the author can be seen through resemblance of the bills he used with certain celebrities. My favorite is Jack Nicholson, the “Joker”!

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  1. WOW those are righteous!
    the one with doc House has to be the best. just cause, im a fan…

    those were all really creative though…. now all we need is a sister post with coins…

  2. I think your comment of Jack Nicolson being the “only joker” is a little inappropriate given what has just happened to Ledger. But nice illusions

  3. I like the majority of them – The one of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow cheated :P in that they had a hairpiece thing come over the note.

    Other then that – I think the TRUE challenge here is to find somebody who knows the country of origin of all the notes :)
    I know the majority are American but the 3rd one is an Australian 5 bucks :)

    Oh and my 3 Fav’s are Brad Pitt (The seriousness in his eyes matches the mouth), Elvis + Julia Roberts (sorry i posted more then 2 names :( but i implemented another challenge :P)

  4. @anonymous:

    the last one was the old italian currency (the “lira”, in this particular case it’s the 2000 note) … while the one above comes from Brazil (you can read “Reais”, which I’m sure it’s how is called).

    I know this cause I’m italian and my g/f is brazilian =)

    About the other “strange” ones I don’t really know, but I guess that the Rowan Atkinson’s / Elvis’ ones must be chinese Yuans, while the fifth one Korean (judging from the characters)

  5. Oh my gosh, you gotta love the Captain Jack Sparrow one! Wow, I knew Johnny Depp had female eyes with that character, but I never knew how feminine he looked until that picture!

    And the Dr. Evil one is really great, too.

    This was really fun to look through!

  6. ***Here’s two with Canadaian money:***
    1.) With a five dollar bill, fold the hocky player’s arm and you can see a man wearing a turban…
    It’s pretty cool, took me a while to get it though. =)

    2.) Also if you hold the five dollar bill upto the light, you can see one of the prime ministers faces above the signature… i think it’s John A. Macdonald, i was never that good with prime ministers =p

    ‘s all i got
    – Nine Doors*

  7. I saw Elvis, Rowan Atkinson, and since I’m only allowed to give away 2 in each post, I’ll say “someone else”. Love these Vurdlak! ;)

  8. it is VERY direspectful and i will be writing to the parliments and the USA i have connections. but worst of all Abraham Licon is on there… You will be banned from this website


    The Elvis Presley/Rowan Atkinson have 5-Peso Bills in them! I now coz I’m from the Philippines, and it says “LIMANG PISO”. The person in the bills in President Emilio Aguinaldo.

  10. the australian $5 note (3rd one), if you crop a bit off the top just past the mouth, and tilt it 90 degrees anticlockwise, it looks like a whale doing something quite rude.

  11. i utterly cannot believe that you posted an article with osama bin laden in it and named it celebrity money bills optical illusion. hes not a celebrity. hes an infamous douchebag of the world and u give him celeb status????????

  12. Well, this is funny of course, however I didn’t like the usage of Kazakh tenge’s portrait (Al-Farabi) of a great philosopher as a head for Bin Laden.

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