Ceiling Illusion

Another interesting one! Before I explain it to you how it works, try to figure what’s the illusion below? Then open this post and see the solution. Pretty amazing…

Ceiling is actually not bulged, it’s just the illusion you get when the light is turned on :)

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

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  1. this is sooo fake. you can tell because the symbols on the ceiling are different in each pictures. :P nice try though.

  2. it did not look bulged to me either.
    and also, i did not notice it was fake until zizzazzle san pointed it out to me

  3. it looks bulgy because of the shadows from the light against the grid thing. the pics are different because its just a different part of the same ceiling (2 squares to the right of the light is a wall, its just a different light in the second pic . duh.

  4. Those symbols look like theyre on paper plates! Also, I can see a wall on the right in the first one but not in the second! That is VERY Strange
    __( –

  5. dude look at the fricking symobls they are diffirent “they are 1 space to the left” then look at the light then it “somehow” moved the the left?

  6. Why would anyone go to the trouble to fake a simple thing like this little children….
    copy the image to photoshop and invert the image and its obvious how the light is playing with the surroundings…

    and yeh silly children, obviously the pic of the flouro light that is turned off is another section of the same ceiling

  7. for the geniuses who think this is “fake” ask yourselves three questions… first, if you haven’t perceived the initial photo of the ceiling to be “bulged” (or indented as i would call it, whatever) how could it be possible that both ceilings aren’t flat, if the ceiling in the second photo is flat (which, obviously it is?). if you didn’t understand my question, you’ll never understand why you’ve contradicted yourselves. secondly, you’re really suspicious of this simple, mundane little lighting/shadowing? it is only apparent because of the gridded pattern of the ceiling… that’s all there is to it. there is no trickery involved. third, have you bothered to note that the relative pattern of the circular drawings has remained unchanged (despite the photos being of two different sections of the ceiling)? this effect would be apparent no matter where the photo was taken, and i’ve seen ceilings like this before, and it’s no mystery that this happens… sadly, i’ve had to post this long comment because i am tired of “suspicious” people who rather than think/research something just write it off as fake… and trust me many, many ignorant people kept yapping away that even something as complex as the felice varini optical illusions were all fakes and “photoshopped” until honest people had to post the actual photos and videos that proved them all wrong… so relax, no one’s trying to fake you out. just think.

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