Cathedral Of Commerce Illusion

Here and then I like to feature artwork done Rob Gonsalves, specially those magical transformations he’s best know for. If you remember, there were these two optical illusions where you had to guess at which point do the ships transform into giant aqueduct, and vice versa. The other one included camels and palm trees. Rob, who is the author of all these great paintings, ones that often get associated with optical illusions in general (and are often used to represent the whole optical illusion vertical), has created another interesting painting titled “Cathedral of Commerce”. After a little digging, I’ve learned that this term was used for the Woolworth Building (NYC), one of the oldest, and among fifty-tallest buildings in the United States! Enough with the fun-facts, let’s see if you can pinpoint where exactly does the cathedral turns into a city, in this image below:

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  1. The transform-line is around seven buildings in from the right and begins where the seventh building ends, give or take a bit.

  2. I love Ron Gonsalves’ work!! I actually bought this picture for a friend of mine. She loved it too!!! he is an incredible artist!!

  3. I love this illusion,it is mystical and the illusion is so cool along with the history. A very beautiful and perceptive piece!

  4. Makes me think of “MC Escher”? I love the way the stones in the upper wall morph into the clouds; the lower wall morphs into the water in front of the city; and the stars seen through the windows at the end become the lights in the windows of the buildings.

  5. The right-most window in the third group of windows from the back (on the side wall) is the first building. The middle window in that group is getting there, but it is still more arch-like than building-like

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