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spinning spiral optical illusion still

Have I got a mind boggling optical illusion for you today! When you first take a look at this spinning spiral optical illusion, you might think that I’m trying to hypnotize you, but I swear I’m not. I won’t try to make you pretend you’re a superhero or act like a chicken. Or a superhero […]

Good Morning everyone, and once again, a brand new week is upon us all! The weekend is gone now, but don’t worry, there will be another one in the very near future, so start making your plans now! Let us begin this week with an optical illusion that is sure to blow your mind.  Check […]

Good Morning everyone and hope you are all having a Happy Monday! Who said that optical illusions just had to be pictures? Did you know that there can be videos that feature optical illusions as well? Well, that is what today’s optical illusion is all about, this amazing video that shows men who are doing […]

Today, I’m going to be posting up another optical illusion video that I certainly hope all of you out there enjoy. It’s nice to mix things up with videos here and there, as it gives us a much needed break from the typical static image optical illusions I’ve been posting up. Once again, this is […]

How’s everyone out there doing today? I’m doing pretty good. Today is my girlfriend’s birthday, so I’m going to be doing quite a bit of stuff today. Before she gets home I’m going to go out and get her a cake and some other party supplies. Also, I plan on probably taking her out to […]

It’s a nice feeling when you wake up early in the morning and you can already see that it’s going to be a great day, because it’s so bright outside. That’s the feeling I had this morning when I woke up. I was also completely rejuvenated, as well. I made sure I got plenty of […]

I hope all of you are having an excellent Monday morning. I can’t believe my eyes right now, because I look outside and I see snow falling down. After having such amazing weather for the past few days, too. I’m really hoping this is the last snow of the year, though. I hope so, anyways, […]

How’s everyone out there doing today? It’s the beginning of the weekend and I couldn’t be happier. I’m certainly going to go out and enjoy some fun in the sun, but I want to hook you all up with a new optical illusion before I do that. I certainly hope you all enjoy it and […]