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3D Water Fountain

You know, it doesn’t matter how many of these 3D animated optical illusion GIFs I come across, I’ll always absolutely love them. They give off a brilliant effect that you just don’t get with a regular non-animated image. Basically, these images provide you a really cool effect without having to wear any sort of goofy […]

Mr. Robert Watson used some sort of modeling computer program to create these magnificent 3D stereograms (or magic eyes, if you will). If you jump inside this post you can play with all 5 of them. Unfortunately, those of us having problem seeing this kind of illusions will have to train better, or simply wait […]

By now, you’re probably aware that I need to approve your comments first, in order for them to appear live on moillusions.com – I usually do this once a day. This is probably the sole reason why you see dozen of similar comments, trying to explain the illusion in similar manner, posted one next to […]

toast stereogram optical illusion

All the way back in 2007 Mourits de Beer noticed how there aren’t many stereograms on our website. I apologize to Mourits for waiting so long for his illusion to be featured, but being frank – I completely overlooked his submission. This illusion might just look like a normal slice of toast to the untrained […]

Madalin Bucatea stumbled upon this peculiar animation, built just out of few frames. Never the less, the image appears to continuously rotate clockwise! We’ve seen similar stuff (spiders, cities and Christopher Walken), yet I’m not exactly sure why does it appear to rotate? Your view on this? Sorry for writing such a short post, but […]

horse pill optical illusion

Got this vintage poster from somewhere, and took me ages to see the illusion. The problem was I had trouble understanding the instructions written on top of the poster, so I simply ignored them and did this my way. My advice would be to look at the picture as if you were staring at some […]

I constantly receive requests for more stereograms, either though my mailbox, or inside the comments section. My problem with seeing the hidden image they contain is probably the reason I posted only so few of them. Magic Eyes, or how some like to call them “stereograms” are pictures you have to concentrate at, and suddenly […]

Few posts ago I have promised one of our users I will post another stereogram illusion for him and like-minded. Unfortunately I forgot all about it! Yesterday evening, while watching TV (still in our old flat, but we chose a near-by option and moving tomorrow) it hit me – I have a promise to keep! […]