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The Produce Man

Hello everyone and welcome to Tuesday morning! How are you all today? The weather is looking better isn’t it, and its almost time to turn on the air conditioning right? So how many of you go to the store all the time to get what you need for your home? Do you all grow your […]

Hidden Rock People Optical Illusion

Hello everyone! Did you all survive April Fool’s Day? Well we did too, and we are so glad that today is Thursday! Did anyone play any jokes on any of you? We were pretty lucky that we didn’t get a lot of practical jokes, which we were quite thankful for! So, how do you all […]

The Mossy Lady Optical Illusion

Hello everyone, how are you all doing on this lovely Thursday afternoon?  For some of you, the weather is still cold even though it is spring, but for others, the weather is gorgeous and you all love to be outside! So, for those of you that love the great outdoors, when was the last time […]

The Invisible Man Optical Illusion

Hello everyone and guess what today s? That’s right its Hump Day, which is also known as Wednesday.  This week is officially at the half point now, and you’re all probably pretty happy that days are going by so fast. So, how are all of you today? As for us, we’re doing great because we […]

Hidden Lady In the Trees

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday morning!  You all are probably still recovering from the weekend, and we understand that. Today is the second day of the week, and hopefully, it was a little easier for all of you to get out of bed. Enjoying a nice cup of coffee? Well while you all are […]

Hidden Lady In the Leaves Optical Illusion

Hello everyone, and welcome to Sunday morning! Oh my it has been quite a weekend already, and we still have one whole day! Now, we understand that it is almost spring, and the leaves are barely coming in on all the trees. However, today’s optical illusion has us so fascinated we have to post it […]

Happy Fire Optical Illusion

Good morning to you all, and hope you are enjoying your Thursday morning so far! You all are probably getting tired, and are ready for that long awaited time off from work to celebrate the holiday season! Don’t worry, you only have a few more days to go before you get to rest, and recover, […]

Machu PIchu Optical Illusion

Saturday is here, and you all are probably tired because you had Thanksgiving to deal with, and then spent Friday out Christmas shopping.  We know that all of you are probably ready for a vacation, and we know just the place for you to go, and it also ties into today’s optical illusion! Check out […]