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statue of liberty

Happy Independence Day to all of our friends in the United States! We’re all gearing up to start celebrating with hot dogs and fireworks tonight over here, so I figured that a fun patriotic Statue of Liberty optical illusion was in order. First, I have to give credit where credit is due. This Statue of […]

Sitting Optical illusion

It’s summer vacation all over the country, which means teens are just dying to hang out with their friends. Much like the teens in today’s sitting optical illusion. These boys are just sitting here hanging out. But, of course, there’s more than meets the eye in this sitting optical illusion. Can you see what’s wrong […]


June is almost here, and that means weddings! Wedding, weddings everywhere! That means there will be lots of chances for some great photo ops too. I don’t know about you, but I love wedding photos, especially the fun candid wedding photos. They just seem to capture the beauty and exhilaration of the day. In honor of […]

Lady in the lake optical illusion

Have I got a great optical illusion for you today! First, take a look at this image… What’s the first thing that you see in this pond optical illusion? I see a girl walking through a shallow part of a pond. There’s also a bridge in the background and a tree on the shore. But, […]

card trick optical illusion 1

I thought I’d switch things up a little today and do something a little different. So, I’m just going to read your mind with a simple card trick. Sound good to you? Great! Let’s get started! First, I want you to pick one of the cards below. Go ahead—I’ll wait….   Did you pick a […]

lady man 2

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! I hope you all remember to give your mamas a call today. After all, she did carry you for nine months and went through 36 hours of labor to bring you into this world. I’m sure mama was beautiful and glowing during those long months too, much like this very pretty […]


Summer is here and it’s time for a little summer fun! For kids, that usually means hanging out with their buddies. It also means fun photo ops! Like this photo of three kids huddled together… I’ve gotta say, the angle of the photo is pretty cool. They’ve all got their heads together and they’re looking […]

Lady in the Woods

Hello to you all, and welcome to Sunday! So what did you all do yesterday to celebrate the first day of the two day weekend? Well we didn’t do anything very exciting ourselves, but we hope you all did for us! How many of you all are packing your stuff up and heading into the […]