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hidden things

Finding hidden things is one of my favorite little hobbies. I mean, I’m constantly looking for the socks that disappear in the dryer, and I keep peeking in my bank account looking for all that hidden money. I still haven’t found either, but I haven’t given up yet. Hidden object puzzles and illusions are a […]

faces in the tree illusion

Another Monday rolls around, and another work week starts. Hurray… I sincerely hope everyone had a great weekend, but it’s time to wake those brains up once again. Today’s tree illusion isn’t earth shattering, but it’s still pretty cool! It’s a nice subtle illusion to ease into the new week. Now, I’m not going to […]


Good morning! I have a somewhat scary optical illusion for you today. It’s a little late from Friday the 13th, but I thought this illusion was definitely pretty awesome! Take a look… The skull hidden in this tree just jumps right out at you, doesn’t it? There’s really no hunting for that one, is there? […]

oleg shuplyak

If you’re into optical illusions, chances are you’ve already seen some paintings by Oleg Shuplyak. He creates some pretty amazing paintings of seemingly everyday objects and scenes. But, when you look a little closer, you can clearly see the hidden faces in his paintings. Today’s artist illusion is a hidden face painting by Oleg Shuplyak […]

books illusion

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama’s out there! It’s a lazy Sunday for many mama’s, and hopefully most of you even got the whole breakfast in bed bit. Even if it is just some burnt toast, it’s pretty sweet! This Mother’s Day, I actually have to work, but there’s nothing I’d like more than […]

face optical illusion

It’s finally Friday! For some of you, that means a nice relaxing weekend ahead. What sort of plans do you have for this Mother’s Day weekend? A quiet family get together? Breakfast in bed for mom? An action packed day of fun and adventure with mom? Maybe you could take mom out dancing, much like […]

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skull illusion

Skulls are pretty creepy and dark, yet beautiful at the same time. They remind us of our own mortality, yet the complexity of this part of the human body almost makes a skull a work of art. Maybe that’s why skull illusions are rather common and almost always popular. I have quite the interesting skull […]

when you see it

The middle of the week calls for a brain busting image to get that foggy brain really kicked into high gear. I think this picture is pretty perfect for that! This is one of those pictures that you glance at and don’t give a second thought to. Until someone points out that there is indeed […]