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gymnast optical illusion

The 2016 Summer Olympics have finally come to a close. What better way to celebrate than with an Olympics themed optical illusion? There was so much amazing talent in the Olympics gymnastics competitions this year, with gymnasts from all over the globe winning medals. I’ve always loved watching gymnastics. I think it’s a beautiful and graceful […]

Which did you see first the horse or women

I have a pretty cool artsy illusion for you this morning! It’s very beautiful in and of itself, but it’s also hiding something a little interesting. So, which did you see first here—the horse or women? To me, the women are the most obvious element of this image. They’re the first things that pop out at […]

find the word

Years ago, I used to love word search puzzles. After I did too many, though, they just got too easy. They were really no longer a challenge, so I abandoned them for more complicated puzzles. Word searches still hold a special place in my heart, though, and I still do love some of the find […]

hidden mythical creature

Sundays are a pretty lazy day around here. It’s the last day of the weekend, and the last day off before I have to head back into the office on Monday morning. I gotta tell ya – not really looking forward to it! Oh, well, though. I guess no one really looks forward to going […]

tree face illusion

It’s a beautiful summer day today, and I can’t wait to get out of the house and enjoy some of this weather! Before I take off, though, I wanted to leave you guys this beautiful tree face illusion. This image really struck me for some reason. I just found it so gorgeous! There have been a […]

hiding in plain sight

I love a good hidden object image! I especially love the ones with objects hiding in plain sight, which is exactly what I have for you today. Take a look at the image below, and see if you can spot something a little amiss with it. I promise you that there’s more than meets the […]

find the goat

Remember those hidden object cartoons created by Hugarian cartoonist Dudolf? He has drawn a few of these cartoons and they have stunned the Internet! These remind me a little of the Where’s Waldo? cartoons from back in the day, and the hidden objects aren’t usually easy to find. Today, we’re trying to find the goat in […]

hidden in the rocks

So, did everyone find the cell phone yesterday? If you did, I have another pretty challenging hidden object image for you today! All I can really tell you about this image is that there’s something hidden in the rocks… It took me a bit of looking, but I did finally find what was hidden in […]