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Scary Room Optical Illusion

Ahh, you just have to love Saturdays! I’m putting up this new optical illusion for all of you to enjoy today and then I am going to go out in the warm sun and enjoy the weekend to the fullest. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I need my proper dose of […]

At first glance this picture looks like a peaceful scene. We see a young girl stopping to have herself a little snack with some apples. Her eyes downcast as she studies the apple in her hand, birds watching over head to see if there may be a snack for them as well. It is a […]

Apple Logo Optical Illusion

I hope all of you guys and gals out there have had a safe weekend and you’re enjoying your last day off of work. I know I’ve had a great weekend. One thing I love about companies is when they have hidden meaning in their logo. You know, something that’s more than meets the eye […]


How are you enjoying your Saturday? Is it treating you good? I certainly hope so, and I truly hope you’re laying back on your couch while looking over this post. Today, I have a new optical illusion that is going to make you want to go on a shopping spree to find this item after […]

Popcorn Optical Illusion

One of the things I love about optical illusions is the fact that they can always throw you for a loop. You never know what to expect or what you could see. Much like Transformers, they are more than meets the eye. Today, I have an optical illusion that will definitely catch your attention, because […]

When You See it Optical Illusion

So, how are all of you doing out there today? I definitely hope you’re doing well. As I said yesterday, I’m feeling a bit under the weather, but I’m keeping my head up. I’ve been sick for a few days now, so I’m hoping that I’m at least mid-way through this flu or whatever it […]

Zipper Skin Optical Illusion

You know, one of the most popular optical illusions I have ever posted on the site and Facebook page was the “Amazing Body Paint Optical Illusion.” I had so many people comment on what a beautiful optical illusion it was, so I was on the hunt for some more optical illusions that were very similar […]

Jail Mirror Optical Illusion

A mirror is an illusionists best friend. Magicians / illusionists have been using mirrors since the dawn of time in order to fool the audience and trick them into seeing things that aren’t there, making objects disappear, etc… With the aid of a mirror, some magicians have been able to pull off some of the […]