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I tried to migrate Mighty Optical Illusions over to wordpress yesterday, but all I got was some mysterious error message. Then I figured out how to export posts from blogger via RSS, but this would leave me without proper comments migration solution. So I’m stuck until WordPress fixes the Blogger import feature, and till I […]

For all you fans of True Blood out there, I have a little teaser for you for the upcoming second season of the HBO hit vampire show. The teaser comes in the form of a new poster for the new season which of course features a blood spill pattern, the show’s trademark image. Pay special […]

As one sees the beautiful rose climbing the window ledge on a typical neighborhood house, he thinks to himself. “What a romantic scene“. Suddenly, a horrific strange noise breaks the silence, and the observer quickly understands that the noise is coming from inside the house. What did just happen? Until now, he wasn’t even aware […]

I have received two submissions of the new Terminator Salvation movie poster. While the second submitter (David Kossin) sent me the photo you see on the left, even more interesting submission was made by Adnan Mansr over 2 months ago. I can’t believe how it managed to slip through my approval list back then. Hope […]

A rather light optical illusion for you today – it’s Monday after all. So, as I received this image in my mailbox without any additional description, I wondered to myself why was it submitted in the first place. I haven’t found anything interesting about it. Then my younger brother gazed a look, and instantly saw […]

I have received this image from a friend of mine (as I usually say, when I don’t remember the source – hehe), and as you probably noticed there isn’t anything strange going on with it. Old time fans will, however know where this is going to using their experience and intuition. Similar illusions were posted […]

Scott Pehoushek found this Cloverfield optical illusion poster. I’m not familiar with this Hollywood Blockbuster, but apparently it’s already a big hit in USA. Has anyone seen it? What is it about? Is it worth watching? As it goes with illusion posters, they usually have some sort of hidden face or multi meaning skull integrated […]

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Anyone recognizes the painting on the left? It is one of the most famous paintings called “The Scream“. When I was a young kid, I thought it was painted by Van Gogh, but I was terribly wrong. Do you know the name of the original artist? Well, I received this variation in my mailbox yesterday. […]