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Check this out. What I’m about to show you is an illusion you don’t see every day! Observe the woman shown on your right. Would you say her eyes are shut or wide open? Something is painted alright, the only problem is whether she’s having fake eyes painted on top of her eyelids, or perhaps […]

Here’s a funny photo I just received moments ago! No need to explain the illusion (or is it illusion at all!?), and I believe most of you will see it instantly! Now the only thing left is for me to decide whether I should categorize this as Funny or Scary! Perhaps both.. The only hint […]

I’ve received my brand new iPad 3G from USA today (thx Vernon!), and will try and post more details about my experience with it soon. In short, I never saw any value in all those eReaders and tablets at first. But when I noticed I spend almost 2 hours each night reading books off of […]

Media Manipulation Optical Illusion

UPDATE: We had a critical situation here – a database crash, and website ceased to function over the last couple of hours. Luckily backup was available, so everything should function correctly again. But I still need you to help me identify if there are any errors on this site left! Please report all your findings […]

I Become My Resting Place - Alan M. Clark

Alan M. Clark is an Oregon based artist, who drew all three of the beneath shown paintings. The first one, titled “I Become My Resting Place” inspired F. Paul Wilson in writing the story Anna. Later it was reused as cover art for Black October Magazine. I’ve never heard for any of them, but thought […]

Check the animation below, or simply click this image

Here’s an interesting approach to original Lilac Chaser illusion, invented many years ago… Wait for the animation to load, and concentrate on the center dot for a minute or so. Normally the skulls are disappearing in a clock-wise direction, but if you manage to stay still and concentrated, you will experience an afterimage of the […]

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I couldn’t resist posting this one, after I first saw it yesterday! The image below is part of the Motivational Posters subculture, subtitled “When you see it, you’ll sh*t bricks”. Good thing about it, is its strong connection with a certain optical illusion phenomenon. So before you check some hints (at the end of this […]

When you see it, you will be terrified!

I’ve modified the original caption used with this image to be more appropriate for our audience. The original said something like: “When you see it, you will SH*T bricks“. If you are well introduced in Internet subculture, you will quickly recognize the previous line is heavily used within those motivational posters (link). This is where […]