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Just saw a fascinating TED talk the other day, titled “Is our Universe The Only Universe?” by Brian Greene. In fact, the speaker was so good with his presentational skills he was almost too good to be true. For a minute there I even doubted this guy was actually a theoretical physicist. I thought to myself: […]

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Thanks to Sheila, here’s another Drunk Test for all of you! Check out the picture below, and see if you are able to focus your vision. We all know how this works – double eyes and mouth were artificially added to the photo, yet why is it then so hard to look at her ? […]

I think you were right regarding my last post – on a second look, those photos really do seem manipulated. Sorry for overseeing this fact before blogging about it! Still, you have to admit they would make one awesome post if they were for real, agree? But let’s forget this little mistake I made, and […]

Seeing our latest illusion, I was immediately reminded of Hal 9000 and his memorable voice addressing Dave Bowman in 2001: A Space Odyssey. I won’t talk about how great this movie really was, and how it marked the whole era, I’d rather see what you think of the illusion attached below. By now you must […]

Check this out. What I’m about to show you is an illusion you don’t see every day! Observe the woman shown on your right. Would you say her eyes are shut or wide open? Something is painted alright, the only problem is whether she’s having fake eyes painted on top of her eyelids, or perhaps […]

Here’s a funny photo I just received moments ago! No need to explain the illusion (or is it illusion at all!?), and I believe most of you will see it instantly! Now the only thing left is for me to decide whether I should categorize this as Funny or Scary! Perhaps both.. The only hint […]

I’ve received my brand new iPad 3G from USA today (thx Vernon!), and will try and post more details about my experience with it soon. In short, I never saw any value in all those eReaders and tablets at first. But when I noticed I spend almost 2 hours each night reading books off of […]

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UPDATE: We had a critical situation here – a database crash, and website ceased to function over the last couple of hours. Luckily backup was available, so everything should function correctly again. But I still need you to help me identify if there are any errors on this site left! Please report all your findings […]