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The Headless Baseball Player Optical Illusion

Good morning, and a happy Wednesday to you all! Summer is slowly winding down, and now all the kids are preparing to go back to school. However, there is still time to do some fun summer activities like catch a baseball game.  Also known as America’s past time, baseball is a great game that millions […]

Vintage Pin Up Girls Optical Illusion

Good morning everyone! Today is terrific Tuesday, which means that you are guaranteed to have a great day! Back in the day, there were girls that posed in all kinds of sexy clothing such as bathing suits, and the girls were so beautiful that even soldiers took their pictures overseas with them and painted them […]

button body optical illusion

Happy Thursday! Hope all of you have a good hump day, and we are on the fourth day of the week, and soon it will be party time when the weekend comes! Everyone has to wear clothes every single day of their lives, and some clothing has zippers while others have buttons! However, imagine what […]

Zipper Back Optical Illusion

Happy Thursday everyone, and for all of you dying for the weekend, you only got one more day to go before it begins! There really are some amazing optical illusions that we feature on our page, and this one has got to be one of the most perplexing.Take a look at today’s optical illusion, and […]

The Gunfighter Optical Illusion

Happy Fourth of July!! Hopefully you all are going to go outside and do something that’s fun, even if its making a barbeque and lighting some fireworks! Now, back in the olden days, not everyone had access to fireworks in order to celebrate what was considered to be America’s birthday.   So what did people in […]

Long Arm Optical Illusion

Happy Sunday everyone, and hopefully, you all are enjoying your very last day of the weekend! Have a question for all of you, do you believe in aliens? What would you do if you saw a UFO in the sky? There are a lot of conspiracy theories that claim that there are aliens on Earth […]

Life and Death Optical Illusion

Good morning everyone, and welcome to glorious Friday, which means the weekend is not far behind! For today’s optical illusion, take a long hard look at this lovely picture — what exactly do you see; because that is going to determine how strong your imagination is. While you may see the most obvious image first, […]

Screaming Eye Optical Illusion

I’m always keeping my eye out for some new optical illusions that I can share with all of the readers that visit this website. Yesterday, I got a message from one of my friends and they told me that they had came across and amazing optical illusion and that I just had to post it […]