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Sometimes i run across an illusion that’s just plain creepy and gives me the heebie jeebies. Today’s devil illusion is just such an illusion. The creep factor is strong with this one… At first glance, this image looks a little like the devil, or at least a very evil old man. If you look a […]

more zombies appear

I really should have saved today’s illusion for Halloween, but I just couldn’t help myself! This fog illusion is such a a neat and simple illusion, that I just had to share it when I found it! Now, take a good long look at this foggy field, and tell me what you see… Go ahead—stare […]


Summer is here and it’s time for a little summer fun! For kids, that usually means hanging out with their buddies. It also means fun photo ops! Like this photo of three kids huddled together… I’ve gotta say, the angle of the photo is pretty cool. They’ve all got their heads together and they’re looking […]

Glowing Eyes Optical Illusion

Hello all of you and welcome to Sunday! Ah Sunday, the seventh day of the week, and the one that the good Lord set aside for everyone, including himself, to take a day to rest and recuperate, but how many of us really do rest? Here at the office, we sometimes do take the day […]

ink knight optical illusion

Good morning to all of you optical illusion fans, and welcome to Tuesday morning! Hope you all are well, and getting up to face another work day. However, before you go, we have a cool optical illusion to share with you all. What do you all think of a knight all in black, would you […]

attacking mannequin optical illusion

Hello everyone, and welcome to Monday morning! Hope you all had a great weekend, and today, it is time to get up and go to work.  There are many of you that work in retail, and something that you all may work with are mannequins.  Some people are a little intimidated by mannequins because  they […]

demon in the sheet optical illusion picture

Good Thursday morning!  Some of you woke up to a winter wonderland, which means that winter is officially here! Snow is the best, but a lot of people do not always like it because it can be too cold and make driving really difficult. However, there is a fun side to snow, and kids are […]

Shadow with Eyes Optical Illusion

Hello everyone, and welcome to Saturday morning! We know that you all took advantage of the fact its Saturday, and got to sleep in later than six or seven in the morning. Are you all heading outside or staying indoors? If the weather is bad, then who can blame you for not going outside? However, […]