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If you think our recent “Single Shot Illusion” was amazing, this one will blow your mind! As you see, this colorful arrangement of household items (created by New York-based artist Bela Borsodi) appears to be a composition of four separate snapshots. Right? But once you see the photo taken from different angle (below) or do […]

Can you believe this is a single photograph? Yeah, I know – it doesn’t appear so at first. It takes few moments before you see what’s actually going on, right? Here’s another interesting illusion that works in a similar fashion (solution animation included!).

Remember the Cool Bro illusion from 2 years ago? This one’s very similar, in a way where street-painted arrow appears to levitate in mid-air. Caught by the sharp eye of Melissa, a reddit user who found it funny and decided to share her finding with our Mighty Optical Illusions community. If you come across similar […]

Perfectly Timed Photos, also known as Photos Taken at Just Right Moment are often to be found floating around the net. I tend to ignore them, until I’m able to collect enough qualifying samples, ones I can feature inside my #galleries. Even though most of them involve sun or a moon, there are other extraordinary […]

Here’s an interesting, yet spooky tombstone my brother stumbled upon while visiting Paris. Based on famous “Hollow Face” illusion (examples can be found here and here), face of the deceased doctor follows you around, as you’re passing-by his final resting place. I can’t imagine how one would react if he encountered this during the night, […]

While preparing new stuff for you to see this week, I came across this beautiful and funny-looking photograph made by Jens Birch. At first I intended to incorporate birds species into the caption, but then I realised I don’t have a clue if this photo involves ducks, swans or something else. Bird-spotters among you will have […]

I have to say I’m still under shock after reading what happened in Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut (USA). My heart is broken, and I can’t seem to understand how such horrible things are even possible. What is happening with our species?! I also read how pro-firearms lobby suggests that every teacher should be […]

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Seems I have forgotten to deactivate animation in my last post from appearing directly inside your widgets. Andre correctly suggested it could’ve distracted some people from doing their work, and I apologise for that. It won’t happen again. On the other note, here’s a fun photo Mojca from Slovenia (?) sent me while ago. At […]