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True optical illusion fanatics can’t get enough of hidden and impossible objects, and seemingly bent images. Some are such fanatics that they live and breathe optical illusions! They make even incorporate them into their work. Here’s what you might get if an optical illusion fanatic becomes an architect…. This image was sent to us by […]


June is almost here, and that means weddings! Wedding, weddings everywhere! That means there will be lots of chances for some great photo ops too. I don’t know about you, but I love wedding photos, especially the fun candid wedding photos. They just seem to capture the beauty and exhilaration of the day. In honor of […]


Hello everyone, well today is Thursday, and there is but one more day until the end of the week. We know you all are probably tired, and it was hard to get out of bed, believe us we get it too! However, we are going to hold on and we know you all can too! […]

Cat Wave Optical Illusion

Hello everyone and welcome to Saturday! We don’t know about you, but we here at the office took advantage of the fact its Saturday, and we all slept in a little bit, which of course, was great! So, now that you all are awake, what are you going to do since it’s the weekend? We […]

Biker On the Great Giza Pyramid Optical Illusion

Good morning, and welcome to Tuesday morning! How are you all doing today? There are Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the oldest that is still standing. These amazing pyramids are absolutely stunning, and today’s optical illusion is all about a kid on a bike that is riding up and down each one of […]

Four Floating Men Optical Illusion

Hello everyone and welcome to Saturday morning! We got to sleep in today, and then had a nice breakfast. Some of us have access to pools, and since the weather has finally turned warm, it is nice to actually be able to go out and enjoy the sun. So, how do you all feel about […]

guitar reflection optical illusion

Good morning everyone and welcome to the middle of the week, which is also known as Wednesday.  It is hard to believe that February only has 10 days left in it, and it’s the shortest month of the whole year. So, how do you all feel about spotting hidden objects? Take a look at today’s […]

The Melting Bride Optical Illusion

Hello everyone and welcome to Tuesday morning! Yesterday was President’s Day, and some of you had the day off, and some of you did not, but hopefully, either way you had a good day. The weather is turning nicer, and soon spring will be here, which is typically the time when women get married.  Today’s […]