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Does anyone have any plans for the weekend? I’m thinking about getting in a little hiking again if the weather holds. I haven’t gotten the chance to get out in the woods much this summer, because of the crappy weather and tight schedule. While I’m out there, maybe I’ll try to take some interesting pictures […]


Good morning to all, and what a beautiful morning it is! I have something a little different for you today. Take a look at the photographs below and tell me what you see… When I first saw these images, they looked like someone had taken pictures of ghostly beings or figures. They almost had a […]

tree man illusion

I’ve been posting some interesting photo illusions lately, and I have one more for you today. Today’s tree man illusion isn’t artistic or Photoshopped, but it’s just a fun photo with a clever pose. That tree really looks like a pair of legs on that tree man, doesn’t it? So much so that it could […]


I hope everyone’s having a great weekend! The weather is finally cooperating here, after weeks of nothing but rain, so I’m hoping we can get in a bit of hiking here today. Getting out of the house and back to nature is just so soothing, don’t you think? Sometimes you just run across a fantastic […]

floating Ghost Boat

I have a pretty creepy illusion for you today! It’s a floating ghost boat! Ooooo-OOO-OOH! Unlike yesterday’s illusion, which I’m still wondering if it’s Photoshopped, I can tell you with a fair amount of certainty that this image hasn’t been edited at all. It appears that this creepy ghost boat is floating above the water […]

girl mirror illusion

We all have our favorite types of illusions. Of course, the classic optical illusions are great, but photo illusions can be fun too. Myself? I love a good mirror illusion, and I found you another dandy today! This mirror illusion is absolutely beautiful, I think. The photography itself has an old fashioned artistic feel to […]


Ooh la la! I have a fun illusion for you guys today! If this were the 19th century, it could even be considered a little naughty! Lucky for us, though, we’re in the 21st century, and .it’s just a fun shadow illusion… When I first saw this image as a thumbnail, I didn’t quite catch […]


I’ve got tons to do today, so I’m putting up  a simple and fun photo illusion for you guys this morning. These young men in this photo illusion look like they’re in a bit of danger, no? Two of them are perched on a very narrow ledge and a third is hanging from aforementioned narrow […]