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Vase Face Optical Illusion

Of course, everyone has seen a shadow of themselves before. Regardless of whether that shadow is in a painting or it seems to follow you around town, you have seen the way shadows can distort images and make them appear differently than what they really are. Years ago, many people would have their picture done […]

Optical Illusion

Enjoy a good brain teaser every now and then? If you said yes to this then I dare you to take a chance at this brain teaser. The object of this exercise is to say the name of the color the word is printed in, not what the word says. The second part of this […]

Slanted Illusions

Check out these black and white optical illusions playing tricks on your eyes and with only two colors! A few of my favorite illusions of all time are in black and white; hopefully you will find them just as enjoyable as I do. These black and white circular lines make this illusion seem like there […]

Sharp Mind Illusion

Here is another intriguing #test for the sharp minded.  Check out the reading card below, and see if you can spot the illusion immediately.  Actually, it’s a very simple test, so no hints will be provided.  When you’re finished, and think you have the answer – check the solution, and see if you were right!  […]

We had some “Rorschach test cards” in the past, where your assignment was to guess what they really represented. Now let’s see if you can “crack” this one! If I only showed you the image on the right (with no accompanying #gif animation) – would you be able to see the most probable solution? Most […]

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You asked for another test for your brain so we delivered what you want! Here is another intriguing #test for only the sharp minded that can step up to the challenge. Review the reading card below, and see if you can spot the mind illusion. It’s actually a very simple test, so we don’t provide […]

If you haven’t had the chance to see this “Missing/Extra Cube” video that went viral recently, here’s your chance to see it now! Norberto Jansenson has re-thinked famous missing-piece illusion (original version included triangle), and then presented it in much more appealing and effective manner. The idea behind this toy is somewhat identical to “Preposterous […]

If you remember, few years back we had a Pixel Challenge titled “Our Brain is Truly Wonderful“, where our remarkable ability to recognize faces was showcased. Today I bring you more blocky faces and paintings to tease your optic nerve with. Your brain’s power to decipher these ultra-low resolution images may seem miraculous at first, […]