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Face in the Trees

You know, I get a lot of comments about the avatar that we have on the official MoIllusions Facebook page. A lot of people apparently really like the image of the woman’s face that is hidden inside of the trees. I honestly never thought so many people would like it, but it’s a beautiful optical […]

scary optical illusion

This terrifying optical illusion is one that requires a little thought but after a few looks, you’re bound to fall in love with this one. Too many people look down on the “dark side” of life and see it as something morbid. That definitely isn’t the case. This optical illusion is so much more than. […]

Here’s an interesting study that was performed recently on a group of 24 qualified radiologists. Each was given a series of CT scans showing diseased lungs and was told to locate 10 abnormal nodules, or white lesions on the image below. Before I continue, let’s see if you are able to spot something abnormal in […]

Last time I wanted to share a personal achievement with you guys I wrote a post sharing my excitement after publishing my first iPhone Application. Unfortunately, judging from your reactions – that didn’t’ turn out so well ;). I want to introduce my second app today, but being smarter this time – let me show […]

Breviary: Book of Catholic Prayers iPhone App

Available on the iPhone App Store Get it Now! Here’s an exclusive announcement for all of our “Mighty Optical Illusions” fans: My friend and I, we just started a business based on iPhone application development! What I’m about to show you is our first major release! For the past year we’ve been working hard to […]

As some of you might have heard, Google decided to discontinue it’s iGoogle service next year. I think this is a bad decision, as many of us use it to follow various feeds, blogs and news from around the web. Even our very own iGoogle gadget sites there (“Optical illusion of the Day”)! Still, there’s […]

The Internet has gone crazy for this new Mona Lisa optical illusion! However, I don’t find it that amazing, though. Still, it would seem unprofessional if I ignored the general opinion and omitted this from our optical illusion blog, when even main-stream media like Gizmodo have broadcasted the story. What you have to do for this […]

After deadly violence erupted during protests in Tahrir Square, Egypt last year, leaving 50 protestors dead, the military ordered walls be built around the heart of where the political activities occurred. Now Downtown Cairo locals must wander through a maze of barriers just to get around their own neighborhoods. To fight the barriers, Egyptian graffiti […]