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scary optical illusions

The picture you can see here is what is known as an optical illusion, some may even go as far as calling it a scary illusion. At first glance you might see two young people deeply in love as the man serenades the woman, or perhaps you see two senior citizens looking deep into one […]

Browsing Moillusions history articles for a while made me realise we haven’t had that many #murals lately. Not being lazy, I started crawling my repository for something cool that could fill the gap, when this magnificent building appeared right in front of me – the photo depicts a mural of a blueprint, painted on a side […]

Here’s an extraordinary shot taken by Adriana Franco, and chosen as one of the best submissions to National Geographic’s “My Shot” online community back in December 2011. What is so amazing about this photograph is that it shows a river in a desert in Baja California, Mexico. Have you by any chance mistaken it for […]

Most of you have probably heard of Edgar Allan Poe. It’s more than likely you have read his narrative poem titled “The Raven” at some point in your life. As a reminder, the poem tells of a talking raven’s mysterious visit to a distraught lover, tracing the man’s slow descent into madness. I won’t go […]

After deadly violence erupted during protests in Tahrir Square, Egypt last year, leaving 50 protestors dead, the military ordered walls be built around the heart of where the political activities occurred. Now Downtown Cairo locals must wander through a maze of barriers just to get around their own neighborhoods. To fight the barriers, Egyptian graffiti […]

What can you do with a few hundred spools of thread in various colors? If you’re Devorah Sperber you can make amazing upside down portraits of pop culture icons and classical artworks that can only really be seen correctly with a large convex lens that helps squish the image together and flips it right side […]

According to Greek legend, a single look at Medusa was enough to turn any man into stone. That’s why Perseus had to carry a magical mirrored shield with him in order to defeat this legendary monster -it was the only way he could look at the Gorgon to find her whereabouts without turning into stone. […]

These days Hollywood has a bad reputation for being filled with some of the most unpatriotic people in America, but back in World War II, things were a lot different. In fact, between their celebrity-filled war bond rallies and moral-boosting films, Hollywood played a huge role in driving support for the war effort. But while those […]