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Apple Logo Optical Illusion

I hope all of you guys and gals out there have had a safe weekend and you’re enjoying your last day off of work. I know I’ve had a great weekend. One thing I love about companies is when they have hidden meaning in their logo. You know, something that’s more than meets the eye […]

Mickey Mouse is Wicked Optical Illusion

So, I take it that all of you survived Monday? Good, and I hope that my post yesterday helped bring a bit of enjoyment to the start of the work week. Now, I have a new optical illusion that I’m going to share with all of you. Over the weekend I did a Dodge Viper […]

Dodge Viper Optical Illusion

Hey everyone it’s the weekend and I bet a lot of you out there are stoked. I’m definitely enjoying my weekend and I hope that you are, as well. I’m going to post up an optical illusion that will hopefully help you enjoy the weekend just a little bit more. Today, I have an illusion […]

Teach and Learn Optical Illusion

Happy New Years! The new year is officially here and I really hope that 2014 is going to be an amazing year for you and your loves ones. What did you end up doing on New Year’s eve and what are some of your resolutions? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comments […]

Slanted Illusions

Check out these black and white optical illusions playing tricks on your eyes and with only two colors! A few of my favorite illusions of all time are in black and white; hopefully you will find them just as enjoyable as I do. These black and white circular lines make this illusion seem like there […]

Here is a new set of columns featuring negative-spaces that form an interesting optical illusion. Photo was taken at the Phaeno Science Center in Wolfsburg, Germany, where the columns were originally created by David Barker in 1989 for Exploratorium (the San Francisco museum of science, art, and perception). The columns are truly unique, featuring spaces […]

As it always goes with Rob Gonsalves, transitions he makes can be tricky to “digest” at first. Once again I invite you all to try and spot the logical “tipping” point, a postion where one motif ends and another one begins. Rob’s transformations are unique at very least. For more similar stuff be sure to […]

An interesting art installation was setup by mr. #Francis Tabary that depicts the same object from different angles. It all depends how you look at it – you may see the rabbit or a gentleman wearing a hat. The mirror helps in seeing the both simultaneously. I leave it up to you to realise how […]