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Good morning, good morning… It’s Monday and the start of a new week! For lots of people, including me, that mean back to work. Not always my idea of a good time, but those bills aren’t gonna pay themselves, eh? It’s been pretty toasty here lately. After tons of rain and chill we’re finally getting […]


Good day! I hope everyone is having a fun weekend! I, myself, ended up seeping in finally. I don’t get much sleep at all these days, so every once in a while I need to let my body recharge! So, please forgive me that today’s illusion is late… In honor of finally sleeping more than three […]


A coloring page or two can keep kids busy for quite a while, giving parents a little bit of silence and peace. Some parents prefer to hand their kids a nice coloring book or a fun little coloring page that they printed off of the Internet. Not me, though! No…that’s just not how I roll. […]


Have you ever seen something that just makes you go…”huh??” Of course you have and you probably love it, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Well, I ran across something the other day that made me do just that. It took me a moment to figure out what was wrong with today’s photo illusion. It actually […]

headless girl illusion

The weekend’s almost over, but that’s no reason to lose your head! Or, maybe it is… This headless girl illusion is an example of a perfectly posed photograph. It looks like this girl is not only headless, but also carrying her head under her arm. If I had to guess, I’d say that there are […]

Threaded Tubes

It isn’t every day that you run across an optical illusion that really makes you stop and go…”whoa”! Hopefully, today’s tube illusion will do just that… When you look at the image, it looks like the string is weaving a series of pipes, or tubes. Take another look, though. This tube illusion is actually a […]


Impossible objects are some of the best and most amazing optical illusions out there. When you look at an impossible object, you can’t just glance at it and move on. Nope. You usually end up staring at it for a while. Running your eyes along the lines and pieces of the object, trying to make […]


I love accidental illusion photographs! Here’s a pretty interesting illusion… Nothing really looks out of place in this photo illusion until you really take a good look at it. At first it just looks like a couple cuddling on the couch. The guy is sitting normally and the girl is leaning back against him. If […]