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reverse shadow optical illusion

Happy Groundhog Day everyone! This morning, Punxsutawney Phil did NOT see his shadow, and we all know what that means—an early spring! Because it’s so scientific and all. Since today is a day to celebrate that little rodent and his shadow, I figured that a shadow illusion is fitting for today’s post. Actually, it’s a reverse […]

stacked cubes optical illusion

Today’s stacked cubes optical illusion caught my eye yesterday, and I thought you guys would really appreciate it. This illusion looks completely different if you look from the bottom up as opposed to if you look at it from the top down. It’s enough to boggle your mind! Take a look… The top of this […]

door illusion

This door illusion took me a moment to figure out, but when it hit me, I thought it was pretty awesome! Can you see what’s wrong with this picture…? If you can’t see the door illusion right away, focus on the corner of the wall in the upper right part of the image. Then slowly […]

leaning house optical illusion

We’re almost finished with the move into the new house, and I have to say…it’s been quite an experience! Trying to move while working full+ time has been incredibly stressful, draining and painful. I’ve pretty much decided that I’m going to live here forever. Either that, or I’m just leaving everything and starting fresh next […]


    Good morning all. It’s only Wednesday, and it’s already been an insanely long week! It seems like an impossible object sort of day. I’m actually not sure what to call this impossible object illusion. It was just pretty cool and caught my eye… This impossible object illusion looks like a table at first […]


Let’s start the weekend off right—with an impossible object! An impossible waterfall to be exact. You can state at this impossible waterfall for as long as you want. You won’t figure it out. That’s the beauty of these impossible object illusions! Nothing looks amiss with them when you first glance at them, but when you […]

Fork and Triangle illusion

I love the impossible triangle illusion and the devil’s fork illusion. I know I posted a devil’s fork illusion the other day, but I can’t help myself! They’re just classic illusions that no one can really miss and everyone “gets”. So, I was super excited when I ran across this illusion with the combination of […]

impossible table illusion

Even though you probably love optical illusions and impossible objects, I’ll bet you’ve never heard of Vicente Meavilla Segui. He’s not as well know as some of the more famous optical illusion or surrealism artists, but his some of his work is pretty awesome! This Spanish high school math teacher uses little more than colored felt-tip […]