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Flying Child Optical illusion

Hello everyone, today is Thursday, and you all may be starting to feel a little tired because you have been getting up early for now the fourth day in a row. Also, the time change is still rearing its head, and some of you may really be feeling it for the first time since Sunday […]

the three legged man optical illusion

Good day to you all, and hope you are enjoying a nice peaceful and relaxing Saturday. We know that some of you are going to have plans like going to special events, and a wedding is the best because it’s a chance to see a couple in love finally get married, and let’s not forget […]

Spinning Rocks on a Wall Optical Illusion

Good morning to you all, and today is Wednesday. We have reached the halfway point in the week, but it is all downhill from here.  Ever walked by a rock wall that looked like something else, and then you realized that you were looking at an optical illusion? Sometimes brick walls are known to contain […]

Tilted House Optical Illusion

So, how are you all enjoying the weekend? I’m telling you now that I’m absolutely loving this warm weather. It may not be a full-on summer heat wave, but I’m definitely pretty happy about it. As a matter of fact, I think I may go out later and grab myself a pina colada. Okay, I […]

3D art

I’m not sure if we have already featured Nagai Hideyuki, but this illustrator is amazing in every sense of the word. The illustrations seen here will pop off the page and leap into your lap. Take a look at how the illustrations make you believe you are in the third dimension. All of the anamorphic […]

Tetrahedron Optical Illusion

Many people have a hard time grasping what the meaning behind an optical illusion really is. I am no exception to the rule although I try my best to decipher the true meaning behind these works of art! Depending on the illusion, I can sit there for what seems like forever and never really get […]

window illusion

When it comes to optical illusions, you never know where you are going to find your next illusion.  It could be right in the comfort of your home for all that matters.  Have you ever stopped and thought about what might be lurking around the rooms of your home?  Did you ever think that something […]

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The question on everyone’s mind when looking at this photo is pretty much the same across the board “how did that horse fit inside the other ones mouth!?” Some may even wonder when horses decided that eating each other was necessary in order to survive; but I believe the bigger question is how could this […]