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We’re probably all familiar with the impossible triangle illusion, or Penrose triangle, right? It’s such a simple design, yet so complex. At first glance, it looks like your typical 3D triangle. However, look a little closer and you can see that the way the sides of the triangle are supposed to be connected are…well, impossible! […]


Anyone on the hunt for some new chairs? How about an optical illusion chair? This great optical illusion chair was sent to me via the Mighty Optical Illusions Facebook chair from Ruben, who seems to have a knack for finding nifty illusions. (I just hope he doesn’t put me out of a job!) Looking at […]


There have been a lot of illusions posted over the years here at Mighty Optical Illusions. Some have been great, and some not so great. In my opinion, though, the best optical illusions are still the classic optical illusions—the ones that are universally recognized and have been around for years. These classic illusions will never […]

trees deer

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a wonderful morning! I wish I could say that my morning was going swimmingly, alas! My coffee pot wasn’t working when I woke up so I predict a long and painful morning here. Goal for today: get a new coffee pot. In the meantime, though, I’ve found a […]


Welcome to Manic Monday! I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend, but it’s back to work now, so it’s time to buckle down. Some of you will be heading off to your offices, I’m sure. Which, I’m sure, is no fun. Unless you have a really cool office, of course! Am I the […]

floating illusion

Looking at an image from a different perspective can be very interesting. However, you have to have just the right image, other wise it just looks strange. Today’s floating illusion still looks strange, but it’s also a pretty great photo optical illusion, at least in my opinion! These two strapping young lads appear to be […]

11911642_1454843718156863_777824964_n (1)

I hope everyone is enjoying Labor Day weekend here in the states! After all of that hard work all year long, it’s kind of nice to get a little recognition, eh? Who am I kidding? It’s nice to get a day or three off and spend some time with The Fam in the backyard around […]


Perfectly timed photographs can be a hoot! In the past, we’ve shared some pretty cool perfectly timed photos as illusions, like the dog with antlers and the dog on a bus. I’ve also had people comment that these are not actually illusions. I disagree, though! If you look at the actual definition of optical illusion… something […]