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upside down books optical illusion

Today’s upside down books optical illusion will leave you staring and scratching your head a little. Well, hopefully, anyway. It’s definitely an interesting illusion. Take a look…. Is it one book or two? Math or physics? Neither and both! It’s an impossible illusion! Interestingly enough, both physics and math make this upside down books optical […]

impossible cabin

In the world of optical illusions, impossible illusions are king! I ran across this interesting impossible winter cabin illusion the other day and coldn’t wait to share it with you guys! Check it out… There are so many different things that make this an impossible cabin illusion that I don’t quite know where to start. […]


My father is quite the carpenter, and I’ve picked up a skill or two from him, so I do know a little about woodworking. Today’s wood optical illusion, however, does have me stumped. I can’t tell if it’s some sort of clever manipulation of the wood and grain pattern or if this image has been […]

how many girls

Today’s illusion comes from Kovacs, who sent it in to the Mighty Optical Illusions Facebook page. Take a look at the image below and ask yourself how many girls are in this photo? At first glance, you probably want to say that there’s a big long line of girls. You may have even tried to […]


Impossible objects have always been a source of fascination, especially with optical illusion lovers. The classic impossible object illusions are pretty well known, like the devil’s fork and the impossible triangle. But, there are still artists creating these awesome illusions today. Tamas Farkas is one of them. From what I can gather, Farkas is a […]


Here’s an optical illusion for the dog owners out there. Because if you own a dog, you’ve seen this floating dog head before… The dog’s head in this photo is obscuring his body with this particular camera angle, making it look like he has a floating head. My black lab puppy is about 6 months, […]

infinity pool

Infinity pools are pretty awesome additions to some houses and hotels. These pools are designed and built to make it appear as though the edge of the pool merges into the landscape in the background. Infinity pools are usually built near an ocean, which makes them look even more massive and impressive. However, infinity pools […]

Hammonasset Beach State Park Connecticut Vitaly Shemyakin

Good morning all! I have a pretty awesome floating island picture for you this morning. Because, well…it seemed like a floating island sort of morning! This photo was taken and sent in by reader Vitaly Shemyakin. It was taken at Hammonasset Beach State Park in Connecticut… The picture itself is really quite beautiful, but the floating island […]