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This one looks awesome! It’s also Google Earth capture that shows some big grass field from big distance. Looking at the logo below, I presume “Cardinals” are some baseball team in Europe. Not sure though. It was done in a same way as those crop circles. Some people have need to create colossal things that […]

Jacek Szydłowski, who goes by the nickname Reiz0r, found this strange weather anomaly in Google Earth. I know how this happens, probably layer snapshots are used from different times of year. However, it looks really cool and little SF. Rez0r wrote this: “First of all, your site is really cool so I use google widget […]

Hy Guys! I have been learning so wasn’t around yesterday. If there is someone who is good in C and C++ programming, drop me an email if you’d like to help me with one simple homework program. It would only take minute to someone good, and eternity to me :) Another thing I noticed, when […]

Just came home from a restaurant, and got pretty much excited after talking with my friend how he managed to receive free video ipod just by using his email address. I had 3rd generation iPod with touch wheel in the past, but somehow it got broken (I probably bought it here WTF ;). Probably I […]

Just wanted to mention that I updated Google Earth category with some cool illusions from the past that can be seen in Google Earth or using web application, Google Maps. I would appreciate if you checked it, and post your thoughts on that category. Also, if you encounter any errors, be sure to drop me […]

After Cuban ghost ship, we have Malaysia ghost plane. It passed over a month from Seong Chai Low’s submission. Finally his Google Earth illusion is up! I’m moving along slowly, posting all your unreviewed submission (there are over 100 pending in my mailbox). I like to say that “patience is a virtue”, so be sure […]

Philip Terry emailed me another NASA picture of the day. This picture of Mt. Everest was taken from the space station, posted on the NASA website. Phillip said: “What’s the deal? I stared at this picture for a half an hour, seeing it inverted. I had to leave and go back to the computer to […]

Hmm, it looks like some giant basketball player lives at the Munich airport in Germany. This photo was taken by satellite, and can be found using Google Maps. Is this really a shadow or something else? My sanity says one thing, and my eyes believe something else. How did this occur? You tell me! This […]