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Optical Illusion

Enjoy a good brain teaser every now and then? If you said yes to this then I dare you to take a chance at this brain teaser. The object of this exercise is to say the name of the color the word is printed in, not what the word says. The second part of this […]

It’s easy enough to add pixelated characters to any photograph using Photoshop, but when you opt to inject classic video game characters into real life without photo manipulation, that takes a little more thought and effort. That’s why DeviantArt user ChozoBoy’s pixelized Samus Aran and Chozo Metroid costumes are so darn impressive whether viewed in […]


Item now available in webshop Purchase It! Some of you may remember, how few months ago we’ve posted a peculiar illusory toy, named Dice Mirror. After seeing such an amount of positive reactions, I decided to share another interesting puzzle which is also available to wider public. This one is called Preposterous Puzzle, and logic […]

Escape The Room Game

What I bring you today, has very little to do with optical illusions. Still, in order to solve this puzzle, you have to apply your puzzle-solving experience, as well as use your brain extensively. Those of you who follow our website from day one, will remember the original “Escape The Crimson Room” puzzle. I was […]

Philip Ludens and few other of our loyal fans have submitted this interesting story for our website to publish. The author of this image, Brock Davis found a unique way to combine his love of Halo game and his passion for drawing. He created a 3D self-portrait using Halo 3′s Forge tool. The intriguing image […]

Chris submitted this funny gag few days before! It has been circulating the net lately, but I haven’t seen it previously, since I’m not the biggest fan of Super Mario (been playing PC games as a kid, not Nintendo). Basically what Chris wants you to do, is to find all the letters with shiny star […]

If you came to this article via pc widget or mac widget, you probably only saw the image on the left. While it is an awesome illusion, it has been covered on this site many times. In short, the room is constructed in special way, so that when you walk across it, it appears you […]

Hidden Tiger Optical Illusion

I just finished posting an interesting Interactive Magic Trick, on Mighty Tricks homepage, and now came here to update you with newest optical illusion for today. I just hope it already became your habit to check both websites when one is updated. This is because I update both sites at the same time, just one […]