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different colored eyes

I’m one of those odd individuals who doesn’t have just one eye color. My eye color changes, depending on all sorts of things. Everything from what I wear to my mood to the weather can influence my eye color of the day. It might sound kind of cool to some people, but it can get […]

pulsating color illusion

We’ve had some pretty funky and trippy optical illusions here on Mighty Optical Illusions in the past, and I hope to add to that collection today. This green and pink pulsating color illusion was enough to completely mesmerize me for a few moments this morning… You’d swear this was a moving image, wouldn’t you? Like […]

color illusion

With two kids home sick with a mild case of food poisoning, I’m quite behind with today’s tasks. You’ll have to excuse the lateness and shortness of today’s post. Hopefully, the sheer awesomeness of today’s color illusion will speak for itself… Okay, so it’s not mind blowing, but it’s still pretty cool. You might not […]

gray illusion which is darker

Okay, so I was going through the Mighty Optical Illusions email, and I ran across an interesting submission from Ant Dude. (Yes – Ant Dude.) He sent me a pretty cool image asking me which was darker—the left side of the right side? Being the inquisitive little squirrel that I am, I couldn’t help but […]

gray diamonds illusion

Can you tell which row of gray diamonds is the darkest in the image below? If you’re like most people, you probably said that the top row in this diamonds illusion is the darkest. It certainly looks darker than the bottom row after all. But, what if I told you that each of the gray […]

color illusion

Halloween is over and gone for the years, and that means…it’s time to celebrate Christmas! No? Not feeling the Christmas holiday just yet? I’m surprised, since most of the stores have already busted all of the holiday lights and decor. No matter. Whether you’re geared up for the holiday already (weirdo!) or content to hide […]

color optical illusion

You probably remember a few months back when a simple dress took the Internet by storm overnight. Almost everyone had an opinion about this color illusion—whether it was white and gold or blue and black. Some even saw it one way, then it changed to another color, seemingly like magic and sometimes right before their […]

red pill blue pill

The blue pill and the red pill were first seen in the movie The Matrix, when Morpheus gives Neo a choice—take the blue pill to stay asleep in the fabricated world The Matrix created or take the red pill to wake up and learn the truth. Even today, the red pill blue pill symbols are still […]