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Count the Legs Optical Illusion

Happy Tuesday to everyone! The week is still getting started, but don’t worry, the weekend will be here soon enough and everyone gets an extended one since it’s the 4th of July! Today’s optical illusion is one that is a lot of fun because it is basically a trick of the eye! What do you […]

How Many Circles

Sunday is here, which means one more day of the weekend to enjoy! Hope everyone is having a great weekend, and it is time for another stunning optical illusion! This is a very special illusion because once again, the eyes will see something, but the mind may see something else, or vice versa! This illusion […]

True or False Optical Illusion

The weekend is coming to an end and I hope all of you have had an excellent weekend. I’ve certainly enjoyed mine to the fullest extent and I hope that you have, as well. What did you end up doing all weekend? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Now, I know you’re ready […]

Watch the Orange Dot Optical Illusion

How’s everyone’s weekend going thus far? I really hope you’re all having an excellent day. A user sent this optical illusion to me via a message on the MoIllusions Facebook page. As I’ve said before, I highly appreciate all of the illusions that all of you kind people send over to me. It certainly makes […]

Math Test Optical Illusion

It’s Friday, Friday, got to get down on Friday! Okay, so I didn’t really mean to quote one of the worst songs of all time there. In case you didn’t know, that’s a Rebecca Black song and it’s been dubbed as being one of the worst songs of all time. Either way, I’m just excited, […]

Twins Optical Illusion

How’s everyone doing out there today? I can tell you now that I certainly got lucky over the weekend. The rain held out long enough to allow me to take advantage of the weekend, but Monday it started to rain really hard. I was seriously worried that there may be a power outage in my […]

Car on a Skateboard Optical Illusion

How many skateboarders do we have in the house today? Leave a comment below if you’re a skateboarder and you love it. I love to hang out with my friends and watch them pull off some amazing tricks, but I hate to admit it that skateboarding just isn’t for me. I tried riding on my […]

Dead Flower Optical Illusion

Are all of you having a great weekend so far? I certainly hope you have some great plans for this lovely Saturday. I’m actually only going to be online long enough just to supply you all with a brand new optical illusion and then I am going to go outside and enjoy the weekend. I […]