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light switches

Another Monday, another work week. Yee haw… After a relaxing weekend, I’m sure y’all need a little something to get that brain in gear again. Today’s image is less of an optical illusion and more of a puzzle. A light switch puzzle to be exact. Take a look at the image below. Believe it or […]

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Line illusion

It’s going to be a busy, bust day for me, so I’m going to give you a simple line illusion to ponder today… You’ve probably already seen a line illusion of this sort before, so you probably already know what’s coming. Which red line is longer? The answer? the red lines in this line illusion […]

matchstick puzzle

I haven’t posted a brainteaser on here in a little while, have I. This morning, I woke up with matchstick puzzles on my mind for some reason. I’m odd, I know. Maybe I dreamed about them, or maybe I’m just meant to post a matchstick puzzle today. Maybe my decision will set a series of […]

Key illusion test

I know this is an optical illusion website, but I have a bit of a puzzle for you guys this morning. It’s a simple little key puzzle, but it’s fun nonetheless. All you have to do is tell me which keyhole this key fits into. This key puzzle may seem easy, but it’s a little […]


It took me quite a while to figure out today’s illusion. It was sent into the Mighty Optical Illusions Facbook page by Patrick C. I can back to the image a few times and finally had to message Patrick to have him tell me what was wrong with this picture! Can you do better than […]

White circles optical illusion

I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood for a classic optical illusion today. Lucky for us, I recently found such an illusion that I don’t think has been published on the site yet. Well at least I don’t think so. This white circles optical illusion is definitely simple, but it’s still a […]

move just one matchstick math brain teaser

Good morning! I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll mention it again—finding illusions that havent already been posted on the site before is getting pretty tricky! I mean, we’ve done them all it seems, from the classic illusions to the more obscure ones, Photoshopped gems to perfectly timed photographs. I know you guys get a little […]

Is this gray bar the same color

It’s been a little while since this site has tried to trick your brain with a little color optical illusion. So, today I thought I’d throw out a color optical illusion to get you thinking. First, I want you to take a look at this image, specifically the gray bar… Is the gray bar one […]