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An excellent photograph was sent to me by Marcus yesterday. After a while the magic disappeared – since longer I observed it, less illusionary it felt. Still, I remember firmly how strong and puzzling was the moment I first glazed my eyes over the photo. For a second there, I trully couldn’t understand what was […]

This guy Liu slowly starts to annoy me… After I have finally managed to see him in each of his previous stunts, he does it all over again, presenting us with whole new set of photos from his latest performances. Not to mention he’s getting better with each blend! I guess we should be happy, […]

My last post started a really meaningful discussion, which I’m glad it did. I’m also very proud of you for keeping the discussion at civilised level, refraining yourselves from throwing insults at those not sharing same views. As a reward, let me share this interesting illusion friend of mine found on Instagram. Since this is […]

Body Paint Car by Emma Hack

Just like Trina and Ryan, who body-painted those hot motorcycles last week, Emma Hack came up with something even more peculiar! She imagined a car that had been involved in a small crash, then built it by painting and positioning 17 naked men and women down to the smallest detail. Recreating a “perfect car” perhaps wash’t […]

So what do you get if you combine yoga, bodypaint and nude models? “Human Motorcycles” as it appears, at least this was the case with our latest post. Featured art installation is a culmination of collaboration between bodypaint artists Trina Merry and Ryan Berman, where resulting motorcycles will tour with the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows in the […]

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Judging by your reactions, you just can’t have enough of body-paint illusions! Is it really so, or do the models serving as a canvas have something to do with this? Anyway, here’s an interesting shot of a swan painted on a naked gal. The author behind it is talented Gesine Marwedel from Germany, Dortmund whose […]

Ray Massey is one hell of a talented artist. How he does his hand paintings and body-art is more than incredible. Just check the Finger Pen illusion on your right! It took me ages before I understood the illusion completely, but once I did – my mind literally exploded. Inside this post you can find few […]

It could’ve seemed I was less active for the past few days, as updates came in less regularly and were mostly done by Jill. But rest assured I was deep in the matter, doing some mighty updates in the beck-end of this site. For example, remember how some of you complained that when we post animated […]