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Everybody has met someone in their life that as two faced. You know the type! Someone who tells one person one thing, then turns around and tells someone else something completely different. Ugh! I hate that sort of attitude! But, I do love me a great two faced illusion! I generally don’t like two faced […]


Remember that two faces optical illusion a while back? The one that looked like a fused front and profile of a man? Well, I’ve found a slighty new and different version of this type of face illusion… The original two face illusion was clearly a Photoshop job, but I don’t believe today’s profile face illusion is. […]


Anyone else gearing up for a crazy weekend? Yeah, me either… But, I do have a pretty crazy face paint illusion for you today! Yikes! At first glance, it appears that this gentleman has a giant mouth! It’s just a giant mouth face paint illusion, though. With the help of a little makeup and a […]

screenshot-i.imgur.com 2015-05-21 07-30-38

Today’s optical illusion may leave you a little creeped out. It’s like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, or a blast from the future. It’s a robot leg! Eek! This robot leg reminds me a little of I, Robot. I’m just waiting for a creepy robot voice to say “You have been deemed hazardous.” […]

Human Hummingbird Optical Illusion

Wednesday is here, and it’s time to breathe a little easier because it means the halfway point of the week has arrived. For some of the young, the week is not moving fast enough, but for others its moving along at its usual speed. So, how many of you have a hummingbird feeder right now […]

Nighttime In the Park Optical Illusion

Hello to all of you and welcome to Tuesday! The week is still getting started, and for us here in the office, it still seems like Monday to us. How about you all? Well while going through some cool optical illusions, we found today’s, and its definitely an interesting one courtesy of a friend of […]

Elephant Body Paint Optical Illusion

Good afternoon everyone and Monday is back and so are we after the weekend. So what are you all doing today? We know you all probably a little cranky, and we understand especially after a weekend of getting to sleep in and doing what you want. However, we have today’s optical illusion, which we think […]

Living Portrait Optical Illusion

Hi everyone and welcome to Sunday! Today is the last day of the weekend, and we know you all have something planned for it. So, we thought we would do something fun! Today’s optical illusion is all about a picture of a girl, but the problem is that this is not just an ordinary portrait. […]