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Eagle Hand Optical Illusion

Good day to you all, and happy Friday! The last day of the week is here and time to get to work so you can get home and begin the weekend.  While you all are doing things, you may go somewhere that features art work, and you may be considering buying someone a nice work […]

alligator hand optical illusion

Good morning and happy Tuesday to you all! Today is another glorious day to be alive, and another day for an unexpected adventure to happen. How do you all feel about alligators? Do you not think that those giant lizards are not descended directly from dinosaurs?  Today’s optical illusion is all about an alligator, but […]

Human Cantaloupe Optical Illusion

Ahh Saturday is here, and hopefully, you all got to sleep in, and can spend the rest of the day being lazy and doing whatever you want. Some people love to go to the farmer’s markets that usually take place in the summer and fall, and at these markets, people can find all kinds of […]

Human Leg Optical Illusion

Friday is finally here! Today, after work, the weekend officially begins, and everyone is sure to be excited that they do not have to work for two whole days!  With the weekend almost here, a lot of you may do things that are creative like painting, which leads us right into today’s optical illusion. Take […]

Human or Robot Optical Illusion

Happy Thursday to you all, and the week is slowly winding down toward and the weekend will be here soon.  For decades now, human beings have fiddled with the idea of creating the perfect robot that looks so much like a human that no one can ever tell the difference. There have even been big […]

The Human Lock Optical Illusion

Wednesday is here, and week is half over, and everyone is breathing a sigh of relief that the work week is beginning to wind down! Good Morning to you all, grab a cup of coffee and let’s sit and talk for a moment. In a famous movie, the main character makes a statement that a […]

The Human Rose Optical Illusion

Happy Tuesday everyone, and hope your day is filled with fun and excitement.  After a long day of working, some people do things after they get home to help them relax. Some people like to read, while others prefer doing something more active like working in their flower gardens. Today’s optical illusion is all about […]

moth-with-painted-woman-in-middle optical illusion

Yesterday, I decided to give your brain a bit of a challenge by posting up a brain teaser optical illusion. It has been a while since I posted a brain teaser, because I’ve been trying to give your big brains a rest. Yesterday’s brain teaser was simple, yet highly effective. In other words, your brains […]