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stumped the internet

Okay, so I have probably one of the best optical illusions I’ve seen in quite a while for you today. It’s quite a doozey too, because it wasn’t just me that was confused this time either. This sucker has stumped the Internet! This was originally posted by Savannah Root from Lamar, Missouri, and the whole debacle […]

how to draw optical illusions

I publish lots of pretty cool optical illusions on here. While most of them look complicated and impossible, some of them can actually be created at home. Today’s post will show you how to draw optical illusions. There are actually tons of YouTube videos that show you how to draw optical illusions, but I wanted […]


Impossible objects have always been a source of fascination, especially with optical illusion lovers. The classic impossible object illusions are pretty well known, like the devil’s fork and the impossible triangle. But, there are still artists creating these awesome illusions today. Tamas Farkas is one of them. From what I can gather, Farkas is a […]

shadow optical illusion

One of our readers recently sent a link to an artist’s website that you might find interesting. Kumi Yamashita is a Japanese artist who creates some pretty amazing pieces with light and shadow. Each piece is created by carefully sculpting an object so that it throws a shadow when placed in front of a light […]

Orange moon illusion

Our friend Kovacs came through with quite a few more pretty cool illusions again. I just checked the Mighty Optical Illusions Facebook page, and saw that he sent some pretty neat illusions. This orange moon illusion, though, really caught my eye! I love this picture! It looks like an orange moon, but it’s really just […]

alphabet optical illusion

Good morning, all, and happy St. Paddy’s Day! I hope everyone’s week is winding to a close nicely. It should prove to be a stressful St. Paddy’s Day for me, since I’m in a strange city with my father, who’s having surgery this morning. Well, at least he has the luck of the Irish with […]


Sometimes, an image just sweeps you off your feet. It takes your breathe away and captivates you the first time that you look at it and every time afterward. It sticks in your mind and pops into your head at random times. Might sound strange to some people, but that’s what today’s image did to […]

bullet shooting 1

Whether you’re a fan of guns or not, you kinda have to appreciate the awesomeness of a perfectly timed photo of a bullet shooting through something. The skill and patience required to capture these shots is just crazy. Not to mention, the timing of the shot and the aim of the marksman also has to […]