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I’ve been pretty into artsy illusions lately, and I’ve been running across quite a few of them lately. The most recent one is an interesting and kind of funky fist illusion.   This fist illusion looks like it was drawn onto the hand with a blue marker or pen. Whoever did the drawing did a […]


I’ve put a few drawing optical illusions on the site in the past, because I just love them! I really admire anyone with artistic talent, and I know it takes a lot to draw, paint, or even just create, especially illusions. My brother was the one with the artistic talent in the family, and I […]

draw an optical illusion

Anyone fascinated with optical illusions has probably wanted to try their own hand at it at some point. Drawing optical illusions, though, can seem pretty impossible, partly because the objects of your art are themselves impossible at time. However, it might be a lot easier to draw optical illusion images than you think. You don’t […]

hans holbein 3D painting

We sometimes think of optical illusions as more modern additions to the world of art. But, this simply isn’t true. Optical illusions have been around forever! The Ambassadors is an oil on oak painting by Hans Holbein. This painting is a double portrait and it includes several seemingly random objects in the background. But, there’s […]

painted pinup illusion 2

There’s some amazing allure with pinup models. It’s not that they’re all exquisitely beautiful or exotic, nor do they all have perfect bodies either. I think it’s more of an attitude or presence that is somehow captured by the camera. Whatever the obsession, their ability to captivate audiences is pretty spectacular. Today’s painted pinup illusion […]

lined paper drawing illusion

Drawn optical illusions have always fascinated me. It takes a certain talent to create any sort of art, but optical illusion art takes some massive talent! I posted a lined paper drawing illusion or two in the past, and I ran across another one today that I wanted to share… I’m not sure if these […]

hidden body paint

There haven’t been many body paint illusions posted on the site lately. I think because they just didn’t seem very popular with you guys. But, I ran across a pretty awesome hidden body paint illusion that I wanted to share with you. I think you’ll love it! Take a look at the image below and […]

mona lisa illusion

Okay, so I’m going to mess with your heads a little bit this morning. We’ve posted lots of pretty awesome moving optical illusions on here in the past, and they’re always quite popular. So, I hope you all enjoy this moving Mona Lisa illusion! When you look at the face in the Mona Lisa illusion […]