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newspaper under the skin optical illusion

Good morning everyone! Today is Thursday, and Thursday is the favorite day of a lot of people because it means that there is just one more day until the weekend begins! Yes, believe it or not, some people do consider Friday the start of the weekend even though it is still a week day! Some […]

Miguel Angel Tattoo Optical Illusion

Today is Tuesday, and hopefully you all are still having a good week!  There are millions of people in the world that have tattoos, and the reason why they get them is usually for a very personal reason that they may or may not share with others.  Today’s optical illusion is all about love, and […]

Good morning everyone! Today is Monday, and everyone is just starting their week! Hopefully, you all got plenty of rest over the weekend, and are rested and refreshed for a brand new week! How many of you have ever played with shadow puppets, or watched when someone else did shadow puppets? Shadows can be fun, […]

Hidden Face Optical Illusion

Happy Hump Day! It’s Wednesday, which means that the week is officially half over, and the weekend is getting that much closer.  When the weekend comes, people can leave the big city and get back to nature, which may include doing some flower picking. Flowers are beautiful, and thy make the world a better place. […]

Face Tattoo Optical Illusion

Happy Saturday to everyone, and you should take a break from the computers and head outside for some fun in the summer sun! When people are outside, they end to wear tank tops and sleeveless shirts, and people can really see some great tattoos, like today’s optical illusion! However, some tattoos can play tricks on […]

Black and White Tattooed Arm Optical Illusion

Good Morning Everyone and happy Friday to each and every single one of you because now, the weekend is just a tiny step away!  So, how do you all feel about arm tattoos? Some people love them as long as it’s the right kind, and today’s optical illusion is actually quite amazing for the fact […]

Broken Wall Optical Illusion

Today is Tuesday, and everyone may still be recovering from the extra-long weekend for the 4th of July, but things will soon be back to normal.  Today’s optical illusion is all about what the human eye can see. Now, take a look at this, and what do you see? Does it not look like the […]

Arm Tattoo Optical Illusion

Happy Monday every one and today is the last day of June! The 4th of July is coming, and hopefully, you all have plans for that special holiday like having a barbecued hamburger and spending time with friends and family.  Some people want to do certain things in order to express themselves like dye their […]