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Is this gray bar the same color

It’s been a little while since this site has tried to trick your brain with a little color optical illusion. So, today I thought I’d throw out a color optical illusion to get you thinking. First, I want you to take a look at this image, specifically the gray bar… Is the gray bar one […]

Moving Tunnel

Holy warp speed, Spock! Have I got a fun optical illusion for you today! When I first saw this tunnel optical illusion, I had to double check that it wasn’t really moving, because it sure looks like it! Don’t believe me? Check it out! Crazy, no? This tunnel optical illusion is absolutely amazing! Well, I think […]

Insects Have Heart

Hello there and welcome to Thursday everyone! For a lot of people, Thursday is their favorite day of the week, and the reason why they do is the fact that it means that there is only one more day of the week left. The question we have for all of you today is how do […]

Flashing Colors Optical Illusion

Good morning, and happy Thursday to you all! It has been a hectic week thanks to having Monday off, but once this week is over, everything should be getting back to normal!  So, how do you all feel about anything that flashes?  Since today is Thursday, we have found an optical illusion that may blow […]

Black and White Tunnel Optical Illusion

Friday is here, and let the weekend begin! The great thing about the weekend is that there is so many fun things to do, like explore brand new places. Take a look at today’s optical illusion, it is just the colors of black and white together, but they sure do seem to form a tunnel […]

Spinning Red Bricks Optical Illusion

Ah Sunday, a day of rest and reflection , and hopefully that is what you all are doing today! There is an old song from the 1980s that talks about how someone can spin someone else around like a record. Now, with today’s optical illusion, that is exactly what you get! You spin me right […]

Two Direction Swirling Squares Optical Illusion

Sunday is upon us all, and it can be sad because this means that today is the last day of the weekend, but some people have the most fun relaxing on Sundays, so don’t get down on yourself! What is it about illusions that people find so interesting? Is it the fact that these illusions […]

Black and White Circle Optical Illusion

It’s Sunday, and you all should be resting or even planning on doing something fun for this last day of the 4th of July weekend. So, which is it? Are you all relaxing or making plans? Well, take a moment to look at this illusion involving a black and white circle. Does it look like […]