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It’s the start of the weekend, and judging by the wet nasty outside my window, it isn’t going to be a very nice one! The little man also has a midget football game today, so today should be extra fun! On a lighter note, I have a fun illusion for you today! I’ve been looking […]

centaur optical illusion

A centaur is a mythological creature with the head, arms, and torso of a human. The lower half of its body is that of a horse, including all four legs, a horse’s body, and a tail. Sounds like an interesting creature, doesn’t it? But, of course, there are no real centaurs, at least today. Or is […]


Good morning! I hope everyone is having a lovely morning so far. I got a few very important things straightened out this week, so I’m a little less stressed out than I was over the weekend, so that’s always good. Today’s my busy day, though, so I’m looking at a long day at work. And, […]

penguin maze

It’s been quit a rough week, and I needed something fun today. Today’s penguin illusion isn’t a true penguin illusion, I’ll admit, but it’s a fun little weekend mind exercise. It’s actually a penguin maze! Starting from the upper left corner, see how long it takes you to make it out of the maze in the lower […]


Remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted the picture of the dog face woman? I couldn’t help but think that she looked angry or worried at the time. Now, I’m pretty sure I figured out why! She was upset because she couldn’t find her boyfriend—Dog Face Man! He doesn’t look very happy either. […]

fun cat picture illusion

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and these days we have the world at our fingertips! Almost anything we need to know or learn is literally only a click or tap away. The potential for learning and expanding our minds is almost limitless. It’s crazy! People have all of this information, and…we choose to […]

Cow grazing

Multiple meaning illusions are probably some of my favorite illusions. When you first look at them, you may see one image, but when you look a little harder, you’ll see something entirely different. Most people will see one image or the other at first, then the second image will slowly come into focus. Sometimes it […]


Perfectly timed photographs can be a hoot! In the past, we’ve shared some pretty cool perfectly timed photos as illusions, like the dog with antlers and the dog on a bus. I’ve also had people comment that these are not actually illusions. I disagree, though! If you look at the actual definition of optical illusion… something […]