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Magician and cat optical illusion picture

Today is Thursday, and good morning to you all.  The alarm went off this morning, and it was probably hard to get out of bed, but you did it, and we congratulate you on your dedication to your job! Some of you have interesting jobs, but today’s optical illusion shows a man with a very […]

Inner Beast Optical Illusion

Good morning everyone and welcome to another glorious day in 2015. Today is Tuesday, and are you all out of bed and getting ready for work? Before you all leave the house, we’re sure you all have things to do like make the bed, and perhaps, put some food out for your favorite little furry […]

Dog Catching Bubble optical illusion

Happy Tuesday morning everyone! Welcome to Tuesday morning, and you all may be into your second cup of coffee right now.  Did any of you have Monday off to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr? Well if you didn’t then we are very sorry, but if you did then what did you all do? Those of […]

Two headed dog optical illusion

Welcome to Sunday morning everyone! Hope your weekend is going good and you all are relaxing on this last day of the weekend before heading back to work on Monday morning. One thing that some of you may be doing is enjoying time with your pets. Are you all cat people or dog people? For […]


Happy Friday morning to all of you! The last day of the work week is here, and we know you all are anxious to get dressed, and get to work, so you can get home that much faster.  How many of you all have a sweet little pet that you can come home to, but […]

Squirrel Reading Paper Optical Illusion

Morning everyone and welcome to another week of fun! Today is Monday, and we know how hard it was to get up once that alarm clock went off.  However, we know you all can do it, so get out of bed, wash your face, and grab a giant cup of coffee because the day has […]

Stretchy Cat optical illusion

Happy Saturday morning to you all! Did you have a nice Friday night? Well, today is Saturday, and it means you are free to do whatever you want. Do you all have pets? Pets can really be great because they can help people relax, and give a lot of unconditional love and companionship. So, speaking […]

turkey lady optical illusion

Good Morning! It is Friday, and all of you must be pretty relieved that this is the last day of work, and that it is time to get that bit of work done so the weekend can begin. You all have worked so hard over the course of these five days, and now you have […]