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Nationa Geographic Camel Illusion

Wow! While watching the TV show Brain Games last night, and they showed a pretty awesome photograph that I just had to share with you guys! Check out this National Geographic camel illusion! It’s pretty obvious that this is a photograph of a camel train traveling across the desert, no? So, you might be wondering why […]

screenshot-washingtonperry.com 2015-06-18 00-23-50

Good morning! Today’s animal illusions are brought to you by Jeep. Well, sort of. Okay they’re not really brought to you by Jeep, per say, but they’re definitely inspired by Jeep! More specifically, these animal illusions are part of one of Jeep’s recent ad campaigns. This awesome Jeep ad campaign features a few pretty great […]


In my Internet travels this weekend, I ran across a few pretty cool illusions drawn on lined paper. The drawings aren’t your typical 6th grade doodles either. The lines on the paper are incorporated into the drawings to give them a 3D effect. Here’s a fun little lined paper cat illusion as an example… The […]

    Today’s addition to Mighty Optical Illusions is actually a series of fun animal optical illusions. As I was poking around looking at some neat animal optical illusions, I ran across a series of clever ad campaigns run by the Buenos Aires zoo a while back. From what I can tell, this ad campaign […]


Has anyone else seen this cat optical illusion floating around Facebook? It was even featured on the Today Show, and I’m not sure how I missed it until now. Take a look… Now look again and answer me this—is that cat going up or down the stairs? People who have looked at this cat on […]

Super Ant

Hello everyone! Well today is Tuesday, and how has your week been so far? Might be a too soon to tell since it barely began, but you never know just what surprises a day can hold.  So how are all of you doing? Well some of us here in the office have been feeling under […]

Karate Cat Optical Illusion

Hello everyone, and welcome to Monday! We know, we know that the weekend is now over, and now it’s back to work. However, there are some things to look forward to like Friday when the Avengers 2 come out? We are all very happy about that movie coming out, and we are counting down the […]

Sunset beast

Good day everyone and welcome to Saturday, the very last one in the month of April. Wow did the month go by fast because it seems like just yesterday we all were dying eggs and cooking ham to celebrate Easter.  How many of you love to go outside when the sun is setting to watch […]