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Perfectly timed photographs can be a hoot! In the past, we’ve shared some pretty cool perfectly timed photos as illusions, like the dog with antlers and the dog on a bus. I’ve also had people comment that these are not actually illusions. I disagree, though! If you look at the actual definition of optical illusion… something […]

cat illusion

A fat fluffy cat can be the perfect companion. I have such a fat fluffy cat, and she’s a perfect little sweetheart; always there when I need her and trying to rub her entire body all over me even when I want left alone. I swear that cat is constantly up my butt! She plops her […]

Walking a two headed dog

I hope you’ve been enjoying the optical illusions this week. It’s Sunday, though, and I’m thinking we need a fun photo illusion! So, here’s a pretty unique two-headed dog for your viewing pleasure… I think that walking a two headed dog down the street might get you a few strange looks, don’t you think? Of […]

two headed goat

I’ve posted a few crazy moving optical illusions lately, and my eyes need a bit of a break! So, I thought a fun illusion would be a nice break today! I went digging through my little collection of reserve optical illusions, carefully avoiding the crazy eyeball killers mind you, and came up with a couple […]

hidden horse rider illusion 1

Monday morning – rise and shine! It’s the start of a new work week for many of us, so it’s time to shake off the weekend and and put our noses to the grindstone again. I figured that a clever little puzzle illusion would (hopefully) help get your brain working again this morning. So, let’s […]

Dog With Antlers

From time to time, people send us illusions through the Mighty Optical Illusions Facebook page. I’m not always able to put them up on the site, usually because they’ve been posted in the past. However, Gérard sent me a fun photo illusion yesterday of a dog with antlers. I haven’t found where it’s previously been posted […]

man dog illusion

Dog is man’s best friend, as they say. Oftentimes, the two are almost inseparable. Wherever man goes, dog goes and wherever dog goes, man isn’t far behind. Today’s illusion is an ode to the amazing bond between man and dog. But, can you find the man in this dog illusion…? It may be a bit […]

DaVinci Horse

I’ve got quite an interesting horse illusion for you today! Have any of you seen this going around social media lately? Meet Da Vinci, the foal with a rather unusual birthmark, if you will. Dubbed Vinny by his owners, this little chestnut foal was born in May at the Fyling Hall riding school at Robin Hood’s […]