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We’ve featured tons of 3D chalk drawings on the site before, but what makes this one particularly special isn’t the subject matter (although Mouse Trap is a great choice), but the awesome video of the masterpiece being completed. The lead artist behind this work is Tracy Lee Stum, who happens to hold a Guinness World […]

This 3D anamorphic pencil illustration of Newton’s Cradle was sent to us by reader Joshua Stacy. The shading effect on the artwork is so realistic, I almost expect to see the balls clacking together. In fact, if you’re reading this Joshua, I think it would be amazing if you created a few similar drawings that […]

I’m a big fan of Dali, but not because of his classic artworks that can be seen on dorm room posters in college campuses across America. No, what I admire about Salvador Dali was his ability to see things in an entirely different manner from those around him. All of his paintings reflect this brilliance, […]

Hello fellow illusion enthusiasts. First off, as a new writer to this great website, I’d like to introduce myself to you all. My name is Jill Harness and if you’re an active blogosphere reader, you may have read some of my articles on sites like Oddee, Neatorama and Mental Floss. I also have my own […]

atlantis anamorphosis by Istvan Orovitz 1

We are well introduced with anamorphic drawings, and most of you know that #Istvan Orovitz dedicated his life to create some of the best and most complex anamorphic drawings today. This time he did something he called Atlantis. I’m not sure whether he gave us a secret map of a long lost civilization, or just […]

There were bunch of new anamorphoses lately, and I thought to myself what could be better than closing the cycle with a nice video showing these works in action. Fortunately, I found one. As you may observe, the images start out scrambled and skewed, but as we often explained, when a cylinder mirror is placed […]

Dinterville Istvan Orovitz Anamorphosis Optical Illusion

The picture shown below was created by the Hungarian artist István Orosz. As we noted in one of our previous posts, Istvan has a great interest in anamorphic designs. If you know how to look, you can even see an anamorphic motive hidden inside this picture. Instead of looking directly at the screen, try and […]

Suzanne Daly contacted me with an impressive collection of anamorphic drawings. Most of them we already had showcased on this site, but there were few interesting ones I’ve never encountered before. One of them I’ll feature today. Can you help me by recognizing the portrait reflecting on the metal cylinder? The interesting thing about such […]