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Beach 3D Chalk Drawing

There are some amazing artists out there and some of them choose chalk as their creation tool of choice. Just think, some of those kids you used to play with that drew on the sidewalk decided that they were never going to put that piece of chalk down. Instead, they decided that they were going […]

Elevator Death Trap

There are some amazing things that people have been able to draw with chalk. One of my favorite things to check out are those amazing 3D chalk drawings that people come up with. Typically, these drawings are done on the street, but sometimes people get a big creative and put them in other places and […]

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Anamorphic Painting Illusion

Hopefully at one point or another, you’ve been blessed to have witnessed a beautiful anamorphic painting such as the one below. Maybe, you didn’t realize you even came across one and you completely overlooked the sheer beauty. Walking through the streets in Barcelona, I stumbled upon a work of art that made me stop dead […]


It never ceases to amaze me what some people can do with a little chalk and their imagination. This amazing street art optical illusion comes from a combination of angle and proper scaling. Unlike some other 3-D chalk drawings, this unique design makes the gazer look as if he is standing above the sidewalk hole. […]

I’m not sure if we already featured Alessandro Diddi, a skilled italian illustrator. Just watch how brilliantly he makes it possible for his viewers to believe his drawings are popping out of the page into the third dimension! All of the below incredible anamorphic illustrations play with light, shading, and perspective to trick the human […]

If you haven’t heard of Julian Beever before, head straight to the #3D Chalk Drawings category first! The ferris wheel featured on your right was hand drawn by before-mentioned chalk artist of unquestionable talent. After originally painting it in Santiago, Chile, Julian noted it was one of the most difficult drawings he has ever attempted. […]

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We’ve all been fooled once or twice by something that has been cleverly folded, manipulated, or reflected to look unusual or impossible. Being able to create an illusion with nothing more than a pencil and a well-placed light source is something decidedly more complicated, not to mention impressive. #Ramon Bruin, a young Dutch artist who […]

Browsing Moillusions history articles for a while made me realise we haven’t had that many #murals lately. Not being lazy, I started crawling my repository for something cool that could fill the gap, when this magnificent building appeared right in front of me – the photo depicts a mural of a blueprint, painted on a side […]