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By on December 27, 2009, with 41 Comments

Here and then, Internet websites dedicated to LEGO organize a contest, where people can submit their entires, resulting with some very creative submissions. Flickr user named 2MuchCaffeine has posted his second entry for the CCCVII contest, but what is more important (at least to us) is that his castle has number of optical illusions implemented in it’s design. Check out the first photo, and then try and spot as many optical illusions you can. I’ve also included another photo, shot under different angle, detailing how he achieved the optical illusion without using a photo editing program. Are you impressed as I am, with the amount of thought that went building this? For more LEGO illusions, check out this link.

Castle of Illusions
Castle of Illusions


41 Responses
  1. anonymous says:

    amazing, i never knew you can do that with lego

  2. Haylz says:

    That’s pretty cool for someone to have that amount of patience. I know I wouldn’t :P

  3. Johnny Jack Pompolla says:

    Are Only 2 illusions?

  4. Dan Yu Wang says:

    reminds me of the game “Echochrome”

  5. GreenGirl13 says:

    Oha cool ilusion!!
    It seams that nobody checks ilusions this timeof the year because Im the only one to coment and usualy there’s like 50 people ahed of me on the coments XD

  6. Alexendria says:

    Really cool! Awesome, nicely planned.

  7. Care Bear says:

    No wonder Lego was named Toy of the Century. These are so cute despite the fact that when my kids were little I was always discovering legos in the strangest places–like my shoes.

  8. shruti says:

    wow !!
    this is amazing…… n i can spot only two, impossible objects type illusion in the first photo.
    1. d towers seem to impossible but d second photo describes it

    n 2. d gateway also seems impossible but is justified in d second photo…//

  9. Renz Garcia says:

    That’s clever! I’m not good with building complicated lego stuff. I wish I was good at it!

  10. chuibby says:

    I love when these opticals illusions are based on our angle of view :P

  11. sam says:

    really cool

  12. DIANE LEREW says:

    I don’t see any. Someone help me out!!!

  13. purplepeopleeater says:

    lol first to post!!!!! anyway thats super funny

  14. Anusha says:


  15. Alicia says:

    i dont get it??? tell me what its supposed to mean!!! plz

  16. Kate says:

    Very very clever, thanks for that

  17. Synco says:

    Nice illusion,
    I was puzzled how he did it, when looking at the first picture only. Although I am familiar with technique he used, as revealed in the second picture. I did not realize it was done that way until I saw the second picture. So the illusion worked for me. Thanks

  18. wowaname says:

    Well darn, that ruined the secret. XD
    Really, that is interesting how it’s done, but it’s so… simple. Too simple.

  19. guest says:

    badly done photoshop job…

  20. Jenni says:

    very impressive!

  21. Pineapplez x3 says:

    I love these illusions, and I’ve seen many of them on this website xD

  22. Ice says:

    that is so cool…i guessed correctly that the bottom arch near the tree would be like that…but i didnt know the top tower was like that

  23. Cameron Kuhn says:

    Hah thats epic, good illusion

    And…dare i say it? First? XD I hate people who do that O.o

  24. Anonymous says:

    cool i never would’ve figured out the solution

  25. ANONAMIS says:

    I only see 2 illoutions.

  26. Esteban Serrano says:

    This illusion cool

    i only saw two

    the ttowers, and the arch

    are ther more

  27. Heyhey didnt know wad to put as my name... says:

    No one commented on this illusion for a long time… hmm… or maybe they’re not moderated yet

  28. Bianca says:

    wow..thats so MC Escher!
    i loved it :)

  29. Jesus says:

    This is really neat-o

  30. g4m4de says:

    I think that only one thing here is real – that tree. Amazing :)

  31. Detective Kitty says:

    Fantastic. This not only proves his skill and thought process but also shows you how certain impossible images are created. I only see two impossible shape illusions and can not find anymore though, if there is more I would like to see them…

  32. Noone says:

    totally awesome!

  33. coolez says:

    i never new somebody can do that with lego

  34. Dolphin says:

    I could do it exept I can’t sit still for that long…Or maybe I could,but I don’t have that many legos either…Oh well! This is really cool especially if you think how long it took!

  35. Lyrics says:

    Whoever this man is, he is clearly either a very good architect, or a patient man that knows how to think.

  36. obama's butt wipe says:

    I couldn’t create that waaaaaaaaaa

  37. Grace says:

    Absolutely amazing and it must take a bajillion hours to make

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