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By on January 12, 2011, with 58 Comments

If you’re not already familiar with Carl Warner, I recommend skipping the next paragraph and jumping directly to our photo gallery embedded inside this post – it will be more fun this way, trust me! Can you learn by yourself why these landscapes are featured on moillusions.com at all? Only thing you need to know is that landscapes below were taken in real life and haven’t been photoshopped in any way!

Old timer viewers will remember British artist Carl Warner almost immediately, as we already published some of his foodscapes before. At first glance the photographs appear remarkably realistic, but rather than brave the elements, the artist prefers to create his own landscapes entirely out of food. Over the past 10 years, Warner has been making these kind landscapes and even published a book about them!

Carl Warners Landscapes Part II
Carl Warners Landscapes Part II
Carl Warners Landscapes Part II
Carl Warners Landscapes Part II
Carl Warners Landscapes Part II
Carl Warners Landscapes Part II
Carl Warners Landscapes Part II
Carl Warners Landscapes Part II


58 Responses
  1. Apurva says:


  2. SnowBerey says:

    thats hecka cool……. i wonder what he does with the food after?

  3. debbie says:

    Gives Meat and Veg a whole new meaning.

  4. chris says:

    isn’t this the veggie artwork?
    I like the last one

  5. My first time seeing Carl Warner’s work and I love it! Thanks for finding these, I think they are great.

  6. kane says:

    wow they are amazing it must have taken alot of time to create and build them.

  7. Care Bear says:

    How utterly fascinating and haunting. I need to save these and look at them for a longer time than I have at work. Thank you.

  8. A really mind-blowing art! Who would believe it was food?

  9. A Snail says:

    Very nice set of photos. It would be nice to see the work from different angles.

  10. Bathbomber says:

    I just had an idea… Can you make a page with links to a bunch of illusions that are suitable for desktop backgrounds?

  11. Sarah-Jane says:

    I love these!!!! My favourite is definately the fish one although i think the most realistic is probably either the first one or the 6th one!
    These are amazing!
    Love the site btw :)

  12. txedomoon says:

    OK, now I’m hungry…

  13. LOLCAT says:

    1. Meat canyons
    2. Cereal trees
    3. soup
    4. Brocolli trees
    5. Fish
    6. brocolli
    7. Fruit
    8. celery

  14. Nikolai says:


    Seriously. How.

  15. The first one is really kick-ass, I never noticed it was food until I read the post and watched the other photos aswell! :D

  16. he says:

    its food right or am i just crazyy?

  17. me123987645 says:

    read ’bout him in ripleys believe it or not. very unique!

    • Dolphin says:

      I have.I really like Ripley’s believe it or not,they’re good books…Anyways,I really really really like this,and your mention of Ripley’s believe it or not.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I want to eat every one of the pictures.

  19. Slammer says:

    WOW. Incredible. I can’t believe I haven’t seen these before…these are awesome!!! But if no photoshoping was used, how’d he make the light rays on the lamp or cottage trees, and the light coming from the lamp and lighthouse? And if it’s made “entireley out of food” how does he make the sky with clouds? or smoke in the chimney? lol. Still, even if these weren’t all food or had minimal photoshoping, just making the rest of it entirely from food is still really impressive. :)

    • Dolphin says:

      He made the main things out of food,but not the clouds or sky(How would he do that,anyway?),but anyways it’s really cool…

  20. a person says:

    these are so cool!!!!!!!!! (i love it how the last one is celery!!!!)

  21. Lien A. Trinh says:

    These landscapes out of food pics make for really nice desktop screen. Beautifully brilliant. :D

  22. Rick says:

    MM..MM..MM..Looks D-leshious !

  23. Jacob says:

    I. Am. Amazed.

  24. Kidsrock12347 says:

    i found that sooo cool!! i sent it to my friend to check out :P

  25. Maze says:

    Awesome pictures!
    (1st yay!)

  26. Nate says:

    Ha! Awesome!

    I didn’t figure it out until the fourth picture when I saw the broccoli, now I can’t see anything but food in the first pic; I can’t believe I missed it.

    My fave is the 5th with the fish as the water, and the boats creating that little ripple in the water, it looks so cool…

  27. jasper says:

    Amazing and high quality! I was reading the paragraph about the pics and out of the corner of my eye i saw the cowboy pic then i looked at it more closely and it was made out of food! Very cool :D

  28. keylan says:

    o its made out of food i was thinking that the big rock in the first picture looked remarkably like meat

  29. Bettablue says:

    Wow. These are good. The realism as almost too much to believe. Nice work.

  30. Shriya says:

    That’s amazing!!!!!!!! I need to learn more about this guy!!!

  31. pixie-dust says:

    Wow i just love the celery forest, flippin amazing

  32. Jess says:

    that’s just incredible :)

  33. ZL123 says:

    I’d LOVE a lollipop ferris wheel.

  34. Katoran says:

    Very creative. I like it =)

  35. Alexander Ledezma says:

    Simply amazing. I love his work <3

  36. Honey says:

    WOW ….I love it BADLY, just WOW

  37. tony says:

    Love this stuff, very cleverly done, looks spot on!!

  38. muffin says:


  39. michael j. says:


  40. michael j. says:

    Yes, me too!!!

  41. Nicholas says:

    very cool, it was the broccoli trees that gave it away for me

  42. john says:

    this is real interesting. the only problem is that i only can recognise the largest quantites of the food. like the meat mountains, or the sea made of fish, or the broccoli forest. real interesting though :D

  43. Dolphin says:

    Really cool.Really really cool…I really think it’s cool…I also like guessing what different food different things are made of.Some of them are very obvious(Such as the broccoli,the bread,the meat,etc.),and some are not.That’s one of the good things about it;you can have fun with it by guessing what the food is.

  44. km0 says:

    the first one was a bit to see hard but others were pretty
    easy and cool.

  45. kai says:

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE I just showed my best friend and hes like ..its just some photographs lol but i guest its the artist in my me that could see beyond the photo. kudos to the artist im going to have to look him up now! lol

  46. Dhwani says:

    Fascinating! Hard to believe it isn’t artificial.

  47. mittens says:

    pickles fish celery pioneapple lollipops :D this is sooooooo unique

  48. khushi says:

    amazing !!!!!!!!!!! coooooooool !

  49. rabbit says:

    We did this in school in year 4? 5? I dunno, but they are really great. Congratulations Carl Warner, for these beautiful pieces of art work!

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