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By on July 25, 2012, with 62 Comments

Can You Recognize Her?Few years ago I’ve shared a gallery consisted of pixelated photos. It demonstrated a remarkable ability us intelligent creatures have, ability to recognize faces even when they are obscured in one way or another. I recommend you read that article first before you continue with today’s “illusion”.

Our Facebook channel became very popular lately  (over 50,000 fans), and one of the things that makes me super-happy is the rising trend where people started being more proactive and began sharing their own optical illusions and findings! One such submission was done by Edgar who shared the picture you see on your right ->

Isn’t it amazing how we can all recognize this painting, even when the information has been reduced to minimum. On the other hand, it greatly helps that the paining in question is globally famous one. BTW, try squinting your eyes in order to strengthen the effect ;D



62 Responses
  1. RR says:

    Amazingly easy! (Mona Lisa)

  2. Kimon says:

    Bloody hell, I can!

    Then again, working on the presumption that it a very famous she, narrows greatly down the search space.

    • Dave says:

      Poppycock… even without the the description, the image leapt off the page…

      Unmistakeable pattern.

      Live all these illusions! Thank you.

  3. Pinyot says:

    Mona Lisa

  4. Beun says:

    This has to be the “easiest” optical illusion ever. By far. (Or at least… For me it is :)

  5. wow says:

    Cool illusion. It is so obvious who it is when you can see her. It may not show her in full detail, but still it is simple to figuire out who she is.

  6. If only you had taken the trouble to rename the image. By the time i tried clicking to make it bigger, i knew what it was. :(

  7. z2d4th says:

    The famous Monalisa

  8. Stawolf1001 says:

    that’s an easy one

  9. Henrik says:

    Looks lide an easy one. ml i think

  10. nakar says:


  11. Maddie says:

    How damn amazing is that?

  12. Becci says:

    Yes I can, even from the thumbnail posted on facebook I figured it out. Shows just how much her image is shown around the world.

  13. Mike says:

    the moaning Lisa

  14. Ann says:

    It is so obviously the Mona Lisa. I didn’t have to look for more than a second.

  15. lasz says:

    is it liza manelli? :P

  16. Victor says:

    Let’s see.. how many illusions feature her

    • Pancreas McGlockenspiel says:

      It seems like there are lots of illusions featuring the Mona Lisa but there’s actually just one. It’s an illusion!

  17. carzy chick says:

    mona lisa!!!

  18. Dani says:

    I wonder how well it would work if it was only in black-and-white?

  19. meandu says:

    I believe that I figured out who this famous female is.

  20. Weebo says:

    It’s pretty easy to see, but I won’t spoil it for anyone looking down here for the answer ;)

  21. Pure Guess says:

    Marie Osmond?

  22. Landy says:

    Isn’t the human brain an amazing thing?

  23. john says:

    Amazing… For me it was her hands, folded in her lap, that gave me the recognition… “Globally famous” is putting it mildly…

  24. Dave says:

    Pretty neat!

    I think I can as well.

  25. Don In Alabama says:

    No idea…far too low resolution.

  26. Care Bear says:

    Da Vinci rides again.

  27. Sunny says:

    mona lisa…

  28. Cookie says:

    It’s Mona Lisa,Duh! xD

  29. JB says:

    Mona Lisa.

  30. Casper says:

    so cool! these brain of ours are great!

  31. vor says:

    monna lisa

  32. Vincent says:

    MONA LIZA!!!

  33. Bogdan says:


  34. christian says:


  35. Markus says:

    Monalisa ;)

  36. susan says:

    mona lisa

  37. ez says:

    That’s a trip, the Monalisa of course- or however you spell it. I would have never guessed it would be that easy to recognize when that degraded.

  38. clues says:

    So easy, it’s Monalisa

  39. tyller says:

    im only 13 and didnt have to look twice mona lisa!

    • astrid says:

      well omg guess what im like 4 yrs old and i new it wayyyy before anyone else so lolzpop! haha k u can go away cuz im way younger than u and im like waayy better than u so i win

  40. Brendan says:

    “On the other hand, it greatly helps that the paining in question is globally famous one.”

    Yeah, I agree. I always thought the _painting_ was a bit painful to look at :P.

    Your missing a “t” in paining.

  41. CJ says:

    Oh my gosh its Mark Harmon!

  42. Albert says:

    The fact that it is so easy to see is the illusion itself

  43. eee efff geee says:


  44. Ben says:

    Mona Lisa, by seeing those shades of colors you can create a image of M.L. in your brain by imagination, you brain can “fill in” those blank areas in the picture automatically, pretty cool.

  45. Maxine says:

    I knew that it was Mona Lisa before anyone else knew it.

  46. sanah says:


  47. Demonking says:

    Mona Lisa in minescraft but circles

  48. yea that’s Mona Lisa sketch in the circle’s art.

  49. Someone says:

    I found it in 0.00000000000000002 seconds I WIN

  50. Asi Cruz says:

    Mona Lisa! Easy but nice!

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