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By on September 5, 2008, with 24 Comments

Hey people! Remember this? Artist’s name is Desiree Palmen, and we posted some of her camouflage photos loooong time ago (they can be found here). Well, the Dutch artist who lives and works in Rotterdam and whose many pieces are based around the idea of camouflage has released some new stuff! What you see below is called “The act of being unseen and undetected”. To create the site specific suits, Palmen photographs a precise location. She then paints the image of the place onto a suit by hand, and some person then wears the finished suit, while posing in the original location – trying to blend into the space as much as possible. Should place this one inside Body Paint category? Or transparent one should be more related… hm?

  • The Amazing Ryan

    FIRST sweet :D this is a pretty good piece but I don’t think its as good as Deseree’s other stuff. I think the second one is the best.

  • Tim

    2nd by far the best.

  • missgeburt

    at first i didn’t see the guy in the second picture :D well done! i like it!

  • Anonymous

    woo hoo, first post! =)

    I must say, those are really cool. I have seen more of these on your site (which is awesome by the way) but these are by far the most impressive IMO.

  • Anonymous

    love it :)

    I’m from holland but this is the first time I heard of her :)

  • Anonymous

    i think there cool 1st is good 2nd is immense but third rlly sucks i see it has the same patturn but just isnt camouflaged

  • Strawberry

    Second is best. really nice

  • Matt

    Uh, to be honest. I just think these are horrible. They don’t even camouflage. The second, I have to say is quite good, but the first and third are not even illusions.

  • Anonymous

    very very cool. i must agree the second one by far is the best.

  • Anonymous

    the third one is kinda creepy. it looks like there is a face on the back of his head!

  • Esty from Jerusalem

    the 2nd one, and maybe also the 3rd, are from Jerusalem!

  • Anonymous

    my name is desiree!!! cool i created this

    jk =]

  • Ethan

    These Are The craziest Illusions that I have ever seen (sweet)!!!!!!!!!

  • peaceto-yamoth

    AAAHAAA DAWG who is taht??? DUde they SHOUDL outa do this for the wonder woman. #1fan right here… dnt evun try to thank… well… you know. ambalance

  • angie

    eek! ive been there!!

  • the second one looks good to all eyes bcos its clicked from a far distance. third is the worst

    first is the best

  • Woodlit

    metal gear solid 5… urban douchebag

  • Al

    That IS soooo coool. I mean using clothes to camoflage yourself. Jee! Like I wonder where she thought of that idea from? Shes a genius.

  • Me, Myself, and iPod

    its ok… not too good

  • the first one awesome

  • cheyenne

    the last one is a horrible “camoflaging”

  • annaj:)

    pretty good, 2nd one is best tho!!!!

  • 1st n 3rd was creepy but second pwede na..

  • That IS soooo coool. I mean using clothes to camoflage yourself. Jee! Like I wonder where she thought of that idea from? Shes a genius.
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