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By on March 12, 2006, with 19 Comments

The floor appears to bulge out, even though all the squares in the figure are equal.

A Bulge Illusion


19 Responses
  1. maddy says:

    i think the effect is made by adding in the xtra dots

  2. atchi says:

    nice one.

  3. Ulises Sarry says:


    Anamorphosis 3D multiple.



    A link?


    Ulises Sarry

  4. shaaka says:

    if you stare long enough it seems to ripple kinda. or move in a wave.

  5. liloy says:

    if you cross your eyes it seems to push in

  6. alana says:

    i think the dots make it look like a new pattern and therefore cause the bending shape. just call me einstein!

  7. Sam says:

    woah! It looks like an “x” when you cross your eyes!

  8. 1234567890 says:

    The picture is gone can’t find it

  9. Anonymous says:

    The effect is from the dots in the middle. I took it into paint and I took the dots out and it was fine. Illusion cracked.

  10. Anonymous says:

    that is soooooo cool like the other people said, if you cross ur eyes it looks like and “x” cool.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yea this is a cool illusion but after 10 mins of crossing my eyes marveling at the creation I have a headache. Serves me right >:D

  12. cam says:

    it is the dots… i colored all of them the color of the surrounding square and it just looked like a checker board

  13. Gabs says:

    this isnt the greatest one i’ve ever seen.
    its not that great.

  14. happydoodle says:

    this is such an old illusion

  15. pixiee dust says:

    boring seen it b4 not cool

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