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By on October 1, 2006, with 54 Comments

Forget about Godzilla, this Meag-Bug was recently discovered using Google Maps. Look at the size of it! It will take on the world as we speek. Hehe, Sabine Wieluch and David Horm submitted this recently, and you can see it for your self if you point your Google Maps to this geographic position: 48.857635, 10.205424 and 0.001193,0.005322 (Germany). First one that locates it, and posts the Google Maps link in comments, winns! What’s your explanation? I beleive that this image isn’t satellite one, but made with airoplane (google maps usually have High-Res photos taken from planes). In my opinnion, this bug is infact quite little, but was stuck on plane’s camera lense. Any other opinnions? For more interesting Google Earth illusions, visit our Google Earth Category.

  • carrie

    I just got it, but I believe it’s impossible to paste a link, because google earth is a program that you load onto your computer, unlike google maps which appears in your internet browser.

    That is really cool. I had no idea the google earth images were taken out of planes–I was thinking satellites. Hm.

    • coolio

      they r taken out of satellites silly! just this one is’nt it’s a fake!

    • Finkle

      A lot of the pictures are taken from panes around here.. our farm and some of are neighbors have plane shots and some neighbors don’t, and you can tell the difference between the two.

  • Josué

    Here’s the link:

    Google Maps Link

  • Josué

    What do I win? (I’m guessing there is nothing and you just wanted someone to find the link for you)

  • Kevin04

    Link here.



    Hehe, funny thing. :)

  • matt

    aw man, Now i have to bring a LARGE can of bugspray the next time i go to germany.

  • Pandas

    aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! its gonna take over the world!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Abner

    Size does matter, it seems.

    Try this one, too:

    That’s the giant scale-model landscape built by the Chinese Army in the middle of the desert, the replica of the entire region of Aksai Chin, occupied by China since their war with India in 1962. It’s huge (700 by 900 meters) and shows every feature from that area.

    What hasn’t been revealed is its function, which is why it’s the subject of so much discussion.

  • ZiOn

    hi ive found the most unusual picture on google earth aslo print screened it its on the istanbul bogaz bridge sort of nasty ghost picture dont know what it looks like tho how bout add me and il send da pik to you kop3k@hotmail.com ty =)

  • Ryan

    Really crazy….

  • genius

    there’s a bug on the satelite lense

  • Mr. Useful (AKA Run Away)

    on google earth type hulen, germany into the ‘fly to’ search…zoom quite close and around hat area is the bug! ARGH!!!

  • Pirate Pete

    “genius” was so smart that he neglected to find in the description of illusion that it was explained and every1 knew that.

  • Anonymous

    you guys, my google earth must be newer, cause i found the spot, but there is a new pic there, so there’s no bug

  • kike

    hahaha, yeah i saw this story in cnet’s buzz out loud, its seems that this part of the world they took from a printed air photo, and when they scanned it, a bug got in the scanner

  • Anonymous

    go on google earth, fly to hulen germany, then go west and you will see a spot where the field is a strange colour…THATS WHERE THE BUG USED TO BE! stupid idiots, why take it away… :(

  • SpellBee

    You dolts! Isn’t it so obvious? The person who sent the pic obviously went on this place on Google Earth, and a bug crawled over his computer screen! Cockroaches did that to me more than once!

  • Elliexx ANIMALS ROCK!!

    yeh its obvious that the bug was on the camera lenses – or the plane window. also its high quality with the bug, just not with the rest of the pic.

  • Anonymous

    i just found it on google earth ut it has been reoved

  • Anonymous

    If you type in giant_insect in the fly to search menu it will take you to where the bug used to be … google put a pic of it back on for ya!

  • Anonymous

    Looking at this, I see two or three people crossing the street casting a shadow behind them. Is it really a bug or is it only supposed to look like a bug?

  • Cole

    ummm there isnt even a bug there when i go to the spot on google earth or when i click on those links down below…

  • Anonymous

    come on man its a fly on the satilitte it so obvious ….haha

  • Anonymous

    lie!!!!!!!checked it myself!!!!!!!!its a bog on the computer screen

  • Anonymous

    this is sort of offtopic, buy look at the midway islands on google maps its weird

  • Anonymous

    It’s not there anymore, I think


  • Anonymous

    Optically, the bug CANNOT be on the lens of the camera that was in the plane… Otherwise it would be completely blurred !

    It must have been on the film itself, or on the window of the scanner that was used to digitize the photo.

  • Anonymous

    Optically, the bug CANNOT be on the lens of the camera that was in the plane… Otherwise it would be completely blurred !

    It must have been on the film itself, or on the window of the scanner that was used to digitize the photo.

  • Anonymous

    Itz Gone!!!

  • Anonymous

    the only thing you need to type in is 48.857635, 10.205424. it will bring you right to it, adn there will be a little camera adn if you click on it it will show you that picture.

  • Politikally Paranoid

    haha! That’s hilarious….there’s just like, a bug there, right in the middle of everything. hahaha!!!

  • Anonymous

    i think it happend, while developing the photo.

    greetings from germany.

  • As Of Today

    Google Earth is updated every 6 months so some things have disappeared. Also check out Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.

  • Anonymous

    lol if you go to the coordinates it doesnt have it but it has a link to the pic. i would say someones just put the pic on there but the pic is actually a bug on someones comp screen and they took a pic of it

  • Anonymous

    genius, a bug on the satalite ens? a bug in space? great fantasy

    anonymous 32, u see on the coordinates it has been removed…

  • Anonymous

    It’s just a bug on his computer monitor!

  • Anonymous

    off topic but look at hilo for a face im surpised nobody notice this befor

  • ME!

    SO STUPID! They zoomed in. It was NOT stuck to the camera lens, cuz I looked, and O M G! Nothing until you zoom in, GOD! So many idiots in this world! May I go to Mars?

  • yooo!!!!!!!!!!

    it isn’t there anymore!!!
    but the picture is also more colorfull in my google earth.
    i think they’ve made a new picture…
    that’s a shame…

  • Anonymous

    i think it was just on the screen of the computer but still kwl

  • Jerico

    thats just a bug stuck at the lens of the camera used to take pictures of google earth you see its like squashed there’s like a poop on its butt

  • scottt

    crap, they fixed it… :-( its not there any more.

  • Bug was fixed :)


    I swear I found it!! someone took the picture with a camera of there computer while there was a bug on it!!!!

  • jjcc

    clear the runway!-bugzilla is taxi-ing and ready for takeoff-lol

    i hope the plane that took this pic didnt get in its way, haha

  • Sennen

    Dude! The bug is gone nau!

  • MONster

    Wow. . . it give something isn’t it [:

  • You can obiviosly tell that tat they blew up a picture of google map on there computer, took a bug, and put it on the computer screen

  • anon

    if it was a bug on the screen then it would be less or u would see black around the monitor

  • Ninja

    Thats a earwig zoomed up or photoshoped because if u look at it now that hole is gone

  • JJ

    Its obviously just an earwig crawling on the screen!


  • Randi

    I think it was on the camera as they took that google earth picture. Anyone agree?