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By on April 21, 2006, with 137 Comments

User Javier sent us these fascinating pictures taken by photograpaher Jair Ribbeiro. First I didn’t believe this is an optical illusion, instead I though it’s just a girl covered with sand laying on the beach. But if you look carefully at her right foot, or her head, you will be convinced this girl is actually made of sand! Amazing! Jump inside the post for more pictures taken from different angle. Also if you like these images, visit Ribbeiro’s Flickr Homepage.

Brazilian Sand Girl Optical Illusion
Brazilian Sand Girl Optical Illusion
Brazilian Sand Girl Optical Illusion


137 Responses
  1. Farted says:

    You can SO tell she is made of sand! NO ONE has that big of a butt! Unless they had plastic surgery! Also, it’s too hard to cover up someone that well with sand!

  2. Brazilian says:

    You’re right, at your “flatass girls” country we can’t find such voluptuous bodies.

  3. Farted says:

    Hey Brazilion! What do you mean ny flatass country! I have a great butt!!! AND….. What does voluptuous mean?!

  4. Farted says:

    UH!!! I just got it now Brazilian!! Your rude!!! You think people have big butts where you are? Bigger than ours anyway? Well, you need to check mine out!! :6

  5. Brazilian says:

    I accept the offer, I’d like to check your butt.
    Sure. :)

    Sorry if I was rude.

  6. Farted says:

    Sure, go ahead, but how are you ever going to know who I am…..:) He He!!

  7. Brazilian says:

    Go outside at daylight time.

    Lay on your belly, on an open field,
    like the sandgirl.

    I’ll use google maps.

    You can help me using some colorful trousers, stripes are good too.

  8. Farted says:

    Ha Ha! Very funny, how old are you? :)

  9. Farted says:

    Well, you don’t have to tell me how old you are, but, how will you know what my face or other stuff looks like.

  10. Farted says:

    Plus, Google maps won’t show the real beauty of my butt unlike in peron. But I’m not saying anything specific. :)

  11. ash says:

    i thought this was an “optical illusion” sight…not date.com…..grow up..its the internet smart ones!
    ~~~but that is a pretty good sand sculpture! :)

  12. jefgf says:

    haha butts

  13. Kiara says:

    Wow its umm a black girl thats all i can say

  14. Geometeer says:

    I spent a year in Rio de Janeiro,
    and that behind is gloriously
    North American butts can often
    be that big, but rarely combined
    it with a good shape.
    A beleza da mulher nao e na cara…

  15. Post Scie-man says:

    The first thigh is falsly proportioned, and the parrot kissing the mystical image has no know’s.

  16. ~*NIQUE*~ says:


  17. pimpdaddy says:

    super sexy

  18. luxurysteps.com says:

    ommmggg brilliant

  19. Hai says:

    EXCELLENT great site too

  20. Chaos says:

    well, that is one really giant butt! nasty!

  21. Rayne says:

    The tide that comes to wash away
    Our castles in the sand.
    Our palaces that last one day
    Will crumble in our hand.

    The tallest waves grow in the sun,
    They die in tiny streams.
    They take our castles one bye one
    They cannot take our dreams.

  22. Rayne says:

    Yeah Brazilion, I have a butt too. And have you seen jlo and hilary duff?

  23. kitty says:

    like a nude beach, but for the sand.

  24. Bowlero Downunder says:

    yer cool. i saw the same type of thing at the coast once. this guy made a dragon and put candels in the mouth. lol (this one is beta, haha)

  25. M 2 the H O says:

    farted is rite, n both things. plus you can see the sand grains

  26. Homey says:

    I wish it was the other side. Seriously.

  27. Honey says:

    My but is that size..

    just kidding :p it’s close though

  28. BurninRubber says:

    She has got a really big bum. Infact It’s so big the bum itself is an illusion!

  29. brazilian says:

    you must be kidding jlos ass is nothing compared to my mother’s nicely proportioned bum that is close to her very nice cat.
    mmmm incest is good

  30. pixchix! says:

    coooooooooooooooooooooooool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. T says:

    well, firstly if u get in the sea then roll in sand, u do look like that (trust me i live on a teeny island, i know beach) and secondly everyone is different, that size ass is plausible. I therefore think this illusion is great… except it has no boobs!

  32. swimmers are so much better says:

    lol…im loving how this page got turned into like a dating site for a while!haha,im just kidding i really dont…that was sarcasm….but ya the pic was cool…i could tell it was sand when i first saw it.

  33. Anarchy! says:

    geez Farted is acing like a whore right now

  34. meeow says:

    tsk rsk tsk!!!!

  35. Sugar says:

    looks like me

  36. jimbolimbo says:

    dude she looks hot…lol. I’d like to see what she looks like chest up.

  37. Anonymous says:

    farted has only 11 years old…
    ahahah “i have a great butt” she says

  38. Wildo says:

    Seeing as just about every page on this site has a comment by farted, I think it’s safe to assume he’s a real fatass who never goes outside… I think google earth would definitly be the place to see his ass (Should he ever leave his desk). (he’s also hellsa stupid, BTW.. No offence)

    PS Nice sculpture, that takes serious talent

  39. Anonymous says:

    The body is made out of sand but what is the hair made out of???

  40. ana says:

    clever! wish my butt looked a bit more like that!

  41. Anonymous says:

    for all u people that think Jlo’s butt is that good is crazy

  42. cat_princess says:

    Hehe! some of u said butt/bum/ass Hehe!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Hey ~*NIQUE*~ …it’s because more males are actively perverted than females (lots of us seem to think it is a requirement to prove our masculinity). All the females I’ve known have had a much larger sense of propriety than a lot of the males. (known is not being used as innuendo here)

  44. Anonymous says:

    notice the indents in the sand next to her… it makes it look like she was gettin’ it from behind.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Her huge ass gives it away. Awesome illusion nonetheless. I wonder if they could’ve used some sort of spray paint to separate her body from the sand and make it more realistic.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Vida guerra has a butt that big. damn its hot.

  47. You guys are special says:

    These comments all reflect on your intelligence very accurately.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Nice body, I wanna hump her!

  49. Anonymous says:

    that show the type of women ur around. its plenty of black girls that got that sand art faded, u don’t have to have surgery to have a big butt…..

  50. Anonymous says:

    you are supposed to know she is made of sand !!! haahaha

  51. Anonymous says:

    her butt is large

  52. Aurora101 says:

    k, I like the art, but why does it always have to be NAKED?? Like,if she where in a swimsuit it would still look good to me. Clothes can equal art!!

    • bubb says:

      Bet you would look better nude than in clothing provvided you aren’t ssome sort of fat ass to begin with???!!

    • Ron says:

      Easy, they do have sand works that are amazing and not only human. They have castles and other stuff but just bear in mind that this ass photo was posted here with a purpose. So don’t say they don’t have other types just because that’s the only one you see in here

    • jay says:

      when I read this comment i said “it HAS to be a woman who said this. No man would ever say something like this” then I looked at the name and of course… it was a woman.

    • m.sree ramulu says:

      go and become a buddhist monk.then u’ll be always covered from head to toe.

  53. farted says:

    what is dat big green and yellow thing next 2 her is dat 2 made of sand?

  54. Anonymous says:

    i believe that that green and yellow thing that you saw was not made of sand it was some sort of coral or rock. trust me i know because i live in a tropical country. u guys might thing its paradise but i wish i could trade in the sea and beaches for a shopping mall. well anyway cool illusion and i agree her butt is too big. lol :D

  55. Anonymous says:

    Wow, never knew sand could be so sexy.. XD

  56. Anonymous says:

    I think the green/yellow thing looks like an oddly colored chili pepper sculpture

  57. Anonymous says:

    dude, she looks like she tripped and just..fell asleep or something

  58. Anonymous says:

    Maybe you should look up the definition of optical illusion, the rest of the world calls this a sand sculpture and a mediocre one at that.

  59. Anonymous says:

    It’s usually naked women than men because almost every culture in our history has been male-dominated, and women tended to have domestic duties while the men hunted. Women are viewed as good for sex and lookin after babies, so art like this is more likely to be a lady.
    Altough, I myself am female but quite perverted, and I’d prefer this to a guy. If they were a nicer shape from behind, a guy would be better, but they’re not, so might as well make it a woman

  60. Anonymous says:

    wow, nice conversationnn
    this is nice
    they could have made her butt a little smaller, though
    but i guess dudes enjoy it so…whatever

    • Madureira says:

      Isn’t it obvious? The sculpture is brasilian – or, like you says… BraZilian.
      Here; on Brasil, almost every women has this kind of butt, hahahahahah. I’ve already have seen this same sculpture on Copacabana Beach.
      Sorry by my terrible english.

  61. Prada shoes says:

    Wow, what an illusion.

  62. Anonymous says:

    the green/yellow mount near the girls body is a brazilian fruit called “caju”, but i dont know how u call it in english.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Well, Brazilian you’re wrong in a way. America definitely has the bigger butts, bigger by a LOT. Big in the wrong way, likely because of the fast-food consumption and boredom. Brazil does have SEXIER butts, however.

  64. Fabbs says:

    1. It is sexy

    2. The whole thing is made of sand, the hair and the ‘green and yellow thing’ beside her is paint, just like that(if you don’t belive me, google it)

    3. It is a woman because woman are actually more beautiful than males. It’s because of something they are called the ‘pretty sex’

    4. farted, girl, you are so freaking dumb

  65. damianna says:

    beautiful…..simply amazing.

  66. Suki says:

    Hmm…where do people get this much time? If they have it in a bottle, I’d love to buy it from them…time, I mean…not this. This just scares me…

  67. Shoes2world.com says:

    too sexy :)

  68. Prada sneakers says:

    good job

  69. Brazilian GIRL says:

    We do have some great butts here, but not THAT big, man =p
    Not without a cirurgy, as the farted dude said

  70. Gucci Sneakers says:

    is it real or sand , its fantastic…

  71. Lily says:

    I believe it is called Brazilian Girl not because it is in Brazil but because there is a SunScreen tan crap that is has Brazilian or something. But anyway. the thing next to it is Sand because it looks like the girl. I’ve seen these kinds of things before and they do put sculpture right next to eachother.

  72. Federico Hosiasson says:


  73. lala says:

    thats really good n funny

  74. babak says:

    Perhaps like the first woman on earth(Hava) has been

  75. niceass says:

    holy shit that is a nice fat ass…

  76. seabass says:

    looks like her hair is made out of seaweed instead of paint…o well…SHE’S HOTT!! to bad my gf can’t be like this…lol

  77. Hot Stuff says:

    Wow…Is that really a person? If so, They covered her in sand pretty well. But in the second picture, if you look at her head, it looks like she actually is made out of sand. And I don’t why all you creeps just look at her but and not the actual art behind this. It’s stupid. But I like the pictures.

  78. !!me!! says:

    she does look like she tripped and fell… wow

  79. Lyn says:

    less optical illusion more sand castle contest imo

  80. Taysha says:

    Kl!! iv’e seen better, but they were at spain!! lol!!

  81. Blue Blaze says:

    She tripped and fell. She couldnt get up.

  82. WP says:

    Love that bum! Too bad she’s not real :P

  83. User says:

    Nice sand sculpture. The yellow-green thing next to her seems like a cashew fruit and the nut.

  84. IAMCHEESE says:

    its obviously made of sand or else that gal would be drunk…actually…ignore me again…

  85. IAMCHEESE says:

    wait i never new this…u probably did but that green thing beside her is another girl how dumb am i? (that’s a retorical question dont answer it)

  86. cheyenne says:

    very cool these people must really be talented
    Why she gotta be naked and woow she must be black or hispanic! just jokin but really she gotta huge but! the person who made this sand sculpture must be really fond with his/her work!

  87. Sal-y Sal says:

    Omg This is sand?!, i would have been this close to sticking my “stuff” in the sand

  88. jr says:

    nice ass :D

  89. Murilo says:

    The green and yellow thing is a Caju, i don’t know how it’s called in english, maybe the same, it isn’t a fruit but a pseudo-fruit very common in tropical areas of Brazil. And the other thing is a huge butt also very common in Brazil.

  90. my_balls_itch says:

    id hit it

  91. barekye I says:

    Black is beautiful!!!!

  92. So sexy sand art …! i like it thanks for sharing ,,,!@

  93. G says:

    I don’t understand why guys like fat butts. It’s fat

  94. m.mostafa says:

    Definitely a professional photographer artist to make this the body beautiful has increased magnificence literalness in taking that picture activities such as World of Thanks very much for the creativity of human beings

  95. dey says:

    wow .. big butt .. really ? brazillian ? i want go brazil someday .. :D

  96. AMANI says:

    nice sand ass lmfao…….. agree with dey

  97. erdi says:

    hhmm amazing pict…so be sexy

  98. [cFc]Storm says:

    woah shes sexy if she was real man i’ll 4uck her >:D

  99. someone says:

    OMG!! PERFECT 10 ASS!! :D brooo that ass is sooo hot, its sooo realistic and detailed, you color the sand pink and its EXACTLY like a real brazillian ass :D OOHH maaan brazilian girls have suuuch hot asses!! theyre asses are big and wobbly and their thighs are strong and muscular and they have no fat on the belly(underbelly) and beautiful curved in backs…mmmmmm awesome bro! any man that doesnt love a juicy ass like that, has to be anorexic LOL

  100. bob says:

    These curves are normal in Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina land of blondes with green eyes and beautiful breasts ass very hot. Without this talk of pay, must come into the conversation.

  101. ramsink says:

    i need pic sexi hot girl

  102. sallys says:

    pretty baby

  103. LNFAW says:

    fantstic making

  104. carlos says:


  105. TheKillingWords says:

    I wonder if someone tried to tap that…

  106. SUNNY KUMAR says:


  107. Louiz says:

    Santa Catarina beaches!

  108. Qaisar says:

    hahahah very sexy and good job…

  109. Jennifer Bouchard says:

    This is pretty neat, I wonder if someone posed for this or if it was done from memory, lol

  110. dominick says:

    nice sand bum

  111. M.D.V says:


  112. suraj says:

    hi sexy u r a very buty full

  113. Giggity says:

    Mmmm… I’ll try anything once.. No doubt she was sand in her vajoina!

  114. salehudin sidek says:

    Bravo…. Well done job.. baby.

  115. giggitygoo says:

    nice ass =]

  116. Justinraj says:

    fantastic art

  117. sum500 says:

    I go on vacation this summer in Brazil

  118. jb says:

    looks like the top of the torso is human, the bottom is sand

  119. Gagarious says:

    Nigeria has better illusion than this lol…

  120. Leonardo says:

    This shows how women really are Brazilian. Most Brazilian women have this sort that does not butt ass and assembly. no matter the color white black brown ass all have these different from many countries that has some muchas butts and skinny legs apart ..

  121. Armando says:

    Hello she is Muriel Valentina from Venezuela

  122. pankaj singh says:

    what a beautiful picture. thank u.

  123. lmnkjhl says:

    these people are crazy

  124. lcs says:

    Why call it an optical illusion? It’s just a sand sculpture that happens to be unusually realistic. An illusion would be if it appeared to be 3D but was actually a painting.

  125. moji says:

    wow it realy funny

  126. Mashuplayer says:

    Brazilian Sand girl is REALLY SAND!!

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