Bouncing Tomato Illusion

Hey guys and gals, see what I found while browsing the web! Do you like tomatoes? If you do, you’ll adore this bouncing tomato in the picture below. While starring at it, I experienced some great effects, but when I observed the picture from really close, I couldn’t find any visible border! How does it work? Can someone help? I realize it works in a same way as this hologram (pretty similar illusion), but with this one I just can’t get any clue. Try moving your head in all directions, and the tomato diamond just keeps changing shapes. Great! I really enjoyed it, hope you like it as well.

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  1. mmmm in spanish:
    No hay ninguna division lineal, lo que pasa es que en el centro del dibujo, la separaciĆ³n de los “tomates” pasa de ser “Vertical=Verde Horizontal=Blanco” a “Vertical=Blanco Horizontal=Verde” por eso da la senzacion de una linea divisoria…


    sorry for writing in spanish, but i form Chile.

    1. There is no linear division, what happens is that in the center of the drawing, the separation of “tomatoes” happens to be “Green Horizontal Vertical = = White” to “Horizontal Vertical = White = Green” so gives senzacion of a dividing line …

    There is no linear division, what happens is that in the center of the drawing, the separation of the “tomatos” happens to be “Vertical=green, Horizontal=white” to “Vertical=white Horizontal=green” for that reason gives a sensation of a dividing line…

  3. Well, the guy who posted this definitely has better drugs than I.

    I really didn’t get much out of it.

    Yes, there’s a round shape in the center but it doesn’t bounce or move at all. So what. I certainly could get it to change shapes whilst moving my head from side to side and up and down. And I really did smoke a joint before trying any of this!

  4. Just stared at this to see the “tomato”. Didn’t see it, but if you stare at the very centre orange, it starts to fade between orange and red and back again. Throb even :-) Weird.

  5. I assume this one plays with the color receptors in the eyes. When viewed with the proper color temperature, there is a diamond which appears to “move” as your eyes focus on the image. If the color temperatures are adjusted so there is less contract between the orange and red circles, it appears as more of a circle that doesn’t do much. Hence some of the comments noted above.

  6. this is pretty obvious

    there’s no line

    what makes the diamond pops is that the red shapes are different from the others around it
    look at it very carefully

  7. i think the red circles are supposed to look like its moving, but its only possible if you’re stressed. (or so i’ve read). It’s said that most grown-ups can see them move rather than kids..hehe

  8. on the edge, the red shapes are diamonds, as one moves toward the middle their edges are popped out and rounded. The change is gentle enough to not be noticed when one attempts to focus on individual red shapes. Its like watching a kettle boil. Some people see it, some don’t.

  9. Ive seen this type of illusioon before… IOt was made by having the tomatoes and oranges in a slightly oval shape and then rotating it to create as what your mind percieves as a diamond

  10. okay look at the middle of the bottom and find the first green x. Then go up past the next four and look at the fifth one. It is still a green x but it is turned as well as the white x’s. The green change like this: X – >< – X. All of the middle is like this.

  11. they just cut-out a square in the centre and flipped it 90 degrees. also the ‘circles’ are not really round.

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