Body Camouflage

Nope, this has nothing to do with rendering objects in 3D studio max. Actually, it is same kind of body art we talked about in details here. I love the way artist managed to present his model to us with taste. Can you believe how well he camouflaged her? If you didn’t look closely, you could easily pass her by in the street, while she would be just standing there few meters away from you. It looks as if she was wearing an invisible cloak, right? Now when I examined all three photos again, I believe it is the same body paint model we talked about in these two posts: this one and this one. Did you also notice resemblance? Please comment, and don’t forget to see all 3 photos inside this post.

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  1. Please be mature. I think it is very cool that they can use that kind of coordination to paint a somewhat two dimentional surface on a human. Good find!

  2. The top one and the middle one are a little harder to spot than the bottom one . . could just bel ighting though.

    Very interesting though.

  3. I couldn’t imagine how long it must have taken to do this painting, or how much it must have tickled the model! These are amazing though. The patience and skill involved to create these images are phenomenal.

  4. These body art images are so well done! Indeed, you *could* pass them in the street and not give a second glance. Props to the artist, and props to the model for standing in one position for soooo long!

  5. Pretty awesome, I must say. The top one is absolutely the best.

    I really doubt this is Verushka, though, as she was born in 1939 and these pics seem pretty recent.

  6. I don’t understand this “Art”. I can appreciate original art. But this IS a waste of time, and good flesh. I could appreciate this more if the photographer would just say he lied, its a joke, and this took him 10 minutes in photoshop. But sadly this probably took an enormous time for makeup and lighting, and shooting.. whatever. Its phenomal. Very original.

  7. I think its intersting to the human eye. its dissopointing for blind people beacuse they dont know what there missing. Well they do there life really its sort of half of its gone. thats pretty sad :( still we are very lucky 2 b able 2 see so smile!

  8. You can obviously tell that we are Americans (and there is nothing wrong with that, I am proud to be an American) but damn, if you go anywhere else in the world nudity is not a big deal, not on tv, or in magazines, commercials. So why is it here?? Anyways what I am trying to say….is that yes she is naked…big deal…if you have never seen a naked women before, pick up a Play Boy!! Have a great day!!

  9. That’s grous!! naked women! But some how cool because it look’s like a real women, but it’s not. It’s just a painting. WOW :-) And EWWWWW!

  10. Wow. Just wow. I like the thrid one the most, I think. It looks like her arms are actually crumbling away and they really have gaps where the gaps between the planks are. That’s great work.

    Also, I honestly think that whoever moderates these comments shouldn’t let all the OMGBOOBIES comments through. Either say something mature and productive, or don’t comment at all. Grow up, pervs.

    And incase anyone is wondering, this is from a teenage male. Just because your male and young doesn’t mean everything has to be sexual.

  11. At first I coudn’ tell where she was in the first picure!
    The second one was rather entertaining but not as chalenging. And the third picture was well pained well? I really didn’t like it. I like opptical illusions to be challenging. But they were all good!

  12. this is great, its very very well done.

    i don’t understand this horror at nudity, i thought people were joking at first but apparently not, its quite worrying.


  13. I positively ADORE the first one, it’s so well painted, she looks like the edges of her body are melting into the background behind her.

    It kind of looks like it would be from a scary movie, don’t you think? Kind of cool, like someone emerging from inside a room behind those doors, RIGHT through the door.

    Or a ghostie-like being.

    Very well done, much respect to the artist.

  14. there was a scary movie where this was used. An older movie called “When a stranger calls back”, the sequel to “when a stranger calls”. The “bad guy” in the movie paints himself to look exactly like the woman’s apartment.

  15. they should use guy models too..these paintings are AWESOME! that would be hard to stand still and let some painter paint all over them. but there pretty cool the 1st and 2nd one are the best

  16. some of you people who are writing these comments are so immiture…. discusting…..and PEVERTED!!!! you have to GROW UP just because they are naked doesn’t mean you have to look at their boobs and stuff!!!!! this is ART!!!!!!!!

  17. i thought the one with the door was cool because they painted the chips of the wood on her! at first, i thought that the artist had painted the actual women[that she wasnt real] because i’ve seen that done before. that must’ve taken forever!

  18. so… are you people like… 5 or something? “Oh my gawd, she has nipples!” congrats, you do you.
    These pictures are amazing… body paint or photoshopped they are beautiful. I really feel sorry for anyone that can’t get past the nudity to see the true beauty of this!

  19. sean’s a fool…………this is art!! it may come as a waste of time to some of u, but to ppl with a passion for art like me really appreciate this sort of creativity…..keep up the good work! The second and third pieces need some work but they are good!

  20. Nice sample of an art I’ve always loved. It’s rarely perfect, but always suggestive and surprising when well done.

    By the way, I’m glad to NOT live in USA, where the own body seems to be a taboo and religions still have an evident distorted perception beyond artistic sense (just as they had before USA was born).

    Some people here need to look down and realise they have just the same ornaments. It’s evident they never did that exercise in their five-year-old lives.

  21. WILL YOU PEOPLE JUST GROW UP ALREADY!!! I hate it when everybody always say “boobies, tities, nipples, and you can see their pubes!” You people are perverted!! And the truth is, everybody has them!! GROW UP!!! I swear you people are 5 years old!! Just because you can see theirs in this picture doesn’t mean that they are the only people who have them!! GET A LIFE!!!

    On the other hand, these types of pictures are the most beautiful kind of art that I have ever seen in my life!! They are so beautiful!!

    An if you people can’t see the beautiful pictures and can only see the sexual meaning, you people DISGUST ME!!!! If all that your life is just looking up naked woman on the computer all day long, than you seriously need to go to the doctor because you are sick!! LOL!! HAH!! Thats for all the losers out there who are on the computer all day looking up naked woman!!! TAKE THAT!!!

    1. …woooooow youre calling THEM 5 year olds as you spaz out and freak on them:)
      just take a chill pill and move on with your life..:P

    2. Meagan, U move on wit ur life. she’s right. Ugh. ur so annoying. She’s obviously right, you’re probably just telling her to take a chill pill cuz UR one of those 5yr olds!!!

  22. Ewww grosss reality scares me
    now im going to go read my censored bible and cry beacause somewere a puppy just died

  23. Srry a puppy just died but SERIOUSLY you people need to GROW UP ALREADY!!!

    If you cant get past the nudity and saying stuff like “I can see their pubes” then …fine then but seriously if your looking up naked women then YOUR JUST PLAIN SICK! btw feathyr… your right

    and also its art not sex so…

    its great!

  24. Taylor your a frickin genius!!!you people are so sick and repulsive its depressing!it takes work to paint a pretty picture but it take an amazing amount of patience and talent to paint on a human beings body!and if you perves love a womans body so muce then go get a sex-change.mabey that will shut you up.

    P.S-did you know that its a sin to look at naked bodies the way you do and every time you sin GOD CRIES!!!

  25. Now im not exactlly an adult and i tottally agree you need to GROW UP! and im sure most of you are above 18. well im not and i loved this i love the first one becuase i stood at the back of the room and couldnt see her AT ALL but when i sat back down i could see her quite clearly! Amazing

  26. good art work! u lot are rigt you need to look past the sexual meaning and see the point this piece of art was made for you saddos

  27. Anyone know the name of the artist or the book these were all published in? I used to own the book 20 years or so ago but seemed to have lost it. Ta

  28. The Bible is not censored, not one bit. Its a great photo and art though! I’ve seen some really cool body art myself in some pics, its amazing what you can do with body paint.

  29. I suspect that the model is “Verushka”, as she published an entire coffee table book full of body paint illusions like these.

  30. Yes I agree nudity is quite taboo in America, for the reason that freedom of speech, press, and assembly often leads to freedom of easily accessed pornography and other naughty things, and so we end up looking badly at nudity because we grew up restricted to the thought that the only nudity is sexual nudity. I appreciate it when people are willing to say otherwise. The trick is to think perverted, but not feel or act perverted lolz :D

  31. Wow…the first one is definately the best in my opinion. I would just walk right by her. It’s only really the disjunction away from the wall and her eyelashes that give her away.

    Makes me wonder how long they had to stand there to get the picture properly portrayed…and you know there’s movement when painting the skin. I wonder if that went into account.

    Stunning stuff, really.

    Oh and please don’t put all Americans in the “pervert” category. Some of us can see the inner beauty of it all despite the “restrictions” we’re under, and just because someone is from another country doesn’t mean they’re aren’t just as perverted…though I will agree we Americans have issues :P.

  32. I forgot to add, I wonder if in the second potrait they forgot to paint her right index finger or if that’s just part of the illusion…

  33. This is amazing artwork, and with all of the angles that the artist needs to cover on the human body in order for it to match up with a flat surface leaves me breathless. I have a lot of respect for this person, and the model who endures it.

    In regards to that, even though I agree with you folks who are protesting against the adolescent bursts, I’m sure they’re well aware that their comments are wastes of space, ill-received, and offensive.

  34. Lots of you need to stop b*tching over people noticing that she’s naked with paint on here. Yes we know this is “Beautiful art” duh! thats wut it’s ment to be. you people are so uptite over small stuff. D*mn!

  35. I don’t know if someone has commented this already, but this artist is someone called Veruschka. She’s a model/actor/artist and these pictures are a collaboration between herself and European artist and photographer Holger Trulzsch.

    These particular phots are taken from a portfolio called ‘Oxidations’ and they are indeed, in my opinion, very beautiful as KLB said earlier.

    If you want to find out more about her, her website is here;

    Here is my personal favourite of hers –

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