Body Art Illusion no.2

Priscilla Farrugia was kind enough to send us this fabulous photo. Body Art or Body Paint is a technique, where certain images are painted on your naked body, so it appears you are wearing clothes (painted ones), or you can appear transparent, like in the case below. If you like Body Art Illusions, be sure to check our sidebar for more. There you can find “Zodiac Signs Body Art”, “Body Art Illusion no.1”, “Painted Hands” and lot more. You can also use search box (at the bottom) to find them.

73 Replies to “Body Art Illusion no.2”

  1. Congratualtions on a truly unique artistic format. How simple an idea, what a joy to behold, to include the effort in expressive undertaking and execution. It conjures up so many different poses, venues and portential expressions. Bravo!!!

  2. Tony Of the thiNs You could say, Indeed She is A hot piece of Flesh And is a very fine looking Girl. (only read the capital letters).

  3. Yup in all those poor places sometimes they only wear like pants no shirts

    But seriouly i dont like this one it doesnt seem so creative


  5. I think that the person who painted that picture is very talented and that is awsome it blends in with the background

  6. Yes, the body really doesn’t blend in with the wall, but other than that…what a piece of work! It’s absolutley beautiful, and to those of you who are too immature to view art like a civilized human being…(omigod I sound like my mom…)

  7. omg, can some of you be more immature? ITS A HUMAN BODY!!! You have one, I have one, ur neighbor has one…..It is fine art and i give props to the people that think that too!

  8. I know this will have to go through a moderator, so I’d like to ask whoever reads this to stop publishing deragotroty terms and immature comments about nudity and breasts. hank you for taking the time to read this.

  9. imagin b in da girl in dat foto
    havin 2 get ur tits painted, man
    also imagin if dat u wer da man ho had 2 paint dem sexy tits
    i wunda if she woz embarressed?


  10. hi my name is alex
    i LOVE those boobs
    she is not hot though
    right…they could be bigger…a lot bigger
    but shes yummy
    so ya

  11. Just look at the talent behind this picture, and how much time it must have taken. And, stop using comments to try and start fights, thats not waht they’re for.

  12. Gracie k you disgust me. Since when is it “perfectly normal to go around without a shirt on”??? Especially if you’re female. And you too, cf, ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You just wanna act “cool”, but instead, its turning you “so not cool” instead.

  13. She looks a bit cold, if you catch my drift.
    I usually like this sort of “blending in/camouflage” thing, but this one seems amateurish to me.

  14. More than half the people in the world have tits and although they are nice i have to agree that she could blend in better

  15. I think this illusion is supposed to be viewed from the front (of the girl & the window), instead of at an angle.

    That explains the distortion in the part of the window that’s painted on her, and why she doesn’t blend well with the window

  16. um…yeah…51% of the world is women, not 49%[contray to that “anouymous”s beliefs]

    yeah, read or research before you quote statistics

  17. cool job, needs a darker tone for most though.
    to all you peeps who are saying it’s 49% or 51% of people in the world have breasts, technically you’re WRONG! coz supposedly heapsa guys are obese ;) nudgenudge

  18. Nice sample of an art I’ve always loved. It’s rarely perfect, but always suggestive and surprising when well done.

    By the way, I’m glad to NOT live in USA, where the own body seems to be a taboo and religions still have an evident distorted perception beyond artistic sense (just as they had before USA was born).

    Some people here need to look down and realise they have just the same ornaments. It’s evident they never did that exercise in their five-year-old lives.

  19. Thank you Tony Vydra
    …The artistic attempt reminds me of a Dali. The work is rendered as a seated mature beauty that is metamorphing into stone wall-window(of the soul) of (her) home (and this house is old and rude with no pretensions). “Impermanence of beauty–captured and transformed into permanence.” So is a house, by a woman’s nurture, turned into a home. I see a reposing young nudewoman (the artifice of clothing would ruin the power) supporting and inextricably entwining into her home, which, with her unapologetic bosom, she proposes to nurture with her entire being.
    …This is the power of true art– with or without the conscious understanding of the artist–the work compells the viewer to a transcendent glimpse of “la condition humaine.” Be it only a personal revelation.
    … I would love to have this as a wall poster.
    ..It’s pure genius.
    As an aside…for those who love art, I refer you to an artist’s interpretation of the artist’s vision: ” René Magritte. La Condition humaine. 1933. Oil on canvas. 100 x 81 cm. The National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, USA.”
    Google it.

  20. man are you guys retarded or something?

    first of all i must say this is a very good painting and i find that these illusions are… how do the kids say it? OF DA CHAIN and what not

    anywho, you people are all like 49% and 51% and do research but im here to tell you that im not a hobo and i went to school and 100% of people have boobs idiots

    men can get breast cancer, so theres your proof

    jeez take a 6th grade health class or sumthin

    excellent work vurldak on the new site and all and i love the illusions u post

    keep up the good work

  21. This is very well done. Everything about this is beautiful, though I agree with some in the sense that she does not blend well with the wall and that a frontal picture could have worked better. This is amazing, thank you.

  22. I feel that the people who are saying things such as:
    “someone says:
    August 8, 2009 at 8:32 pm


    are being horribly immature towards an expression of art. Yes, they are entitled to their own opinions. They could, however, spell it correctly, or at the very least make some kind of constructive comment or explain why they feel it is wrong.

    This kind of art, whilst very liberal in nature, is still art. It’s still an expression of the human soul, and therefore should be valued as much as a piece of Vivaldi music or a Renoir painting. The problem is that too many people in the world have become too bigoted to understand this sort of thing.

    It’s a sad, sad day when a 14 year old sociopath notices these things, and people who adopt airs of maturity don’t. :/

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