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By on October 29, 2007, with 143 Comments

Stare at this animation for 40 seconds, and concentrate on the black spot. After some time, the image will switch automatically (since it’s 2 frame animation), and show you black and white photo of a Pyramid in Egypt. Because of the special effect, originally invented by John Shadowsky, you will see a full color photo of the Pyramid instead black and white one that shows up. Don’t believe me? See for your self! These kind of illusions became really popular in last few months. You can even find few of them in this site’s Archives. Check Rainbow Illusion, and Black and White Spanish Castle Illusion. Here’s what Felice Lungo, creator of this submission wrote in his email: “I made a “Black&White in Color Image” and I would be really glad if you can add it on your website! I don’t know if it’s possible!, but I hope! Hope you like it!”

Black and White Pyramid in Color!


143 Responses
  1. Anonymous says:

    That is an awsome illusion. It is definitly one of my favorites.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. kamakazi242012 says:

    lol this is an animated GIF and it will change automaticlly even if you don’t stare at it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Omg this illusion stinks! it doesn’t even make sense its just switching screens duh! this is so retarded!

  5. Kadafi says:

    Great illusion. I just don’t believe my eyes anymore :)

  6. Saahi says:

    It’s just cheating! The image changes itself, your brain doesn’t tell you. I wasn’t even staring at the dot but somewhere else outside my monitor and it kpt on changing every 15 seconds!!! YOU CHEATER!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    that is sooooooo awsome…..how does that work????

  8. Anonymous says:

    its abously a video

    copy and paste it see if it changes

  9. Anonymous says:

    Its supposed to change to black and white, its not fake, ur supposed to stare at the dot on the colour picture and when it changes to the black and white picture, it doesnt look how its supposed to (dont want to ruin it)

  10. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone else think it’s hilarious how so many dumb people didn’t read the instructions and then called the illusion a fake?

    It changes from the b&w photo to the colour block every few seconds but IF you had actually bothered to stare at the dot you would see the illusion is that the b&w photo appears to become a coloured photo.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It isn’t fake. What you have to do is stare at the dot LIKE IT TELLS YOU TO, then it switches to Black and White but your eyes tell you it’s colored.

  12. Anonymous says:

    do people not understand wat this illusion is about? yea the screen changes but if u stare at it, the colours get inverted so you see a brown pyramid with a blue sky instead of a black and white picture!!!! there r some confuseddd ppl on here!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    if your staring when it changes it appears to be a color picture not just a black and white one. Worked for me.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Its good, makes my eyes go funny, but is it real? it looks like it because if you look away there is no sign of coloured pyramid.

    how do they do it? :S

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is sooooooooo Cool!!!! It really is not that bad of an illusion because it acually does change colors it doesn’t just change colors on it’s own it you read the blog you would know that!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    very nice, its amazing because you think it wont work because you see black and white at first.

  17. zero2one says:

    Wow! It works!

  18. Anonymous says:

    for those of u who think its fake… atleast read wts written above

  19. Anonymous says:

    niice… i really enjoyed this one…
    how was greece (im greek just tryin to be friendly as my people lol)

  20. Fink Productions says:

    You fools that are complaining:
    The fact is that it is a .gif animation is not the illusion.

    What you are supposed to do is stare at the black dot, then when the .gif changes the frame from the 2 colors to black and white, the picture looks like its colored – the background is blue, etc.

    Its not that if you stare at the black dot long enough it will “mysteriously” change to black and white.
    Read the illusion before you complain.

  21. Anonymous says:

    fake! I look at the dot and the picture changes! And it doesn’t change into a pyramid, it changes into my mother punishing me for wearing girl’s underwear. It’s a bad picture. I’m a bad boy. Sorry mommy. But ooh, look at the colorful pyramid!

  22. Anonymous says:

    TOTAL FAKE! I look at the dot and the picture changes on its own to a picture of my mommy beating me for posting a fake comment. Bad boy! Bad boy! Sorry mommy.

    (Great color picture of the pyramid though…)

  23. i*is*awesome says:

    omfg NOT AGAIN…

    k copy and paste this link and look for my comment on the bottom of the page it goes out to all of the people who think that this is fake
    *sigh* i am sooooo tired i JUST posted that comment…..

  24. Anonymous says:

    this is sooooooooo stupid! it isnt even an illusion it is animation

  25. courtney says:

    it was in color until i jumped from surprise

    then it went back to black and white :P

  26. Thoams says:

    Well! Anonymous is clearly lying…. A-a-a-nywhoo…. Great illusion love the site!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Whoever is saying this is fake is stupid
    But if you dont look at the dot it will stay black and white
    if you continue staring at the dot the pic will become colored once it switches to the b&W photo.

  28. Anonymous says:

    This isn’t fake; the picture is supposed to change, and the COLOUR is the illusion.

  29. Anonymous says:

    so everyone who’s saying this is fake obviously doesn’t know how to read…it’s supposed to be two screens, the trick isn’t that it changes it’s that you see the black and white picture in color…

    …smart ones

  30. Anonymous says:

    it’s not cheating, yes the picture does go from a coloured one to a black and white one but the point is that if you stare at the orange and blue one first you will then see the black and white one in living colour (sand and sky) read the instructions before you complain!

  31. kamakazi242012 says:

    The illusion is if you stare at the dot, then when the pic changes, you will see the pyramid in full color.

  32. Anonymous says:

    wow this is an awesome illusion.
    I hope those people who posted it was fake have the guts to respond and say they were mistaken.

  33. Anonymous says:

    for those who CANNOT read..!

    “Stare at this animation for 40 seconds, and concentrate on the black spot. After some time, the image will switch automatically (since it’s 2 frame animation), and show you black and white photo of a Pyramid in Egypt.”

    i think this is an awsome illusion, never saw anything like it..! nice :)

  34. virtualpigmaster says:

    u guys don’t understand. yes the image chenges but if you stare at the black dot, the new black and white image looks coloured! its amazing! read the illusion description. one of my favourites so far.

  35. The says:

    I cant believe how many people are missing the point of this illusion. I’m not going to explain it, since it’s been explained countless times, and if you are unable to read the very clear instructions before shooting your mouth off, then you don’t deserve to see the illusion.

    Anyways, does anyone else find it works best if you relax your eyes, (like with a “magic eye” 3D illusion) and focus behind your screen. When you do this, the blue seems to all become one shade and it works very well when the picture changes.

  36. Anonymous says:

    my goodness the amount of thickos on here. It is supposed to change image you fools. You look at the odd coloured one with the black dot….then when it changes to the greyscale one it appears in full colour.


  37. artech says:

    Superb!!! :-)

  38. Anonymous says:

    of course it is an animation
    you are supposed to stare at the dot in the colour one and when the black and white one comes on it looks like it is colour. Maybe you should read the description of it first

  39. I Can Read says:

    READ THE DIRECTIONS!!! It clearly states that it’s an animation! You guys are TOTALLY missing the point. Stupid people annoy me.

  40. Anonymous says:

    excellent, i didn’t think i would see it in color… that’s pretty smart there… :)

    from the comments i’ve noticed that some people thought that the flipping image is the illusion. pity.

  41. Anonymous says:

    of cource the image swaps. it swaps to a black&white image. but if you stare at the black spot you see a color picture. that is the illusion, not the effect that it swaps from a drawing to a photo. if you don’t believe it, look around on the monitor and check…
    i like it

  42. Anonymous says:

    awesome……….i showed my whole classand they loved it too but shhhh dnt tell my teacher, she was out of the room!

  43. Anonymous says:

    I do not understand why some people think this illusion is a fake or hard. Just stare at the black dot. Do not blink, do not move, just stare at it. It is not that hard. READ DESCRIPTION. Thank you and have a wonderful day! :D

  44. Anonymous says:

    its not cheat.

    the 2 frames animation is a black and white pyramid.

    when u stare at the black dot, you could see a colored pyramid.

  45. Anonymous says:

    This is a great illusion, yes the screen does automatically change, but if you stare, the illusion is that the pyramid appears in sand clours!!! and not black and white – dummies!!!!

  46. HightowerC says:

    Awesome! I love these illusions! Keep up the great work!

  47. Anonymous says:

    This one is good, but youd better see the spanish castle one…. that one is amazing. same method but more impact.

  48. tom says:

    how amazing is this?!?

  49. Zoolon says:

    lol this is not fake, just give it a try it works!if you don’t believe me, stare at the dot, and when it changes, look at another spot on the picture then look back, it will change from color to black and white and back to color. NOT FAKE!

  50. Lily says:

    Aw gawd, why does everyone think that it’s a fake! The picture does change automatically, yes, but it’s just supposed to be reversed color so that you can see it! (The person above me explained it better)

  51. Anonymous says:

    Actually, its really easy. If you stare at something and suddenly something changes (or you just look to a ligh or dark place of you room for example) youll see the ‘negative’ image. Black will be white, yellow will be blue (inverted colors). This is exacly the same, the blue is yellow, when the black and white image appears it looks blue. Really good ‘illusion’.

  52. Anonymous says:

    it’s fake! all it does is switch from b/w to inverted! and for those of you who say “just follow directions,” JOKE’S ON YOU! it changes no matter if you stare at the dot or not! lame, lame, lame.

  53. BertL says:

    Awesome, worked for me. It looks like a color image for a short while, then “fades” back to B&W. It probably has something to do with a “negative” of the image being burnt on your retina or something.

  54. Anonymous says:

    its funny how many ppl r saying its fake…^o^ awesome illusion tho

  55. mada says:

    all you people that say its cheating are tards. and you cant read or figure anything out on youre own.

  56. Hiedi says:

    It’s not about the picture changing. If you look elsewhere it just changes to a black and white. If you stare at the dot it changes to a colour photo first (ie the sky is blue). It states in the instructions that it is animated. This does not make it a fake. You just need to understand it!!!

  57. Anonymous says:

    All you people cry “It’s fake! It’s an anmated gif”. Clearly it’s the later. But the problem is your recognition: You’re just not able to follow any direction and concentrate for more than 10 seconds. Poor…

  58. Anonymous says:

    Its real alright. Opened the file in a editor and i saw only 2 pictures. Read the instructions before complaining, saves you and all of us a lot of unnecessary comments.

  59. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think some of you get it. Stare at the dot in the color picture until it switches. then, the otherwise colorless pyramid will seem colored.

  60. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think some of you get it. You’re supposed to stare at the black dot in the colored picture until the phrames switch. Then if you continue to stare at the colorless picture it will seem to have color.

  61. Matt says:

    Quote:”it’s fake! all it does is switch from b/w to inverted! and for those of you who say “just follow directions,” JOKE’S ON YOU! it changes no matter if you stare at the dot or not! lame, lame, lame.”

    If you stare somewhere other than that dot, such as a word above the gif, than it will still appear to be color. It’s because the colors will still imprint on your eyes if your looking somewhere else but can still see it in the corner of your eyes.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Guys, u don’t have 2 tell it over and over again how it works. If those people don’t get it and tell its fake, just let them say. I enjoy it that’s for sure. Great Illusion!

  63. Victor says:

    Wow, this is coooooool!!

  64. abby says:

    to everyone that thinks this one is stupid and that it changes. DUH its supposed to change. thats the point. if you look at the inverted at the dot to be exact, and when it switches over you see the pyramid in full color. your brain still does the work but the animation just tells it when for it to start oding the work

  65. Anonymous says:

    I only see the sky blue, the pyramid stays black and white for me.

    I tried it over and over, but no matter what I can’t see the pyramid in colour only the sky.

  66. Prashant says:

    well… the image appeared to be coloured even when i did not stare at it. So I dont think the other image has anything to do with it. Is anybody SURE that the original is black and white? I’d luv to check that somewhere, bt u do it 4 me.

  67. Anonymous says:

    wow, people who arn’t reading this are most definitly not reading, the piont isn’t hat it changes to the perimids, the piont is that it’s a black and white pisture, but if you stare at the dot it will apear in color when it changes to the black and white picture!

  68. Anonymous says:

    ooooooooooomg that is so cool

  69. Anonymous says:


    It is NOT fake because the picture changes. If you’re seriously THAT stupid, just read the instructions again. If your small brain STILL cannot wrap itself around the simple concept after reading the description, read the comments.


  70. Anonymous says:

    Stupids, it makes the second picture have color. you guys are slow

  71. Anonymous says:

    Hey geniuses, the point isnt that its supposed to switch, its a 2 frame gif animation.
    The point is that its a black and white image, but after staring at the first one, the photo appears to be in color.

  72. Anonymous says:

    It does make sense, it changes frames so you can do it! Dont look at the coloured screen and look at it when it changes, it black and white, then do it properly and you’ll see it!

  73. Anonymous says:

    the idea behind this is to give a black and white image the illusion of having colour. it is an animation and it’s supposed to be. stare at the black dot and when the image changes to the black and white picture of the pyramid it seems to be brown with a blue sky.

  74. black tiger says:

    How the hell is this an illusion!!! That is just two pictures switching back and fourth.

  75. Rodrigo says:

    Geez, that´s amazing!!!!!

  76. Anonymous says:

    So it just an illusion of an illusion?

  77. Anonymous says:

    I love it!

  78. Anonymous says:

    it means when u stare at the colour pic where the black dot is when it changes to the black and white version it looks as if its in colour evan i know that duhh….

  79. KnightMARE says:

    people how stupid can you be?? of course it will change on its own its supposed to do that! stare at it, when it ganges you will see the picture in color! try to read the descriptions

  80. ellen says:

    it’s not fake!! The picture is changing to black and white, not color! If you look at the black spot, you will see the color.. That’s illusion!

  81. Anonymous says:

    this is my favorite illusion on the site
    and i can’t believe how stupid you guys are I’m 10 i figured it out or i didn’t need to i can read!?!?

  82. Anonymous says:

    thats amazing!!!!

  83. Anonymous says:

    holy crap that is frickin awesome!

  84. Eye-vern says:

    Whoever said it was a fake obviously aren’t avid readers! It is supposed to change, but it changes to black and white. The thing is that if you stare at the dot, when it changes, it’s in colour. When you look somewhere else, the picture’s in black and white. Really cool!

  85. Becky says:

    excuse me, anonymous #3, but the animation is supposed to change. maybe you should try reading the description next time!

  86. Anonymous says:

    People saying it's fake – Do you realize it's supposed to change to the black and white photo, but your brain tells you it's in color? >.>

  87. the technogirl says:

    it has to do about after images, and the retina. but if u shift ur veiw oh so slightly, it goes back to black amd white.

  88. Anonymous says:

    this is an amazing illusion and very rare! is it just me or does any1 else find it funny that so many people are so slow and dont read instructions properly? it is meant to change without you telling it to try doing what the instructions tell you to do and you will c. stop tryin to b a smartass and READ!!!

  89. Anonymous says:

    to those of you that are too lame to understand.Of course the pic changes from a reverse black and white to just black and white.However the black and white image appears in color until you move your eyes off of the center.

  90. Zhana says:

    guys, calm down. Just watch the black dot until the photo switches, and it will look like it’s in colour, when it’s not. It is an illusion, so just be patient and watch before you jump to conclusions and accuse people of cheating.

  91. Anonymous says:

    this is so dumb you guys need to get a life and get off this website im only here cause i hit this link that some one sent me you guys are BIG FAT LOSERS

  92. jakezcop says:

    lol dude i was one of the first few to post and claim it wasn’t a fake, i don’t remember how long ago it was but i subscribed to these comments and i laugh every once in a while to see the stupid idiots who bother to post there comments without reading the instructions or any of the comments telling them to read it or that spell the directions out themselves. heh i like people that make me feel like a genius!

  93. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone else think it's hilarious how so many dumb people didn't read the instructions and then called the illusion a fake?

    It changes from the b&w photo to the colour block every few seconds but IF you had actually bothered to stare at the dot you would see the illusion is that the b&w photo appears to become a coloured photo.

  94. Anonymous says:

    you are retards! its not point to change picture, its point to black and white picture become in color.. you stupid assholes..

  95. alaina says:

    Its supposed to change. If you stare at it, instead of the next photot which is really black and white, its in color. Duh!!eignab

  96. jstalmaster says:

    Cool. Another “burn” “negative” kind of thing. I got to try to do one of these myself!

  97. Anonymous says:

    Guys, it’s not fake. The image switches, yes, but it switches to a black and white image, not a colour one. If you started at the other one long enough it will appear in colour.

    Nice illusion.

  98. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous says:
    “Guys, it’s not fake. The image switches, yes, but it switches to a black and white image, not a colour one. If you started at the other one long enough it will appear in colour.”

    Nice illusion.

    Me: It really isn’t fake

  99. Anonymous says:

    i IS fake, i was reading the instructions and it changed, i tried saving this image and it was a gif…ry it for yourselves.you stupid peole…dont you know when you are being tricked!
    i can even seeit changing out of the corner of my eyes hile typing this!!!!

    • Matt says:

      I swear there is quite a few illiterate people roaming this website. First off, if you are going to make a statement concluding that something is false, maybe you should actually type your words to where everyone can understand what you are saying. Second, Please read a book or maybe take an initiative to further your education, since it is most certainly on of the few thing no one can take from you!

  100. Nic says:

    To author of comment #99:
    Are… you… stupid???
    It’s supposed to change! That’s the whole point! When you stare at the dot, your eyes will register the color of that image. When it switches, your eyes will still have the previous color. Instead of being a black and white picture, it will be a fully colored image of the pyramids.
    Think before you post!

    P.S. 100th comment :D

  101. Anonymous says:

    dudes come on, the illusion is the fact that the colors of the negative screen overrule the black and white, a trick of the mind nothing more, but absolutly not fake! Just proof of our inability to record enviroments as single bound reality’s.

    • dcbb says:

      i think this is fake…if you make print screen of the image and stare in the paint program we can´t see the change

    • Bob says:

      okay whoever said its fake is an idiot, the point is to trick your eyes into seeing a color photo when the black and white photo appears. its a 2 frame animation, a odd colored photo appears stare at it until the black and white photo appears. the point is to get the black and white photo to look like its in full color! (not and odd color like the first frame but a natural color, like the original photo would have been or real life)

    • howie says:

      Duh?? Isn’t an illusion by definintion a “trick of the mind”

  102. Anonymous says:

    This is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. All it dose is switch around the colors and there you have it.

  103. Eoghan says:



  104. I eat chalk says:

    lol I too find it funny, I mean I didn’t read the instructions.. but, com’on isn’t it obvious? You’re on an optical illusion site, if there’s a dot you stare at it. =P

    Also the dot simply gives you a focal point that is also centered well to see everything in color then.. But you can do it by staring at any one point.. I also did it once with my finger in front and then kept staring at the same spot and removed my finger, thus leaving the area my finger covered now black and white, while the rest I could still see in color.. I had my finger nail over the black dot itself, and stared at my fingernail, and then continued at that spot when I removed my finger after the image changed over q=

  105. Anonymous says:

    the illusion isnt that it jumps
    the illusion happens because the picture is actually in black and white but when u stare at the black dot, the pic seems to be in color DAH

  106. MsMazz says:

    This one is one of my favourites! Thanks :)

  107. Anonymous says:

    You’re an idiot if you say it’s fake or doesn’t work. When you stare at a color for a certain amount of time, and then it changes to nuetrals (gray), the complementary color will be visible; hence, the sky changes from orange to “blue” and the pyramid from light blue to a “light yellow-orange”. It’s all optics and perception, rods and cones, and if you say “it’ll change automatically” you simply don’t get it and are probably a lazy, know-it-all, retard monkey.

  108. joe says:

    wow, it really works. stare at the black dot when it changes.

  109. wew405 says:

    that is so cool

  110. heyheyhey says:

    awesome lol

  111. katie says:

    its cheeting

  112. johnny mckee says:

    Same thing happens whether you stare at the black dot or not. Come on! GOOD BYE.

  113. lol says:

    It just changes, nothing happens..
    You dont need to stare its just doing it by itself

  114. Simon says:

    Good Lord! Can some people not comprehend that the illusion isn’t the changing of the picture!
    If you took both images (the “coloured” pyramid and the black/white one) and stared at a spot on the coloured one (doesn’t matter where really) and then look at the same point on the other one, the pyramids seem coloured correctly!

  115. stephanie says:

    hi what up with the pyramid that live.

  116. Annaliece says:

    omg thats well good iv never seen them that gd B4

  117. Gman says:

    Ok if u stare at the dot 4 40 secs and the black/white thing comes up and it looks colorful to u, get ur eyes checked. C YA!!!!

  118. Lasse says:

    haha, fake! it changes colour after 40 seconds. just visit another website for 40 seconds, and voila, colour change.

  119. Dr.Walson says:

    sorry to say this but this isn’t the real its just fake we can’t know the pyramids and old Egyptian secrets in bulid so this 100% fake

  120. it is still a secret how the pyramids were built as the construction appears to be impossible.i think that the king had ordered the slaves to do it or die.

  121. samira says:

    Wonderfullllllllllllllllll……amazing …. i love that bitch!!!!

  122. anonymous senior says:

    This is a 2 frame animation or in other words 2 different pictures. The illusion is that if you look at the black dot the black and white image after looks coloured. It works

  123. nicole says:

    this is so not an illusion. it automatically turns into black and white picture, even without staring at the dot…LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

    • Steve says:

      The first couple of people pretending to be terminally dim were quite funny but the joke’s worn a bit thin. “Nicole” didn’t even go to the trouble to appear illiterate! Full marks for “Stephanie” though – totally incomprehensible :-)

  124. sumaira says:

    ds is illusion n nothn else……..

  125. qwertyyyyyytrewq says:

    to be honest dont be stupid i coverd the dot and it still changed so obviously its a trick :L

  126. KLB says:


  127. KLB says:

    also try to hang on to the colored picture as long as you can, I can almost make it to the end (hint: the sky is easy to keep in color)

  128. lod says:

    although is not real is still amazing

  129. superlegion says:

    you make me wanna say oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh my gosh!

  130. Mister M. says:

    Omg, I actually can’t believe my eyes, not when I look at the optical illusion, which is awesome, by the way, by when I read those idiotic comments that the illusion is fake or it just changes or nothing happens,… What a bunch of retards, pardon my sincerity.

  131. Egypt says:

    katie yes it’s not true

  132. Shakirah Hell says:

    man for me i dont get this sheet. wat are we looking at coz am seeing nothing.

  133. kasozi ashad says:

    excuse me what are we looking at is this hell or something else pliz save your shit

  134. aaaa says:

    its change , just learen to focus

  135. Moillusion lover says:

    Cool it works for every one

  136. fedjed says:

    This is a good one.

  137. Dayle says:

    Wonderful! This is really wunderbar! THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

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